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Being CMV's Elite

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Being CMV's Elite

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:25 pm

On the season premiere edition of Friday night Genesis, just shortly after the first match-up of the evening, we're taken backstage through the big screen to a door that reads, "KLIQ". As the camera pushes forward the door swings open and with a smile on his face, Xander Slate, ushers the CMV universe into the room that's decorated with lavish rugs, complimentary champagne, about three bottles worth, and Bob Luger alongside Randy Borton, who are kicked back on what looks to be the most comfortable couch in the world. As they see their good brother Slate approaching with the cameraman in tow, Luger springs to his feet, opening up his arms in a welcoming manner. Xander plops down into the seat that Bobby just vacated and fist bumps The Milk Man, all the while Luger licks his lips, positioning the camera to be directly facing him.

Welcome, welcome back everyone to Friday night Genesis, THE A SHOW, because The KLIQ is here, baby!

"WOOHOO!" from Slate and Borton in the background, Bob nodding his head and having a small laugh to himself.

Yes, yes, YES! CMV returns for it's fifth season, and my third, and OUR best! Last year was a great one for myself, becoming a prominent star on Genesis and winning the CMV Alpha World championship, holding it for three months and making this show MINE! Meanwhile Randy Borton, my good friend, became a TWO-TIME CMV International champion, holding the belt for a total of- what was it? SIX MONTHS! And of course, good brother, Slate, capturing his first championship in over two years, the CMV United States title, and keeping it on him for three and a half months! But even still, all of those accolades that we accumulated last season, they will be NOTHING, compared to what will be ours THIS year. And it all begins at Deathwish, right, boys?

Bob motions towards Slate and Borton, and just a few seconds later they join him in the camera's frame, one on either side of The Work Ethic Titan.

I became the rightful number one contender at BattleScars by enduring and winning that fatal-4-way ladder match, one way or another I've got my shot coming ... But my brothers, they've been left out in the cold for some reason, no opportunities in sight, and that's just for shame. ESPECIALLY after the travesty that transpired on the season finale .. We were jumped, mugged, attacked- call it whatever you want I don't care but I'll call it what it truly is- COWARDICE! Elijah Stewart and his, "buddies", the idiot rabbit guys, you know 'em, they stuck their noses in OUR business, in affairs that DID NOT concern them. But okay, hey, there's no point in living in the past, it happened, and now, there will be consequences. It's up to the CMV Alpha World champion, it's up to ole Eli where they get their asskicking that's coming to 'em, in the ring, in a match, or back here, in the locker rooms, in the halls, in the streets, at the mall, on a plane, at home, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Here's the skinny, the 411 if you will, we're challenging YOU, Stewart, and your pals, to a Clean Slate match at Deathwish ... You three, us three, the Alpha World title AND the CMV World Tag Team titles up for grabs! We settle this where it should be settled, all or nothing, it's been laid out for ya, now will you pick it up; or tuck tail and RUN little rabbits?

Bob smirks as evil as he can, stepping back as he extends his hand for the, "2SweetMeBB", hand-sign, Slate and Borton happily joining in with him as they all wear devilish grins and the scene fades ...

1x CMV Anarchy champion
1x CMV Tag Team champion


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Xander Slate
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Re: Being CMV's Elite

Post by Alveuss on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:35 pm

You're literally writing the promos now. Why the hell isn't Xander the leader

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Re: Being CMV's Elite

Post by Maurie on Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:07 pm

Im gonna ignore this promo nad post mine tomorrow

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Re: Being CMV's Elite

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