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There's two.

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There's two.

Post by KinZil on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:18 pm

Fusion is set to go live in a few hours, and Kendall is nowhere to be seen on the card, yet backstage, he is as invisible as he's ever been. Nobody wants to answer his questions of why he has not been booked on the reboot of Fusion, as well as if management knows that he's even here. Sometimes, being invisible acts as the most valuable trait a human can have. Wolfe just committed murder against somebody who was considered to be considered a friend and comrade. Wolfe pulls out a cigar and lights it in the hallway, obviously perturbed at the apparent insignificance of his presence.

Kendall Wolfe:

Oh, believe me, I don't care if some schmuck can't see me on his way to a conference call. I really don't care if a locker room counterpart can't pinpoint me when he's lacing up his boots for a match in front of 15 thousand people. I can ask all the questions that I want,
I don't expect, neither do I want them to answer. Knowing that I wear a cloak of invisibility in these four walls actually bodes well for me,
I cannot simply have my reputation, not to mention my criminal record, tarnished at one spur of the moment.....moment. I don't ask because I want to. I ask cause I need to. I need this job, so having these buck-tooth neanderthals think that I owe them something, or to have them believe that I actually have a modicum of care in my body for them.....it ironically ends up in my benefit.

Wolfe takes a puff of his cigar, all the while his eyes grow more dark and lifeless, like Arthur Rose's rotting corpse. The halls are empty, allowing Kendall the luxury of free  speech. Something he's yearned for since he showed up in CMV. Something which is tangible. Some place where he can accentuate his notions of thought. Something he's now got, for at least a minute.

I can't help but wonder, does anyone....even.....care about Levi Marta? I mean, specifically Arthur Rose's portrayal of him? I mean, really. I know his act was poor. Hell, even distasteful, but I didn't see anyone really INVEST in him. Really GRASP the meaning of his character. his edginess, gone. His sharp tongue, dulled. His implementation, completely vanquished. His life......ended.

Wolfe puts out the cigar and looks right into the camera, his smugness separated from his face like oil with water.


Another cigar is lit, the fumes lighting up the dimly-lit hall a light grey color. Kendall presses the cigar to his head, initiating a thought process. 2 seconds pass and Kendall is already pushing the cigar off his freshly burnt cranium, not withstanding the heat.

I will die to own CMV. It's a blunt statement, sure, but what I've gone through in the last few years, this should be the least you expect of me. Be honest, you, the audience, see the decisions I make, and I make a lot of them. They're not always correct,
sometimes controversial, sometimes borderline dastardly and criminal, but ALWAYS interesting. And no matter what I decide to endeavor myself upon, you DO NOT CARE, you people are only in it for the ride. For some part, I respect you for that. For the most part, you all disgust me. The term "sheep" gets thrown around quite a bit in this locker room, but you people are the cream of the goddamn crop, and the crop is the biggest goddamn crop in the wrestling world. Begging for your Marta, Pleading for your Wolfe, on your knees for Cipher,
gagging for Kryminal, crying for Kendra. All of these my former friends, some business associates, all my inferiors. But here's the biggest truth of them all.

The second cigar: shut out. Burnt out. Swept away. The last one, his pockets empty. The smoke clears out of sight, coinciding with Kendall's vision. At first bleak, now clearer than ever. His plan looking all set.

And here it is: Within the year. 365 days. 52 weeks. In one year, I will be a World Champion once again. Doesn't have to be the CMV World Championship. I'll hop over to Genesis and get to the top there. Alpha Title: Mine. International Title: Mine. United States Title: Mine. Everything. All mine. Yeah, I sound deluded. Yeah, dude, I better be! Otherwise what I'm doing here is a strenuous attempt turned to bitter failure....but I got a plan. "Oh, another Marta, how original!" I don't talk soft. I act on my words, you see. I can give you all of me till there's nothing left, but it'll still never be enough to match all these hungry up-and-comers. A Levi Marta is.....how do I put this, inadequate. I agree......there are two. Yup, that's right. That's all I'm saying. Give my word two weeks. Then tune in to UnMatched. You WON'T.....be disappointed. Ciao.

With that, Wolfe picks up the half-out cigar and burns it on his tongue, slightly flinching at the pain, before walking to the locker room to gather his things. Kendall Wolfe has the week off.

Kendall Wolfe - CMV Hall Of Famer, 1x CMV Undisputed Champion, 2x United States Champion
Levi Marta - 1x United States Champion, 1x CMV Tag Team Champion w/ Troy Voodoo, 1x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion, 1x CMV Hardcore Champion

Other CAWS: Bill Cipher, Luke Brinton, Kryminal, TJ Kendra

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