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At the End of the Day...

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At the End of the Day...

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:52 pm

As the battle ended, both men exhausted. Travis in one corner, sitting on the bottom turnbuckle, as Davis is clenching his arm in pain, leaning on the rope. Travis slowly get’s up, as he slowly tries to walk out of the ring. Davis walks over to King, grabbing him, asking him to stay. King decides to stay to see what Davis has to say, as the Irishman grabs a microphone from the announcer, looking straight at King.

Travis, you are without a doubt, one of the best up and comers in CMV. I wouldn’t put it against anyone for saying I highly respect you. I respect you for the unholy beating you gave me tonight, for the handshake and for my arm popping out. And yes, it popped out. I’d know.

He’d flinch in pain, trying to move his arm, to stupidly make his point. King just flinches for a second, before going back into his little stance, continuing to listen to Davis.  

But back to what I was saying, you are probably the best superstar on Fusion. And next time we meet, I hope that you show me that same fire and ferocity that you showed me tonight. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to the medics to check this out.

And with those words, Davis bows in respect towards King. King smirks, as he gives a little tilt of the head, before walking out of the ring. Davis get’s helped out by a referee, as his arm just slumps on his side. He walks up the ramp, smiling at his fanbase, looking onward at the crowd...

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