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Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:09 am

Genesis starts with its opening pyro as usual. The crowd is more than ready for the new season and all the perks of episode 100.

Dashing DJ Urie
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to edition #100 of Friday Night Genesis! We have a STACKED card here tonight and a ratings building main event. In the main event we see-

The lights dim. The crowd murmurs in confusion. They don't know half of what to expect. A power outage on episode 100? A mysterious debut? But the confusion is halted when a familiar theme plays.

Imaginary Friends burst from the curtains in their Men in Black suits. Freddy and Smiley look ready to get down to business. With that being said they make their way down the ramp on hoverboards. At the bottom of the ramp they go opposite ways. They stop at the far end of the ring and the side near the hard cam.  Smiley and Freddy both pull out their neutralizers. They put their hands over their eyes and the flashes go off. As the flash momentarily blinds the crowd, the ring is redecorated and stage is covered in streamers.

At the top of the stage the lights are off except for a single spotlight. It's focused on two men, not completely visible, but filling the place of Elijah and Jay Davis. The men perform “Bloodline” off the top of the ladder. Recreating a legendary moment for Elijah. On the other side of the stage, just one man is on the ladder. He jumps off, remaking the same elbow drop Elijah delivered at Battle Scars. On the bottom left of the stage, is Elijah and DJ winning the Tag Titles. In the center of the stage, Elijah's hand on the rope at Ascendance. Towards the ramp, Elijah being Route 66'd by Furious Frank. But all the lights go out completely when a celebratory theme sounds off.

The Good Vibes Kid Elijah Stewart makes his appearance on episode 100 for the celebration. He's seen soaring across the arena, while hooked up to a harness. He lands on the stage, backs up a bit, and slides down the ramp. He gets back up from the ground and Imaginary Friends hand him his Alpha World Championship. Elijah finishes up his entrance and receives a microphone through the ropes. The crowd chants drown out anything he could even say. “You deserve it,” “Take a day off,” and “This is awesome” are all words of the fans that nearly bring Elijah to breakdown.

Two years, just about. But only three seconds of my career will be remembered. Guys, as much as I love this title, I don’t want to be represented by a championship. I don’t need representation because I am representing you all when I come out here. I want to be the intrepid star that baby Eli grew up watching on the TV. I’ve never asked for anything more than to just become a hero. Being a role model is a championship that can’t be worn around your shoulder. But the title of role model, inspiration, hero, you wear those right here.

Elijah points to his heart and the fans cheer.

Now before your love gets me all melancholy, this is EPISODE ONE HUNDO!

The crowd gets louder this time with a more exited reaction. Elijah smiles and holds up a fist in agreement of the joy they all feel.

Pierre, you gave me one hell of a push at Absolution when you made me cough up a lung from every slam. But after that match you did promise drinks. And you can all thank Pierre for the drinks, UNDER YOUR SEATS! You get a bottle! You get a bottle! You don’t get a bottle because you’re twelve though. But you get a bottle though! We don’t stop there. You see those legs on your chairs? Made of chocolate!

The fans break off pieces of the chairs to eat them.

And the seats of your chairs…

The fans start to take those apart too and bite the seats. They all respond bitterly towards it.

Made of 100% steel.

The fans who didn't partake in eating their seats laugh hardily at those who did, Eli smiling bright as he carries on.

Now, before I go backstage and pop open a DIET Coke and relax with my boys, I've got a certain, "Kliq", to address ...

Boos fill the arena while Stewart shakes his head.

Earlier tonight, Bob Luger and his clowns challenged myself, Freddy and Smiley to a CLEAN SLATE match at Deathwish, them versus us, for ALL the gold ... Bob asked will we FIGHT, or will we tuck tail and run? ... Well Bobby, I'll tell you right now ... WE'RE GONNA FIGHT!!!

Cheers fill the venue with a thunderous ovation, this match-up is now official!

So, for Tim, for EGF, for ALL of the CMV universe, and for US ... Kliq, your time is up before it even begins, because GOOD VIBES are here to stay!!!

Eli drops the mic as soon as his music hits the PA system, he and Imaginary Friends, with their titles held up high, capping off the segment as the show fades to a recap of Monday night Fusion ...

(ALL DONE BY MAURIE, I just edited and posted <3)

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Re: EPISODE 100!

Post by Maurie on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:36 am


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Re: EPISODE 100!

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:06 pm

Where's EGF??

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Re: EPISODE 100!

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