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The Desperate Antagonist

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The Desperate Antagonist

Post by Master Ogon on Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:16 pm

Devious is wandering backstage looking bothered by yet another match he lost, he always does seem to mess up the opportunities he has been given. He isn't wearing the same fancy attire he's wearing in most of his promos, he's just wearing jeans and a sweater. One of the female interviewers approaches him from behind, she's looking kind of scared to try and interview him, but she's trying anyway. Devious turns around to look at her, but instead of doing some sinister smile or trying to scare her off, he just stares at her before speaking. For once he's not doing some silly voice or trying to sound like some giant deal, he's just talking in a normal voice with an annoyed look on his face.

          Matt Devious:
You wanna interview me? Just give me the mic, I have a message for any big star and I seriously mean ANY big star. Why are you still standing there? You have no reason to be here, shoo.

Devious sends her off, using his hands to try and fan her away, and she complies and walks away quickly obviously being nervous and kind of scared. Devious lets out a sigh before moving the stolen mic to his mouth and starting to speak.

          Matt Devious:
You know, for someone who calls themselves a "bad man" I've only been losing, huh? I lost my briefcase, I lost my two shots at the tag team titles, and now I lost my chance at the United States Championship. I came to this company and I got a one on one match winning streak, and I lost that winning streak because more than two people got involved. I lost my chance at the United States Championship, it was a 8 man match, more than two people involved. I lost my briefcase not in a fair one versus one match, more than two people got involved. I can beat any single person on this roster in a one versus one match, only two people, me and them. I have plans for the future, I'm the future of this company, and I deserve to prove it. Which is why, I want a match, next Fusion.

Devious takes a moment before continuing, he stares directly at the camera with the mic in hand, he almost sounds as if he's begging at this point, which is bizarre for someone like Devious.

            Matt Devious:
Give me one big star to face, and I'll put on the best fight you ever seen and prove myself. I want to prove myself as a "bad man" because I am one of the toughest SOBs on this roster, and I'll fight anyone and make them wish they never agreed to face me one on one. This is my once in a life time open challenge for any "big star" that wants it. If you hate me, you get a shot to make me bleed, don't you want that? There's only one other person that can be involved in this match, and that's dear friend Andrew Briggs. He won't do anything but watch, I promise that me and him will play fair. I want to show my best friend what I can do, that's all. You can trust me, there will be no cheating, this is just a fair one on one match. This'll be an amazing match, "The Villain" Matt Devious versus you, you can't disagree with me and say that doesn't sound good! All I want is a fair match, and the chance to prove myself. That's all I wanted to say, thank you for your time.

Devious shows that cheeky smile of his before walking out of view, the screen fades to black and that's the end of the promo.
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Re: The Desperate Antagonist

Post by DullChameleon on Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:23 pm

The camera opens to reveal a forest.  The breeze gently blows the leaves across the floor and a squirrel scurries up a nearby tree.  From behind a tree, Shanaz appears, wearing a cowboy hat and a coat with the collar turned up; he is finishing a cigarette.  He also looks remarkably pale.

Shanaz:  I'm your huckleberry.

Shanaz tosses his cigarette down and walks off camera.  A distant sound is heard, as if from the sky, of a breaking string, dying away sadly. Silence follows it, and only the sound is heard, some way away in the orchard, of the axe falling on the trees

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Re: The Desperate Antagonist

Post by Mr. Dashing on Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:25 am

Great stuff here Ogon, you've really improved in your writing and of course Dull, brilliant.

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Re: The Desperate Antagonist

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