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10|EL || Life & Times

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10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:13 pm


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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:13 pm

Episode 0

Black-clad mourners are seated in a large church, their assorted sobs and whimpers fill the void left by the choir who have taken a seat so that this funeral can continue. A sea of red eyes and damp faces look back at a closed casket covered in flowers and ribbons.

The attention shifts to a man who begins making his way up to the front of the room, his frame soon hidden behind a lectern. The gentleman, known outside of the television screen as CMV's 10|EL, is cleanly shaved, long, unruly hair slicked back and looking neat. He puts his hands behind his back and sighs deeply, looking back out at the somber faces.

TEDDY:Good Morning everyone. Thank you for taking time out of your day to join our family in what I only wish were more pleasant circumstances. I'm Theodore, and when they asked me to give the eulogy for my grandfather, I didn't know what to make of it at first.  

He grips the microphone tightly with one hand and uses the other to brace himself against the lectern.  

TEDDY:Clayton Barber was the greatest man to ever walk this earth. But then again, I could be a little bias.

That gets some soft soft chuckles from the group.  

TEDDY:He was always so caring, so kind. He always had a joke to make you smile and a piece of advice to brighten up your day. As many of you know, he was also incredibly charitable. Whether you were a down-on-your-luck single mother who just lost her job, or a small business owner just trying to keep your doors open one more month, my grandfather was always there to help and never expected anything in return. He changed so many lives and touched so many hearts, and I don't think it's wrong for me to say that he was a pillar of this community.

Teddy's expression softens as he looks down at the casket.  

TEDDY:The last time I spoke to him was about a week ago, and he was so excited to tell me about all these amazing things he was doing for the town, particularly the charity ball, that I was already clearing my schedule and planning my flight before I knew what day it was! That's just the kind of effect he had on people, and he left behind big shoes that no one will ever be able to fill. Sure there are other well off people, but none were as generous. None were willing to get on their hands and knees and plant trees with the kids or clean up debris off the side of the road because he took pride in where he lived.

Clayton Barber once found an injured, abandoned, sick dog on the side of the road, held it in his arms as it died, then led the charge to create legislation that would punish any heartless prick who thinks it's okay to leave Fido for dead like that.

Teddy's gaze hardens as he removes the microphone from its holder and walks down a few steps. He places a hand on the polished wood of the casket. His expression hardens.  

TEDDY:And that's why his murder cannot go unpunished.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Miztacular on Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:38 am

You really did well to make me a fan of Clayton Barber, I think this idea you're doing is very unique and it's going to be really cool to see how far it goes. Really interesting stuff Krzy.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:53 pm

Going One on One with the Incomparable 10|EL
By: Julio Guerrero

..........From the wrestling ring to the your computer screens, CMV's 10|EL never performed in front of an audience that he couldn't dazzle.

..........And he does it so effortlessly.

.........."It's something I take great pride in," he said while getting his hair and makeup done on the set of "The Life and Times of Clayton Barber" his latest project, "entertaining the people and making sure that they leave thinking the price of admission was a steal."

..........His complexion flawless and not a single strand of hair out of place, the hybrid wrestler and actor finds himself drawn to both worlds and enjoying the best of each.

.........."Acting is, and probably always will be, my first love," he said with a heart-melting smile, "but there's something about wrestling, about being in that ring, and feeding off of the crowds' energy that's unlike anything I've ever felt before. That adrenaline rush is addicting and always keeps me coming back for more. "

..........10|EL's big break came when he landed the lead role on the award-winning web series "Dying to Live," an exploration of how far a man is willing to go to conceal a life-destroying secret. After several small commercials and sporadic minor acting roles, with "Dying to Live" 10|EL was finally able to shine in the beloved thriller.

..........Almost simultaneously, he found himself making waves in the wrestling world--captivating the fans with unique charm and charisma--and his debut match against Vitor Belfort, Jr. is widely considered NGW's greatest match in the brand's original, short-lived run.

.........."I think I've found a good balance," he said while casually leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, hands clasped behind his head. "A web series isn't as demanding as a network television show or a blockbuster movie, and now that I'm officially on UnMatched, my schedule is light enough that, barring any major injuries--fingers crossed, I won't be too sore when I'm on set. Not that I wouldn't give my best either way."

..........10|EL's decision to take his talents from Fusion to UnMatched didn't come without its share of criticism, with many CMV fans saying that the actor was running from Harvey Hastings in particular, the man who defeated 10|EL for the prestigious United States Championship.

