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A fighting champion?

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A fighting champion?

Post by Gumble on Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:54 pm

-CMVWrestling.Com Exclusive-

Following the premiere episode of Ferocity for the new season, we can see Ally Cage walking around backstage, preparing to leave the arena for the night, a slight limp in her motion due to all of the limb attacks from her hard fought Co-Main Event victory over the CMV Women's Intercontinental Champion, Angelina Hawkins. Ally walks up to her locker, receiving her personal effects before sitting down on a nearby bench, wincing in pain as she clutches her knee. The Women's Hardcore Champion sits there for a moment, perhaps thinking about what's next. However her train of thought is cut off as the locker room door opens, and in walks the current General Manager of Ferocity, Laura Sampson-Schmidt who sits down on the bench next to her, giving the women's hardcore Champion a swift pat on the back.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
Congratulations Ally! You did great out there, a truly remarkable performance.

Ally lets out a slight grin as Sampson goes on.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
It's going to take someone equally as remarkable to take that Championship away from you, that's for sure. Which is exactly why I'm here. I know your kind, a grinder, a hard worker. Looking to break every barrier put in your way and then some. So I'm going to set in play a challenge truly worth your time. Seeing as there's still another five weeks until our first Pay Per View, UnBreakable. I'm going to setup something big on the way. A six Vixens Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Ally looks up with a slight glimmer in her eye, excited at the idea of a challenge.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
What's it for you ask? A shot at your CMV Women's Hardcore Championship, at UnBreakable! You deserve the best, and I'm going to give you the best! The qualifiers will begin next week, with an impromptu tag team match. But that's not the only qualification match next week. I imagine someone such as yourself isn't looking to take time off, and so next week, you're right back in there, right in your element, an Extreme Rules Match, in the Tertiary Main Event, against a returning Vixen all the way back from season 3 of Fusion, a Vixen with notable wins on her record against the likes of Megan Cooper! Danielle Ward!

Laura Sampson-Schmidt, throws a smile the way of Ally Cage before rising to her feet, turning back to her before she leaves the room.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
Congratulations Ally on your win tonight, there'll be no Title defence for you next week! But look onto the horizon at UnBreakable, because there will be a hungry competitor waiting for you there.

As Laura turns to leave the room, she feels a hand on her shoulder, turn around to see Ally Cage standing behind her.

Ally Cage
Hey Mrs. Sampson wait up a second...

Ally pauses as Sampson looks on with a inquisitive look.

Ally Cage
After beating Hawkins tonight something she said stuck with me, she said I wasn't a fighting champion, she said that her title was going to be greater than mine would ever be, see you'd think beating her in the ring would be enough to solidify which title is on top here on Ferocity but I guess that's not the case, Now she has a chance to prove her statement true when she defends her title next week while I am going up against a formidable opponent with nothing at stake.

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
Ok... What are you asking for here Ms. Cage?

Ally Cage
I'm hungry to prove Hawkins wrong, let me issue an open challenge for the week after next open to anyone on the Ferocity roster. Let me elevate this title and elevate this division to the top here in CMV.

Laura smiles and nods

Laura Sampson-Schmidt
I'll see what I can do.

Giving one last nod she turns and heads to her office.


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Re: A fighting champion?

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:05 pm

Brilliant! Ally Cage is a true Champion.

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Re: A fighting champion?

Post by Maurie on Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:31 pm

Miztacular wrote:Brilliant! Ally Cage is a true Champion.
This. Also i like how you’ve been commenting on lots of the promos.

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Re: A fighting champion?

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