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The BOA Speaks

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The BOA Speaks

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:42 pm

Fusion comes back from commercial break, and we are taken to the interview area where the backstage crew are working on the mics and testing them out. Azreal, the BOA, then comes in motioning for a mic.

Azreal: Is this damn thing working?

Mic guy: Yes sir it is but its having some bugs and-

Too damn bad I'm gonna [BLEEPIN] use it, now get your ass out of here.

Azreal then literally kicks the guy away off screen

Now to the important stuff,  wait hold on. HEY WHAT.....THE...HELL!?!?

The BOA then unexpectedly walks towards and.then behind the camera thats facing him. As he is off screen Azreal's voice is barely heard.

Mother of.........Rooster, if you don't ...... so far up your ......n you'll like a damn scarecrow.....focus on me god damnit

Azreal then comes back into frame, he then threatens a punch to the camera man and continues speaking.

Now as far as that damn 8 man match went, it was utter garbage. I mean Nick Blake, a man who just STOLE all the pinfalls in the match and barely did anything, garbage. Bannon, I mean the guy had a damn heart attack so skip him. Flashy, damn did that kid eat his vegetables before the match, or steroids? Then good ol' Ryan Kent. By the way Ryan, I missed you man, too bad we couldn't hang out more due to being on opposite brands, but shit happens. Now I happened to have heard Dashing talk about how you probably want a little bit of revenge for me kicking your little brother to the curb, and frankly I could care less. Now if you were looking for a bit of payback well you sure did fail. To be honest Ryan, I actually hope we don't cross paths again because if we do, I mean do I need to embarrass another Kent Family member?  To stop the old trash talking however, I just had to express my feelings about what will happen this season. Whether you guys like it or not, you won't have that nice hero as Undisputed champion that much longer, it won't be long before I finally a title shot, and whether it be against Paul Divine, Travis King , or Ziegler, I'm going to take the title off them and watch as you all cry your eyes out. Because I am The Best One Around, and I am As Real As It Gets.

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Re: The BOA Speaks

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:31 am

Azreal; the abuser of backstage hands

nice read lol

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