.........."There was a lot of backlash, definitely, but the idea of 'loyalty' to one brand or the other is laughable to me," he said. As he sits, 10|EL oozes an aura of calmness that seems to lower the stress and blood pressure of those who have the privilege of being around him. "It's a business first and foremost, and I made the business decision that best suited me. When NGW abruptly ended, I didn't even have a spot on the last show because the powers that be thought I was a one-trick pony and a one-match wonder."

..........After NGW closed its doors, at the time seemingly forever, 10|EL wasn't seen again until his infamous confrontation with Xander Slate at Ascendence which sparked one of the more memorable rivalries in recent memories.

.........."Yeah, that was something else, wasn't it?" he said laughing. "Every week I just thought of different ways I could mess with the guy, everyone's favorite being me popping into bed with him. I promise nothing happened, it was just about playing mind games and having a little fun in the process. At the end of it all, I was able to establish myself as a capable wrestler and an entertainer with few equals. Winning the United States Championship in the process didn't hurt either. All of a sudden I had a little bit of starpower because everyone wanted a taste of 10|EL, I didn't hesitate to use that leverage when contract negotiations came around.

..........Who knows," he said with a mischievous grin, "I could find myself back there one day. One thing I learned from acting is that you have to take the role and the situation that you think is best, and that's what I did. At this point I know that wherever I go the fans will follow."

..........The changing of brands is what opened up 10|EL's schedule enough to begin work on a new project that eventually became "The Life and Times of Clayton Barber," a drama about a man on a quest to avenge his grandfather's murder only to learn shocking truths that will forever change the way he views the man he used to idolize.

..........After a powerful performance in the shows' pilot, 10|EL helped the web series get picked up for a full season. Sitting here between takes, he promises the show will have tons of twists and turns and will go to unexpected places.

.........."There may even be a cameo or two from some familiar faces," he said coyly.

..........His own face on a screen to be viewed by thousands, perhaps even millions, is something 10|EL dreamed of since he was a young boy growing up with immigrant parents in an apartment packed with both younger and older siblings.

.........."I come from humble beginnings, and for as long as I've had memories, my parents preached the values of hard work and earning everything you have," he said with an expression on his face that gives away just how precious those memories are to him. "Unfortunately, some of those lessons fell on deaf ears as far as one or two of my brothers are concerned, but I vowed that my name would always have a positive light shone on it."

..........That light will shine bright soon as 10|EL prepares to make his debut on UnMatched. With his contract signed before the first episode of the season, 10|EL has been ready to go and promises that his adoring fans will see him sooner rather than later.

.........."They wanted to drag things over the next few weeks out for the hype, but I was like been there done that with NGW already, you know? I want to get back out there and whatever happens when the bell rings happens. I may win, I may lose, but either way the people are guaranteed to get a show unlike anything they've ever seen before."

..........And if you want a taste of 10|EL and can't wait until UnMatched, then be sure to grab his limited edition gum "Ten" available in stores and online today.

.........."Mientros lucho con mi corazón y alma, no puedo perder."

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:50 pm

Episode 1

After an emotional, draining speech at his grandfather's funeral, Teddy Barber snuck out of the church while family and friends gathered to share stories of Clayton Barber's life--ended far before its time.

Breathing in the warm afternoon air, it was much too hot for the suit he was wearing, and he couldn't wait for this all to end so he could get out of it and into something seasonally appropriate.

He sighed, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket as he did so. He quit last year. The year before that too, as well as three weeks ago, but the cravings were always overwhelming during times of great stress. Times like laying one of the kindest men he'll ever know to rest.

In between long drags, he let his mind wander. The VMC Charity Ball was next week, and while the last thing he wanted to do was celebrate, he owed it to Clayton to see one of his last pet projects through.

Such a high class event where some of the most affluent and influential members of society would attend wasn't a strange occurrence in VMC. Balls, galas and all the rest seemingly happened every other day so that egos could get stroked and status flaunted. The only difference is that festivities hosted by Clayton Barber would actually have the money raised donated to the advertised foundation--along with the ego stroking and status flaunting.

The back door opened with a bang, startling Teddy who quickly dropped the cigarette and put it out with his shoe just as a head poked through the door. Nothing he could do about the tattletale stench of smoke wafting through the air.

MORGAN:I knew I'd find you out here.

TEDDY:Miss Silver! Granddad's partner in crime looking as lovely as ever.

