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Storms on the Horizon

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Storms on the Horizon

Post by Solaris Arc on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:22 am

Friday Night Genesis was already underway, with some high impact matches hyping the crowd up for the first episode of the season. The crowd eagerly chanted and cheered as the camera passed by, with some flashing signs for their favorite wrestlers. The excitement in the air was palpable and thick enough to cut with a knife. And then, at the peak of anticipation, the lights shut off. The crowd let out a sonic blast of cheers and change as music slowly began to fade in.

A single red spotlight flashed on, dimly shining on the center of the stage. Someone slowly walked out and stopped under the red light, stopping as the crowd cheered. The man held a chain in his left hand, dragging across the metal stage. After a moment of hesitation, the song's chorus opened up. Bright lights flashed onto the stage, fans got onto their feet and cheered with ecstasy and passion, and the man raised his arms and looked up to the crowd.

Josh Wolf stood on the stage, looking around at the roaring crowd. He felt home in that wave of cheers, chanting out "ON THE HUNT! ON THE HUNT! ON THE HUNT!". Wolf smirked and slowly walked down the ramp, giving a few fans high fives and hand shakes as he dragged the chain along. He slowly stepped into the ring and grabbed a Mic that was conveniently placed on the turnbuckle. He took a seat on the buckle, soaking up the praise before raising the mic up to his lips

Josh Wolf: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Season 5.... But I'm fairly certain I didn't have to tell you that... Turner already did. Still, I'm happy you're all here to witness the first episode of the season. And looking at all that happened before tonight, I'm sure you are all looking for more intense battles.

The fans chanted Yes repeatedly in response, before quieting down so that Wolf can speak.

Josh Wolf: Now, there are many matches worth looking forward to tonight... But I'm certain you all are excited for the main event tonight, right? Let's look at what we've got... The Kliq versus The Bloody Brit. The Undisputed King of Brawling. And the pound-for-pound strongest European fighter in the CMV. Chris Andrews! And one of the fastest rising wrestlers on Genesis.... No, I'm not gonna say that... Wouldn't be very humble of me, would It?

Wolf chuckled and bit, looking towards the hard camera for a moment before turning his attention back to the crowd.

Josh Wolf: Now, I've fought Slate and Borton once already... And I beat them along with EGF. I'm confident in saying I can do it again.... But, they are unpredictable, savage, and dangerous. And I can't keep my back turned on them, even if I win tonight. Tonight, I have to be just as unpredictable as them... I have to let that darker side of me out, not just for my survival, but for Brit's as well. I have to call upon Fenrir once again...

Every Time my blood boils and Fenrir takes over, a piece of me is given to him. With each time I call to him, he takes over my mind a bit more... If I keep this up, the Josh Wolf you all love and know will be completely changed into a feral force of annihilation. But, I am willing to take that risk to destroy the Kliq. To get back at them for everything they have done.

Wolf slowly jumped off the turnbuckle, gripping the ropes and slowly wrapping the chain around it. He looked at the cheering crowd and smiled softly.

Josh Wolf: The War continues tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And I intend to leave no survivors.

Wolf dropped the Mic and slid out of the ring as the fans cheered on with joy, chanting his name.


Josh Wolf:
CMV Alpha World Champion (1x)
Inaugural Rising Star Champion (2x)

Harvey Hastings:
CMV Undisputed World Champion (1x)
US Champion (2x)

Amy Winters:
Women's IC Champion (2x)
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Re: Storms on the Horizon

Post by Mr. Dashing on Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:42 am

Josh Wolf is my spirit animal

1x CMV Anarchy champion
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