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Birth of a Payaso

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Birth of a Payaso

Post by Maurie on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:31 pm

As the lights dim, the theme of the Thunder Circus blares on the PA system. The spotlight shines and we see the two brothers, Parker and Luther, along with The Strongman of the Circus, Bull. Appearing at the bottom of the ramp, Luther shows a face of confidence. The three men part and behind them is the sister clown, Mariah. Making her first appearance since towards the end of the previous season. Mariah seems lost though in the middle of the crowd again, she loses breath and stands back, holding her throat. Parker brushes it off and slides into the ring without caring. Luther puts his hand over her shoulder and speaks to her. Pointing to the stage then back to the ring, Luther suggests she leaves or stops wasting time. Strongman uses his weight to sit on the middle rope and let Mariah in the ring. Luther walks up the steps and along the apron to let out his wicked laugh. He goes between the ropes and finds a microphone to abuse with slaps before speaking his twisted, psychotic mind.

One night ago… The Circus saw failure. Again! It seems Sunshine is consistent in picking apart this family. And if he’s planning on picking us off one by one, then I’m afraid to say, he will not have nearly as much success once he gets to me. I am my own creature. These puppets behind me are nothing but students that are going to watch as I mentally, and physically overpower you. Don’t let a few wins over my betas give you any more fuel to the addiction of pain you seek. Because I’m challenging you, Sunshine, to a First Blood Match at Ground Zero.

The crowd goes wild at this unexpected enthusiasm from the same man that ducked Sunshine for two PPVs in a row.

So once I’ve left you in nothing but a violent pool of you’re own blood I’ll-


Luther turns around with an annoyed look.

Is there something you’d like to add, brother?

You think we’re the betas? When was your last legitimate win? When was the last time you were one of us instead of the king that lives in your head? If I’m gonna be seen as a-

Seen as a minion. We may be brothers, but sharing the same DNA as as big of a disappointment as you must be the saddest reality I’ve come to see. You were nothing on Fusion. I brought you here to make you what you wanted to be. So if you want to be trash, I allow you to. On Fusion you weren’t allowed it, you just were it. Without The Thunder Circus, you’re just a clown. The Circus may have painted faces, but there is no room for jokes. And the biggest joke of this circus, is-

They point at each other.

Luther & Parker

Every second spent thinking I was learning from you, I was just lessing myself. I had this show in the bag, until you had to kill my momentum by budding into my business with Glock. So you can’t take anything from me now. All I can do is gain without you. Do you see our sister back here shaking and hiding from nothing? She’s broken. But you’re more focused on Sunshine to remember family first.

As far as I know, I have no family if this is the bloodline that I’m apart of. So if any of you want out, then to hell with you all.

Parker stands face to face with Luther. Bull is first to exit the ring. While on the apron he looks back yo Luther and shakes his head. Mariah looks back and forth between her brothers. She looks at Luther with eyes full of hate. She continues looking at him on the way out the ring. Last is Parker he pulls down his face scarf and drops his jacket to the floor. Luther stares him down, knowing his brother too well to judge that he will not do anything. Parker turns around to leave the ring, but luther turns him back and straight into a swinging reverse sto. He’s planted into the mat as Mariah and Bull watch on.

Hahaha… You think it’s that simple. The paint doesn’t just come off. You will never be like the rest of them in the back. You can’t escape the temptation of being part of The Circus. You will never want it enough. This Circus can fall, but it’ll come tumbling down ontop of you.
Later that Night

Sunshine vs Tops Newsome. The match his heating up. Out of nowhere… Luther Thunder arrives on the ramp to attack his rival Sunshine. The distraction allows Newsome to sneak in a move. Luther cheers him on. But from behind. Luther feels a tug in his hair. The camera pans left and we see Parker throw him up the ramp and run him off. At the top of the stage, Parker catches Luther. He crades Luther’s head between his forearm and bicep, but Luther pushes him off and doesn’t let him hit the cutter. As they get backstage, Luther is brought to a stop by Bull who blindsides him with a clothesline. Bull lifts a table from the back and leans it in the corner. Parker grabs the back of Luther’s head and swings him with the reverse sto into the table. Parker no longer laughs like Luther after dealing pain, but instead he spits at him on the ground.

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
Rashad Rockwell:1x Tag Team Champion with Kidd Campbell
Elijah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore, 2x Alpha World Champion, 2018 Match of the Year, 2018 Attire of the Year, 2018 Face of the Year
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion
Miles Kelly: 1x Longest Reigning Rising Star Champion

Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: Birth of a Payaso

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:40 am

This is one of, if not the best promo I've ever read of yours Maurie, so kudos for that. I like how you've developed Parkers character and given him something fresh under this new name and I'm interested to see what becomes of the Circus.

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