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Post by Topher Mod on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:52 pm

Sorry it was rushed, but its better than nothing

We are live for the season premier of Friday Night Genesis, where tonight we see Joey Bacon team with fellow Vintage member El Jefe as they take on the debuting Meme Team and in the Main Event Kliq goes to war with Josh Wolf and The Bloody Brit. Mac Thompson is backstage waiting for his cue to start…

Mac Thompson : Ladies and Gentlemen, my guests at this time Joey Bacon and El Jefe, the newly formed stable of Vintage…. Welcome guys, at the very end of last season, Vintage was formed, where you two teamed with the Bloody Brit, well tonight for the 1st time ever you see action in a straight up 2 on 2 match up, your thoughts please.

El Jefe : OLA LAAAAAY….. It feels great to be back, a new season has started and The A-Show is in progress, Now you’re all probably  wondering why Vintage was formed, Well with the Light Heavyweight Championship being drafted to Fusion and technically I was #1 contender, but that was taken away from me as I’m still right here on …. Friday Night Genesis..cheap pop Arribbbaaa…. Well it was just my luck, you could say Vintage….Now we all know the big man here was teaming  up with light heavyweights, but there was really only one light heavyweight he wanted to team up with and that’s me. So tonight the tag team division just got little and large and theyre gonna taste the fish dick…Arribbaaaa

Bacon : You mean The Stinkface, hahahaha…. Tonight Vintage will feast on this new team… But if I hit The Baconator on either of these, then there CMV career’s might be over before it’s even started…. El Jefe  and myself have  1 goal, to be Tag Team Champions, tonight is the first step of Vintage achieving this goal.

EL jefe : Fish Dick!!!

Bacon : Stinkface!!!

EL jefe : Fish Dick!!!

Bacon : Stinkface!!!

From  out of nowhere…..

Brit : GUYS….GUYS….. it’s a tag team match, you can do both at the same time…

El Jefe and Joey nod and fist bump…

Brit : Vintage will become tag champs, but also tonight I team with Josh Wolf as we take on Kliq, Just like Wolf, I’ve also  fought Borton and Slate before, so I know what they’re capable of, I’m no stranger to these guys, 2 guys who only care about themselves, I look forward to standing side by side with Josh to rid the CMV universe of this so called Kliq…. But Josh it wont be when you win tonight….. it will be when WE win tonight, but Josh you seem a little unpredictable, but if you have my back, i`ll have yours…Let’s go out there and get some  REVENGE!!!

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Re: Vintage!!!!!

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:25 pm

Lol, good stuff

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