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Not That Simple...

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Not That Simple...

Post by Tim on Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:34 pm

Lisa Evans was having quite the busy night after the first episode of Fusion ; Season 5. Now she find's Shiloh Gray backstage, preparing to remove his gear when he is stopped by her.

Lisa Evans
Mr. Gray, a moment?

Shiloh Gray
You can have the whole day, Lisa. What can I do for you?

Shiloh smiles warmly allowing Lisa the comfort of knowing she's very welcome.

Lisa Evans
Your match with the debuting Archer Vaugn, did you feel you got everything done in the ring between the two of you that needed to. Do you feel that Archer versus Shiloh was a one time bout?

Shiloh Gray
Well, we had an altercation backstage, but I showed him that words are not weapons; in-ring performances are. I hope that next time he has an issue with me, he'll bring it up politely and calmly as I progress up the CMV ladder as I promised.

Ha! Is that so?

Shiloh and Lisa swing around to see a very cocky Archer Vaugn standing in the doorway to the locker room.

I felt that nothing was resolved, Mr. Gray. And that every dance must have an encore. You think you beating me once, and scampering away with your fluke victory would be enough to push me away. What an unfortunate-dumb thought. It's not that simple. No. We'll fight. And we'll fight. And we'll fight again until I win. Because nobody cares if an aging Superstar wins a match. They want to see the devilishly good looking rookie steal the show. So you have two options... Both are quite simple.

You can face me again. And lay down... or you can face me again and I'll make you lay down... How's that sound?

Shiloh clenches his jaw in anger. Frustration setting in. While Shiloh has always seemed like a patient man, he wasn't really. In fact his wick was shorter than his mother's. Shiloh pressed down his anger and tried to reason with Archer.

Listen, it's been a long day, you may not be thinking--

With no time to think or react, the right hand, in a lighting speed motion,quickly slapped Shiloh in the side of the face. Shiloh's eyes widened as Archer smiled. Lisa inched backwards several feet fearing a brawl to ensue. But a cooler head prevailed and Shiloh, before finishing changing, roughly pushed past Archer, knocking shoulders. Archer watches in content as he follows Shiloh off camera with his eyes. He then notices Lisa still behind him.

Hey good looking, what's cookin'?

Lisa rolls her eyes harder than ever before as the feed of CMV TV cuts to commercial, ending the segment.
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Re: Not That Simple...

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:38 pm

Excellent lol, poor Lisa getting hit on by everyone this episode. But I like Shiloh, even in a rage, walking it off and letting the suspense build instead of a brawl happening as per usual. Good work, Timmy, ily

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