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An Unexpected Acceptance

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An Unexpected Acceptance

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:08 pm

Lisa Evans: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time Christy Norrie.

*the camera pans out to reveal Christy.*

Lisa: Christy you made an impressive return last week, thoughts?

Christy: Mah thoughts? Although its great ti get a win, ah wiz in the ring with a nobody last wik, I said ah wantid ti mak an impact here and I will cause earlier tonight a certain wee Hardcore Champion laid doon an open challenge for next wik. Fit more of an impact could ah make than winning a title in mah second match back? Claiming tae be a "fighting champion" is all well 'n good, bit be careful fit yi wish for cause I'm not playing around. Ah want my name ti be recognized for MY own achievements not jist because of who mah husband was. So Ally Cage I gladly accept yir wee open challenge, and ah'll happilly become thee next Hardcore Champion, buh bye bitch.

*Christy struts off as Ferocity cuts to comercial.*

Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: An Unexpected Acceptance

Post by Miztacular on Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:53 pm

Promos in Scottish tongue is what this site has been missing since Scott Norrie.
Bless sons.

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