Teddy smiled and pulled the older woman in for a hug noting the strong smell of cocoa butter on her skin, just like old times.

MORGAN:Theodore I've told you a thousand times to just call me Morgan, we've known each other long enough.

TEDDY:Then it's only fair you call me Teddy.

MORGAN:Ah yes, I remember the change in tune after you left hoity-toity VMC to strike out on your own.

TEDDY:Something like that.

A few beats of silence pass before Morgan sighed and pulled her own pack of cigarettes out of her pocket. She offered one to Teddy, a mischievous smile on her face that didn't go away when he politely declined.

MORGAN:Hell of a way for the heir to the family fortune to return.

Teddy did what he could to stifle a groan.

TEDDY:It was never about the mon--

MORGAN:--the money, right. But you have to admit that it gave you a cushion to fall back on that your sister didn't.

TEDDY:I didn't write Clayton's will.

MORGAN:He deserved better than what he got. Though I must say that mortician is something of a magician.

TEDDY:But no miracle worker.

Another few seconds of silence followed.

MORGAN:See you at the ball?

Teddy nodded then watched as Morgan slipped back inside of the church. Almost at the same time the door closed, somebody walking by bumped shoulders with Teddy, having to go way out of their way to do so.

TEDDY:Hey, assh--

A funeral program caught Teddy's attention. He shook his head. He didn't remember bringing one out here, but he wasn't going to leave it on the ground either. Clayton hated littering. Hurried writing on the back caught his eye.

12 pm
11:59 pm

Don't be late.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:51 pm

A fast-paced hustling and bustling scene is what we witness as the picture comes into view. Members of this small television-esque crew scramble this way and that and in the middle of all this chaos sits 10|EL, looking as calm, cool and collected as if he were at a spa.

As he reclines in his seat, head titled back, eyes closed, one assistant perfectly applying a layer of make up, that isn't even really needed on a specimen like 10|EL, while another massages the man's feet and a third periodically drops a grape into the actor's waiting mouth. He might as well be at the spa, the scene akin to spotting a lake in the middle of the desert.

Once the make-up is fully applied, the artist steps back to admire her work and seeing 10|EL now, perfection somehow taken to the next level, is enough for your next breath to get caught in your throat, your heart to skip a beat and a tingle to spread from your loins to the very tips of your fingers and toes like a shockwave. In that very moment your mind gets carried away to a magical place. You imagine what it would be like, the first night together, the wedding, taking your son to his first day of school, before dismissing the fantasy for being just that: a pipe dream.

10|EL chews the grape put into his mouth and even the way he swallows it is somehow magical. He smiles as he admires the make-up artists' handiwork, luckily she was looking elsewhere or the look might have brought her to her knees. 10|EL sits back in his seat as a man approaches him, a clipboard in his hands and sunglasses on his face as such a thing could ever truly protect him from the beauty that 10|EL radiates.

So the show is getting a lot of buzz so far, and this is the first of many interviews we'll have you do to help spread the word a little further. While people love what they've seen so far, they want a little more action. Luckily, you're a wrestler so I can imagine that you have no qualms about doing your own stunts.

10|EL chuckles and nods while savoring the flavor of another grape.

So the next episode will take a bit of a turn that I don't think anyone will see coming, and I have all the faith in the world that you'll be able to pull it off. The Life and Times of Clayton Barber is one of the highest rated series out there, and I want to show people that we're only just getting starter. That said, your guests will be arriving shortly before you head out to do the interview.

He walks off just as another assistant walks up and places a plate on a small table that sits next to 10|EL's chair. On the plate is a sandwich so expertly crafted, just a glance is enough to get your mouth watering, and has assumed it's rightful place as the second-best looking thing in the room--truly a thing of beauty.

The two slices of whole wheat bread, homemade and freshly baked, have been cut to be the perfect thickness at 1/4 of an inch. Each slice has been lightly toasted evenly on both sides to grant it an enhanced texture and blessing 10|EL with a satisfying crunch with every bite he'll take.

The butter used here has been spread with such finesse that there are no rogue clumps to be seen, the only giveaway of its presence being the way the bread now reflects the light. Between the slices of bread is where the true magic is, the grains only serving as a gate of sorts before leading into the land where your tastebuds will be treated to a once in a lifetime experience.

