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A Rare Occurrence

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A Rare Occurrence

Post by Solaris Arc on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:09 am

Ferocity opened up to a shot backstage, with the camera slowly entering into the locker room. The room was filled with Vixens, however the camera kept focus on Amy Winters. Lisa Evans slowly walked over and motioned for Winters to follow her outside. Winters obliged and sighed softly as she left the locker room.

Evans: This is.... Quite a rare occurrence, isn't it, Miss Winters?

Winters: Yeah.... It is.... I guess you want in interview?

Lisa nodded and held the mic back up. Winters leaned against the wall with a slight sigh as Evans read off a notecard.

Evans: This is the first interview we have ever gotten from you, Winters... Fans have been begging to know more about you, but you have been so shy of speaking up. Why is that?

Winters: I just don't like talking a whole lot.... I've never been one to really voice my mind, prefer letting my work in the ring speak for me... But, the CMV is different than AAW... I know fans want to get to know the wrestlers more personally than they do at indy shows.

Evans: Indeed... So, ever since your debut, you've had quite an influence over Ferocity. A lot of fans are surprised with how quickly you adapted to the environment. And now you're in a number one contenders match coming up tonight! Are you nervous at all about people targetting you for your success?

Winters: I don't really fear being a target... That's something every wrestler should expect when coming to the big leagues. Look at my friend Josh Wolf, he's been here for almost 10 months now, hasn't really made any great achievements, yet he was targetted by the likes of the Kliq and Kevin Lee... It's a harsh business and we all have to expect people to knock us down when we least expect it. What separates the good from the great is embracing that target on your back and using it to show the world how important you are.

Evans: Speaking of Josh Wolf.... There have beens rumors going around about there being some kind of relationship between you two? We all know that you two are close friends both in the indies and here in the CMV, but people are curious as to how you two remain such close friends while on completely different brands.

Winters: Friendships aren't just physical in this day and age. Wolf and I were friends ever since our time in AAW and we're still friends today. We have phones to talk and we play games online all the time... I wouldn't just cut myself off from my only friend in the CMV just because he's on a completely separate brand.

Evans: I guess that makes sense... Well, let's give you one final question.... Do you have any words for your competition tonight?

Winters: Honestly... No. What I do in the ring will be my words tonight...

Winters slowly walked out of the frame and back into the locker room. Lisa simply shrugged as the camera slowly faded to black.


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CMV Alpha World Champion (1x)
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Amy Winters:
Women's IC Champion (2x)
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Re: A Rare Occurrence

Post by Miztacular on Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:15 am


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Re: A Rare Occurrence

Post by Tim on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:37 am

Tim will fight Joshua for Winters. A fake virtual women is stronger than fake virtual friendship.

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Re: A Rare Occurrence

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