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Next time!

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Next time!

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:30 am

CMV Ferocity Card: Ep. 26 (#285)

Lucid and Wilson are seen backstage after a loss delivered by the CMV Vixens Tag Team Champions, The Knockout Queens. Wilson is sitting silent as Lucid begins to pace back and forth, speaking anything that comes to her mind.

Jane Lucid : Ok we came up short tonight, but that's ok, yeah thats ok we just need to change it up a bit next time? Yeah we'll just change it up. So what happened? Ok, I was outside, I wasn't in the corner, next time I'll make sure to be in a better position. Yep ok yep. Now we need to come up with a counter for the Scissors Kick. That's what it is right? Right, ok. So how do we do that? Maybe next time we catch the kick before they run to the ropes? Yeah? Ok yeah that could work, OR maybe after they kick us in the gut we could run after them when they're not looking? Yeah that's easy too! Awesome we've come up with counters and better positions! What else do you think we need?

Wilson continues to sit in silence as Lucid looks at her.

Jane Lucid : OH, ok I know. Maybe we should try more double team moves! I was thinking of one last night because I couldn't sleep and like its great. I was thinking maybe you could pick them up right and do a jumping kick! Oh wait maybe if you just hold them in like a side walk slam position and I could like run of the ropes and kick em'! WAIT maybe you cold just hold them as I like kick em'! Ok awesome now we have new moves! This is great, they won't stand a chance next time! What do you think?

Wilson drops her face into her hands.

Jane Lucid : AHHHH we're gonna do so great next time I just feel it. Like I know we came up short today and I know how fierce this tag division can be, but I just have a gut feeling you know! Yeah you know. OH I can't wait till next week! We need to train! Oh my god, we should be training like right now! Come on!!!!!!

Casey Wilson stands up and stares at Lucid. Lucid smiles at her expecting her to say something, though Wilson just walks out of the room

Jane Lucid : Yes! LET'S GO!!!

Camera fades to black


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Re: Next time!

Post by Miztacular on Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:41 am

I love the Dynamic you've given these, Wilson being super serious while Lucid is overly hyperactive an interesting mix of calm and calculated/hyperactive excitement. Certainly something fresh. Good stuff!

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