Underneath that top slice of bread is an equalizingly tantalizing slice of a tomato cut from a fruit raised and grown with care by farmers who take their job seriously and should be hailed and regarded as heroes for what they have bestowed upon us. This tomato was cut with a blade so sharp it could split a diamond, the sides of the fruit being smooth, not a jagged edge to be found. But the best, most undervalued and unappreciated part by all the simpletons, is that this tomato wasn't just slapped down onto the sandwich spoiling the whole thing like the lone rotten apple of the bunch. No, this tomato was slapped on a grill to trap the juices within over a heat of exactly 45 degrees Fahrenheit for three and a half minutes so that the flavor didn't become victim to the heat.

The lettuce used is fresh and crisp. It's the only leaf there, but it's only one needed because it's been used to its full potential. A small bead of water hanging for its dear life on the edge of the lettuce tells us that the head of lettuce that gave birth to this magestic piece was handwashed with care using filtered water bottled in an EPA-approved spring located in a democratic leaning state. It's a stunning shade of green rivaling a blade of grass on a well-manicured lawn meaning that the angel responsible for choosing this particular leaf made sure to cut off any piece of it that didn't rest on the exact same spot on the color spectrum.

There are not one, but two slices of cheese on this sandwich--a privilege only afforded to the few fortunate to be in 10|EL's position in life. The cheese has been melted to achieve the once fabled, still incredibly rare balance between solid and liquid so that is oozes and bleeds onto the meat beneath it just right. The milk used to create this cheese came from a cow that was awoken at 6:48 in the morning for it is well known in the farming community that this is the golden time at which the most delicious, nutritious, life-changing milk arrives into this world. The cow was massaged, brought to a zen, a peace of mind that not even most humans are able to find. And that milk wasn't collected in a bucket, but a chalice. Angels sung as the container was filled to the brim.

Last but not least is the roast beef that brings it all together like the bow around a present. The beef came from a cow that lived a fantastic life of luxury and ease. It was bred and raised five years to provide the protein for this specific sandwich and it truly lived up to its birthright. When it arrived at the slaughterhouse, a full orchestra played a sweet, tearjerking tune. Just before the the blade hit its target, a Xander Slate impersonator read it a bedtime story: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, for the cow was moments away from entering the land of eternal dreams.

10|EL lifts the sandwich with trembling hands before biting down. He has to quickly put it down before he drops it. He closes his eyes but a lone tear manages to squeeze past eyelids thought impenetrable. He wipes away the tear taking care not to smudge his makeup. He's in an enviable position to be eating a sandwich like that. He chews slowly savoring every flavor, absorbing every layer, visualizing its history. 10|EL calls for his assistant to take the sandwich away. It would be a crime to eat it all at once; it needs to be a treat to his senses for months to come.

After wiping his mouth his a napkin, 10|EL gets out of his chair and gets dressed. After checking to make sure his hair and outfit are as they should be, 10|EL turns and greets a group of teens who enter the dressing room wearing various "Clayton Barber" or 10|EL merchandise with Backstage Passes around all of their necks. As the camera fades, 10|EL gets back into business mode, signing autographs and taking pictures--giving his fans one of the most memorable days of their lives.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:51 pm

Life & Times of Clayton Barber: Episode 2

10|EL, starring here as Teddy Barber in the critically acclaimed web series, is shown lying in bed tossing and turning later in the day, the eulogy he gave at his grandfather's funeral feeling like a lifetime ago.

Strewn about on the dingy hotel bed are black and white photos of the crime scene. Without going into graphic detail, this wasn't a mugging gone wrong. Somebody wanted Clayton Barber dead; he was assassinated. Teddy groans as he rolls over onto his right side, nightmares making him restless.

He no longer has to worry about sleeping when he's pistol whipped on the side of the head. Teddy snaps awake and tries to sit but, but his assailant presses a shin against Teddy's chest to keep him pinned to the bed.

The attacker's voice outs him as a man, "You're late."

Teddy's forced to respond through gasps for air, "What are you talking about?" The man reaches into his pocket to retrieve the note Teddy found earlier. He then slightly leaves back to let Teddy see the clock: 12:01 AM.

"Shit," he tries in vain to sit up. "Look it was a really emotionally draining day, and I figured I'd take a break, and..."

Teddy's sentence comes to an abrupt halt, like the drive of a car slamming on the brakes, when he sees the thug raise his gun as if to strike him again.

"Boss doesn't like when people don't show up on time. Luckily for you, he wants to speak to a live body."

