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Nothing's Changed

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Nothing's Changed

Post by Tim on Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:31 am

Before the credits roll for Fusion after it's main event. Once again Voice Vindy's music hits the PA system and the crowd let's out a monstrous chorus of boos. But this was no serenade this was one-hundred percent pure hatred for the man on his way to the ring once again. Missing his gold and black, sleeveless trench coat, Voice briskly made his way back into the ring and rolled into the ring.

He motions for the microphone impatiently from the ringside crew and they hand it over with annoyed look on their faces. The crowd has not silenced themselves. Still booing hard.

Voice waits for no man however.

Voice Vindy
A month ago I made a statement. I said that I would not rest until Schmidty was out of power and I was safe to garner the Undisputed Championship unhindered. And what happens? Suddenly some news crops up about him being a slut and leaving in disgrace via Johnny Sampson.

While hateful towards Vindy, the crowd cheers, reminded at the recent resignation of former General Manager of Schmidty after Johnny Sampson revealed the shocking news of what happened one very controversial night. Once their finished though, they remember who's in the ring right now however, they return to their angered state, proceeding to try to boo over the words of Vindy.

You may think: "What now, Vindy, Schmidty is gone, what the hell's your purpose now!? The reign of tyranny is over."

Voice pauses for a moment and looks to his side before returning to gaze at the hard camera with his permanent grimace.

HA...! HA...! HA...!

Voice pauses again.

HA...! HA...! HA...!


HA...! HA...! HA...!

The crowd boos at the irritating repetition.

I'll humor you, nobody like the same thing over and over again, right?

Voice scoffs.

But wait, you're here, watching CMV.

The crowd boos even harder and Voice legitimately laughs.

Even with Johnathan back at the helm of this show, that's not enough for me. Nothing's changed. I won't rest until no one crooked, or unjust or sneaky is in direct control of this company.

The crowd boos.

What you think Johnathan isn't a sneak. The man just publicly spilled the very dirty laundry of Schimdty in front of 30,000 people and then countless other's watching around the world. While I'll say the sacredness of marriage is something that shouldn't be marred, I will also say it's pretty low for a man so out of options, that he had to bring something as personal as that out for, not just Laura to see, but all of you as well. I dare you all to look me in the eye and tell me that's not wrong too.

The crowd won't sympathize and continue to poor negative reactions over Vindy.

Typical mark-like crowd to deny what's in front of you in favor of your delusions of grandeur. I digress. Johnny is no better than Schmidty, and all of you are no better than Johnny. Until there is no General Manager, until I'm Undisputed Champion. Until I, Vincent Hochberg am in charge of CMV, the man who truly knows the seedy underbelly of this business. The man who won't allow any more injustice to you... to me... or to any of the future prospects of CMV. I will not rest.

Voice lowers his microphone as the crowd, since the beginning of the promo, has not silenced their absolute hatred of Vindy.

Drive home safe, folks.

In the corner the copywrite information for CMV appears as finally, CMV programming goes off the air.
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Re: Nothing's Changed

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:38 am

I love this fighting for injustice gimmick on Vindy, he was personally wronged and is now looking to make everyone pay, and I like that he's now found a new target in Johnny immedietly after Schmidty was dealt with, it tells you that he's more interested in making everyone else's life a living hell until he gets what he feels he's owed. Great stuff!

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