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A PUNISHing New "Beginning"? A Diamond? Or.... THE END!?

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A PUNISHing New "Beginning"? A Diamond? Or.... THE END!?

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:15 am

*We are taken backstage to Eric Matthews office, as we see a recouperating Matthews, from the events that transpired earlier in the night, laying down on a large leather couch when suddenly the door slams open and an enraged Marko Punish storms into the room*

Marko: Matthews! Matthews! Che cazzo è questa cazzata?! Tu inutile figlio di una cagna!
*Matthews sits up*

Matthews: urgh Marko I don't have time for whatever crap you have to say this we-

Marko: Well you better make time! Stupido cane! The first episodio of the new season and I am not booked!? Sei pazzo? Your biggest star! Do you want ratings to drop? Because that is how ratings drop!
*Matthews shakes his head and stands up from the couch*

Matthews: OK, first off YOU are not my biggest star.

Marko: Cazzate! Of course I am!

Matthews: No you're not, you are a case of "what have you done for me lately", you put on good matches sure, but you have had chance after chance to shine but when it comes to the "big" one you don't come through. Secondly, I just acquired the ENTIRE Intensity Roster, someone was bound to miss out. Now I had something special planned for you next week but if you're just gonna act like a child every time you don't get your way you can forget about it.

Marko: *sighs* bene, bene! But it had better be something good to make up for this Matthews, or that beat down you had earlier? Will be child's play compared to what I do.

Matthews: Don't worry it will be be.
*Marko squares up to Matthews before walking off, but just as he opens the door Matthews speaks again*

Matthews: Oh and Marko, you threaten me again you won't have a job to come back to.
*Marko stares at Matthews before slamming the door behind him. Matthews lays back down on the couch letting a groan as he settles down. We continue to follow Marko as he makes his way through the backstage area, until he suddenly stops. The camera pans out to reveal Kevin Payne and Howard Phillips, who stop their conversation when they see the big man walk over.*

Payne: Well, well, well! Looky what we have here, the big guy! Marko Punish. It seems management seems to be taking you for granted. *Kevin hops down from  a production box he was sitting on* But my boy here's got a little proposition for ya.

Howard: Mr. Punish, its a real shame, a serious injustice that has been dealt to you. Management clearly disrespect, and devalue you, which a major star such as yourself should not have to put up with. Mr. Punish I offer you an opportunity, an opportunity to revitalize yourself, a chance to shine, to shine.... like a Diamond!
*Marko stares at Howard before turning back to Payne as he puts a hand on Markos shoulder.*

Payne: Think about man, The Faces Of Fear together again! With how far we've come since the old days think of how dominant we could be! Especially with Howard by our side man, we could OWN Unmatched!
*Marko tilts his head as if to consider this.*

Howard: The offer stands Mr. Punish...
*Howard extends his hand. Marko shakes his hand as he says;*

Marko: I'll think about it.
*Marko walks off towards the parking lot*

Howard: Are you sure about this?

Payne: Oh for sure. Trust me, we been boys for a long time, if he were gonna say no, that handshake? Would have been a chokeslam.
*Kevin laughs as he walks away, Howard follows as we hear him say;*

Howard: That is not funny Kevin!
*The camera cuts back to Marko as we see him make his way down the steps to the parking lot. He's about halfway across when we hear Scott Lawson shout to him*

Scott: Marko! Can I get a word before you leave!
*Marko stops before sighing*

Marko: Bene! But make it quick.
*As Marko turns to make his way back, we suddenly here the screech of tires on the road. Marko suddenly snaps round only to see the headlights of a car before it slams into him, causing him to bounce off the hood and cracking the windscreen before slamming into the ground as the car speeds out of the building. Marko lays motionless on the ground as Scott Lawson screams. Kevin Payne rushes through, jumping the barrier, with Howard behind him coming down the steps, other backstage workers start to rush through, as Kevin and Howard shout for someone to get help. As they wait for an ambulance to arrive, could this be the end for Marko Punish?*

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Re: A PUNISHing New "Beginning"? A Diamond? Or.... THE END!?

Post by Miztacular on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:27 am


Nice promo sons! Interested to find out who the culprit is. We were this close to seeing the GOAT tag team back together GODAMMIT.

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