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Post by Tim on Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:37 am

The titantron flares up and a familiar song blares. As the crowd ignites with excitement as the superstar they haven't seen since Battlescars shows himself. From behind the newly designed ribbontron for Friday Night Genesis comes Tim LaFave, hearing his music and watching his titantron let off a certain kind of energy but seeing the first inaugural Alpha World Champion lights them up even further. His music grows louder as the crowd attempts to cheer over it. LaFave walks to the center of the massive stage and smiles wide at the Genesis fans. He looks left, than right and then down the long ramp to the ring. The camera picks up a determined stair in his hazel eyes as he begins towards the center of the venue. What followed changed the crowds tune, one of hype and excitement turns to one of lighter cheer and more concern as LaFave makes his way down the ramp with a noticeable limp in his left leg. While maintaining a steady pace, LaFave points to his left, first the ground seats, then the upper deck. Then he turns to his right to do the same. Tim makes it to the apron closest to the ramp and instead of doing his usual slide under the bottom rope he painstakingly takes the steel steps up to the apron. LaFave turns around, his back to the ropes and points to the tens of thousand fans standing in celebration behind him.

Tim lowers his head under the top rope and slips through to the inside of the ring. As he makes his way to the center of the canvas he pulls from his short pockets a microphone. Using his thumb, he flicks on the switch at the center of the microphone's handle and then taps the top of the CMV branded microphone lightly.

The crowd cheers in anticipation of Tim's words. But he stops to listen to the crowd. One he hadn't heard in some weeks. Finally he brings the microphone to his mouth and speaks.

Tim LaFave
I stand here before you today. To tell you something I never thought I'd have to say. I promised myself when I started at CMV I would never compromise my beliefs, even in the face of the greatest adversities.

The crowd cheers loudly hearing LaFave's passion.

Tim LaFave
But... As the landscape of CMV changes around me. Friends becomes enemies, trust is broken and family is no more than fairy tail.

I've stood by the idea that; Every one person has good in their heart and even in the most harrowing circumstances. That good is still there. I've spent my career. Trusting, loving, accepting, supporting and doing whatever I can to show people that there's always someone in the world they can trust and that they can count on. No matter dark it may look. And now, my father, my brother, my friends... all... have sought their own goals for their own benefits. Stepping on anything and anyone they can to get where they need to be to feel satisfied.

I've been too trusting. I've allowed the likes of Borton, Kent, Paul, Bob, Kevin and even my own father, to use me, to abuse me, to step on me to get where they need to be. No more, the olive branch has been retracted. The trust has been broken; the friendship has been shattered.

My father left me with words I should of heeded. I let my doubt and my trust, crush me. Both mentally and physically. Xander, my mentor, tread on me like doormat. Borton, my colleague tweaked this knee I stand on and Bob... my friend... betrayed me without a second thought.

Forgiveness... is done. I've forgiven and I've trusted enough. I came into this business. Hoping that showing an unfettered light, amidst a cloud of darkness would be enough to make people see that not every one is a back stabber looking for their own way up. And it was turned against me.

No one. Not XGEN, not Josh, Not Eligah not my own family. Can be trusted anymore.

My faith and allegiance is to one thing and one thing only. It was here from the start and I should of made it my sole focus from the star. When you have the love. The adoration. The trust. And the SUPPORT of the CMV Universe...

...Why do you need friends? I've had more loyalty from the 30,000 plus people in this arena and arenas all over the world all along. And I was wrong to forget it. So I stand here before you today. With one last thing to say.

To the Kliq, to my "friends", to everyone backstage. If you want my trust there's none to earn. I've had enough. I stand with, by and for the fans. And ONLY the fans. And I always... ALWAYS will...

The crowd lets out chorus of deafening cheers. Tim has not left though. Still standing in the center of the ring, LaFave awaits the crowd to die down.

Tim LaFave
I can't do much today, I can't do much tomorrow. Or the for the next few weeks. But what I can do. Is promise you this... For what the Kliq has done. To me... To Joshua... To every one of you...

Tim points to the crowd and spins to encompass the entire CMV universe present. Both in the arena and watching at home.

Tim LaFave
...they will pay. They will pay... as it always has been... Against... All... Odds...

Tim lowers the microphone to his side and listens to the crowd cheer as the scene cuts to commercial.

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Re: Inexcusable

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:53 am

This was super good and a huge step in Tim's career. Loved it Tim. Good fuckin job m8.


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Re: Inexcusable

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:29 pm

Tim is the FACE that runs the place

Great read, Tim promos are always either fun as heck or intense asf to read.

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Re: Inexcusable

Post by Maurie on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:39 pm

Mr. Dashing wrote:Tim is the FACE that runs the place


Nah but nice promo tim

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Re: Inexcusable

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