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The Remnants

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The Remnants

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:53 pm

A black drop background greets the camera as this CMVWrestling.com exclusive begins to play, a fog of smoke twirling through the air of this dimly lit setup. After only a moment or so, from the left side of the frame enters Sebastian Vachon, while from the right appears Nikola Ivanovic, both of these former RISE members, a faction that was a thorn in most of the Genesis roster's side last season, look to be almost emotionless as they stare into the camera's lens. The Frenchman raises his right hand up and glares at it for a second before pushing it into The Serbian's face, gently, I guess you could call it a playful gesture between these demented souls. Sebastian then racks his jaw, nodding his head slightly and taking a small lean forward.

They say that RISE is no more ...

Many in the CMV universe may be taken back as this is the first time ever that Sebastian has spoken English, though his thick French accent is still apparent.

But it's not true ... Our brothers in Sean Silva and Murdoc may be ... Lost ... But WE, The Remnants, still remain ...

The Grenoble Nightmare scoffs, looking over at Nikola and then smiling with a soft laugh escaping his lips.

All beware ...

Those works linger as the two slowly back out of the shot, leaving only the trails of smoke and an ominous feeling to all those who watched before the feed cuts out.

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Re: The Remnants

Post by Workaholic on Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:28 pm



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