As opposed to speaking to a dead one? Teddy didn't let the thought slip through his lips for fear of triggering the thug into defying his boss' orders. Teddy doesn't resist as the thug forcefully tugs him off the bed and shoves him toward the door.

"Come on, man. You can't have me go out in the middle of the night with just my boxers on."

"It's dark. No one will see you."

There goes that idea.

They take another couple of steps toward the door, Teddy well aware of the nuzzle of the gun between his shoulder blades.

"Hey, this will sound a little strange."

"Shut up."

"How does my hair look?"

The thug hesitates as the question catches him off guard. It's just long enough for Teddy to snap around and whip the man across the face with his hair. He stumbles backward, wiping furiously at his eyes. He hits the ground hard after tripping on a stool and the gun goes off sending a bullet shooting into the ceiling. Teddy scrambles to find an article of clothing and manages to grab his jeans. Thinking quickly, he takes the thug's gun and stuff it into the pants crumbled into his arms. The thug is slowly beginning to come to his senses and stands between Teddy and the door.

Teddy glances back behind him and there's only a window there. His hotel room is on the second floor. He looks back at the thug slowly advancing toward Teddy, realizing his prey is trapped. Teddy turns and takes a running start toward the open window.

He jumps.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:36 am

"One more match!

"One more match!

"One more match!"

The crowd is on their feet applauding and cheering, giving 10|EL and Lola an ovation after the surprisingly thrilling battle the two warriors treated these people to. These cheers only get louder and more passionate when they shake hands and Lola raises 10|EL's left arm into the air. 10|EL, with a big smile on his face, strolls over to the corner and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. From his elevated position, the actor raises an arm into the air and holds up a finger.

"¿Uno más?" he asks with a smirk that gives away that he already knows what the answer will be. But just to be sure, the crowd's cheering increase in volume in a rousing, unanimous answer. 10|EL nods as he soaks in this moment, the adoration and the praise. He looks behind him at Lola and holds up his finger again. "Uno más." It's not a question this time.

10|EL winks at Lola, then the actor turns to the crowd and blows them a kiss, likely causing a handful of men and women to faint as their hormones overwhelm them. 10|EL exits the ring in style, a handstand that he sticks the landing to, and heads up the ramp with a swagger and smoothness in his step. Once he's on the stage, he arches his back and spreads his arms out wide in a magnificent pose. Lights flash as the fans scramble to snap a picture of this moment, a treat for the eyes that they were lucky enough to witness live.


A few days later, CMV's social media blows up when fans discover that 10|EL is hosting a "One More Match: Charity Brunch with Omega Lee" at the local diner in the city that will host the next episode of UnMatched. Underneath the main headline on the sign, the subtitle reads, "Event to build awareness for fans to see another match between 10|EL and Lola. All proceeds will be donated to the local food bank."

The camera pans around the entrance of the building to show a substantially long line that stretches around it. It'll be a long wait for several of these people, but they're all smiles as they sport their favorite 10|EL and Omega Lee paraphernalia. A look at the front door shows that people have to hand over tickets to be let in. The cameraman follows a man who was just granted entry into the diner. It's a small, comfy place with only one four-person table set up into the middle of it.  

10|EL sits on one side of the table and next to him is a cardboard cut out of Omega Lee from the neck down. 10|EL pours syrup over his waffles then takes a bite out of his chicken and wipes his mouth with a napkin. The man who was let into the building squats down so that all but his head is hidden behind the Omega Lee cut out. A camera is setup on a tripod on the other side of the table, and the two men pose for a picture. After the camera flashes, the fan exchanges some pleasantries with the actor before he leaves.

10|EL enjoys some more food and drink while waiting for the next fan to show up for the picture. It's a young woman and her infant child this time around. 10|EL smiles and reaches for the baby boy who immediately takes to the actor, laughing and tugging at strands of 10|EL's hair. The trio pose for some regular pictures, then for some with 10|EL at his seat and the woman posing as Omega Lee, then the baby takes her place with mama holding her up. The woman gives 10|EL a peck on the cheek then giggles as she walks off.

A manager comes over to check if the food is all right and he has a quick chat with 10|EL that leads to him getting his own picture taken with the actor and the Omega Lee cut out. Afterward 10|EL's publicist pops in quickly to see that 10|EL's teeth are free of food and that there's no strands of hair out of place. There's a flash forward to the last guest of this charity brunch, a family of five who are a little tired after the long wait but are still happy to be meeting with the CMV superstar. The husband and wife usher their three small children toward the table, and 10|EL doesn't waste a beat in getting off his seat and onto a knee to engage with them. Before long all three children are giggling and you can see the relief wash over their parents' faces as they settle in for the picture. This time around 10|EL poses behind the Omega Lee cut out with one of the children sitting on his shoulders. They take a few more and once they're done, the children all say goodbye to 10|EL by wrapping their arms around his legs while the parents thank him for making the day so special.

When they're gone, 10|EL sighs and takes a seat at the table. After taking the last bite of his food, he smiles and leans back with a sigh, hand over his bloated, but happily full, stomach.  

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

Post by Red Chocolate on Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:17 am

Two doctors are murmuring to each other outside of a patient's room, speaking in hushed whispers so that their conversation doesn't carry down the hallway.

Joe: What's the status of the patient?

Jane: Alive. Breathing.

Joe: That's good. That's more than we could have ever hoped for.

Jane: I've never seen anything like that before. What kind of monster would do that to another human being?

Joe: Listen to me! Get yourself together! We're not in the business of understanding; we're here to save lives.

Jane: We may have saved him, but will he ever again live a life worth living?

Joe: That's not our call to make. We gave him the tools to be strong. It's on him now to take that first step.

Jane: This isn't fair. It's not right! What did he do to deserve something like this?

Joe: I...I don't know. I don't have all the answers damn it.

Jane: How can you stand there and be so calm? Be so...so...

Joe: So me?

Jane: That's not what I meant.

Joe: No, it's just what you were going to say. Look, I get it. You're new. You've never see nothing like this before. But you can't afford to feel. Not with a job like this.

Jane: So we save humans at the cost of our humanity?

Joe: How poetic.

A long silence passes between them as they remain unable to make eye contact with each other.

Jane: I think that maybe I should go check on him.

Joe: Do you have feelings for him?

Jane: I...Don't be ridiculous. I don't even know him.

Joe: I bet you'd like to change that, though.

Jane: Stop it.

Joe: I saw the way you looked at him. How eager you were to help.

Jane: I was just doing my job. How could you--wait a second...do you... oh my god...

Joe: You've got the wrong idea.

Jane: All this guilt tripping, pushing me away and it was because of some repressed fee--

Joe: Shut up! I'm done talking about this.

She swallows hard and tries to say something, but can't find the words to form a coherent sentence as if she suddenly forgot how to speak English. He turns away wiping away emotions from his face as things thought long buried begin to force their way to the surface.

The silence that filled the hallway is broken up by the sound of high heels striking the ground in an even cadence. A woman, in a skirt and and formal blouse, steps into the frame, sizes up the two doctors and wordlessly steps between them to enter the patient's room.

She closes the door behind her then walks over to the closet where a baggie with 10|EL tights rests on the ground. She pulls it out of the bag and inspects the hole in the crotch that the emergency workers had to cut. She shakes her head, tossing the tights to the floor in disgust.

Personal Assistant: The lengths some people will go to for a win.

She takes a seat next to 10|EL who is lying on the hospital bed wearing a gown. There's a bag of ice the size of a basketball on his groin, an IV drip attached to his arm and the steady beeping of the heart monitor. She places her hand on his shoulder and stirs him awake.

Personal Assistant: Is there anything you need?

He points down toward his groin and smirks. She leans forward and realizes he was actually pointing toward the foot of the bed where the remote to the television fell onto the floor. She uses it to switch on the TV and changes the channel to the CMV network just in time for Omega Lee's entrance. 10|EL watches the match intently and it takes a while for the personal assistant to capture his attention. She has a binder pulled out of her bag that has pages filled with various fabrics and clothing materials.

Personal Assistant: Those old pants? Forget about 'em. They're ruined. Gone forever. I didn't like them anyway. The first responder to the scene of the incident told me had no choice but to cut through them after what Simon Han...han...ugh...after what he did to you, to make sure that there was no swelling or internal injuries. It could have been sewn back together, but too much time had passed since the cut and the damage was irreversible; the tights would have been too susceptible to future tears and that's not a risk we could afford to take.

I've been talking to the same guy who made Demi Lovato's outfit in her latest music video and she's dying to put adorn you with the finest pair of tights the wrestling world has ever seen. Let me tell you, I've personally seen some of the mock-ups, and I promise you that the moment you slide them on, you'll forget the old pair ever existed.

Together they study the pages in the binder as the screen fades to black.

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Re: 10|EL || Life & Times

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