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A Rude Interruption

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A Rude Interruption

Post by 316topher on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:43 pm

Mac Thompson : Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Mac Thompson here and what an end of season finale with every Champion successful defending their Championships at Climb 2 Fame, but this is a new season, new beginnings, new Mr & Mrs Money in the Bank, they can cash in any time, could be tonight, could be next week, could be next month well you get the idea they have a year to cash it in and it’s anyones guess when they’ll do so. Not only that Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new King of the Ring winner crowned too…. King Quantum , A man who went through three men to be the King which guarantees himself a World Heavyweight Championship title match in the near future……

SexBomb Simon Hancock`s theme plays on the P.A system as the boos already begin pouring in from all sides of the arena, Simon with a look of frustration and anger upon his face makes his way down the isle and into the ring.

Mac :  Umm Ok

Simon : Gimme a damn mic…

The time keeper slowly approaches the ring and hands Simon a mic…

Simon : About time.

Mac : Sim…..

Simon : SHUT UP…….. I mean …. Simon says SHUT UP….. Enough of your ramblings little man, The SexBomb is here and I’m pissed beyond belief. You see Climb 2 fame was my night, not Brody’s, Not Chet’s, and most definitely not  Quantum’s , I was once again screwed by slow officiating, roll the damn footage you morons…

Simon : See…. Look at that…. The stupid referee did laps before he began his count, I clearly had the match won right there after I hit the SexBomb…. But once again I was screwed and not in the good way, I’M SIMON HANCOCK dammit…. The SexBomb of CMV, yet I get paired against hippies and clowns and when I do  face the Quantums, The Chet’s, you know the season one guys who get everything handed to them because of who they are, what a joke… I had the match won against Quantum when he attacked the ref on UnMatched a few weeks back…..And as you all just saw I had Chet pinned in the King of the Ring tournament….. Technically I’m The uncrowned King….King Sexy… Hell I should be Mr Money in the Bank too cuz I’m that damn good… I’m the future of this show, NOT Quantum, Not Chet….But Me.

The fans begin booing and a Rude Rooster begins to circulate, getting louder and louder…


Mac : Calm down Simon…

Simon : Don’t tell me to calm down. Hell you’ve seen how I get treated around here, just last week Don Bishop attacked me for no reason at all.

Mac : Didn’t you get in his face and slap him for no reason…

Simon : SHUT UP…. You listen to me, and you listen up reeeeeaaal good….

But before he could even finish what he was about to say…. A theme plays and ….

Mr Gnastashik : OHHHH NOOOOO what’s going on…


Mac : Oh umm…. I guess we have another guest…. Welcome to UnMatched, what is your name ?

??? : I’m The Rude Rooster  

The Rude Rooster does a cheeky little jig in the middle of the ring, which makes Simon confused, angry and humiliated  that he rushes towards “The Rude Rooster” with a spear followed by a series of punches, Mac does the smart thing and jumps out of the ring to avoid getting a beat down too… Simon picks up The Rude Rooster and drops him with a gyrating neckbreaker, picks him up again and finishes him off with a SEXBOMB….. Simon looks down at the carnage his just dished out and spits at the downed bird as the arena chants  ASSHOLE  at him.

Simon : Dumbass… disrespect me and that’s what happens bitch. Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Tonight is a new night and tonight I become the #1 contender for the European Championship, So Takeshi come on down, step up, bring all that you can, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll be on your back as the Ref counts …. Ichi….Ni….San.

You know what to do….Hit it

SexBomb’s theme plays as Simon starts gyrating in the middle of the ring.

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Re: A Rude Interruption

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:44 pm

As Simon gyrated in the ring his theme was suddenly cut off and replaced with another.

The chanting of Asshole was soon replaced with cheers from the crowd as Takeshi came out from under the Titantron, but he looked a little different it seemed during the last time he had a match about a month ago he had put on some muscle. Seemed Takeshi coming out was the last thing Simon was expecting. After waving to the crowd he walked down to the ring taking a moment to look at the poor sod in the rooster suit before enters the ring and picks up the discarded mic.

You..Cocky bastard.... You talk big, just because you think I’m deaf i won’t know. Why I tell you this....

Takeshi points to his ear and the camera zooms into see he’s got a hearing aid on.

I heard you. You ask me to come on down, so here I am. You talk about being disrespected... You want respect, you earn it. Later on tonight I make you work for the #1 contender spot. We see if your all talk or not.

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Re: A Rude Interruption

Post by 316topher on Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:40 pm

Lisa Evans stands in the middle of the ring with a mic in hand….

Lisa : Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, the dirtiest player in the game, SexBomb Simon Hancock….

Simon’s Sexy theme plays and out he comes to a chorus of boos as usual, unfazed by it though he struts down the isle and gyrates in front of Lisa…

Lisa : Ummm  ok…..

Simon : Simon says…..SHHHhhhhhhhh  look at this physique Lisa, my abs all oiled up, mmmmmm you look hot. You could be 1 of my ladies.

Lisa : Oh no, I’d rather not.

Simon : SHUT UP!!!  Was joking anyway, how`s the face, hope it’s still sore from Quinn’s bitch-slap, I’m glad she slapped the taste out of your mouth… Now ask your damn questions so I can have me some fun if you know what I mean.

Lisa :  Wow….ok then…..So last week you somehow managed to pin Takeshi in a number one contenders match against for George King’s European Championship at Ground Zero, what’s your strategy going into that match.

Simon : My strategy…..My strategy….. have you not watched a damn thing since my debut…. Ask Boso….Ask HappyTown… Ask Takeshi….oh well maybe not ask him cuz he’s you know….. My point is I go in that ring I get dirty, I rise to the occasion and when it’s all said and done I stand tall  in victory.

Lisa : What about Quantum?

Simon :  SHUT UP!!!

Lisa : Chet Taylor ?

Simon : SHUT UP!!! You know damn well the ref screwed me in those matches, technically I’m undefeated and there’s not a damn thing you or anyone can say that will change that, get it….got it…..good.

Lisa : Well before your European title match at Ground Zero, tonight you face none other than Luther….

Simon : ARE YOU KIDDING ME….. Happytown…..Boso……..and now another clown, is this some kind of joke, who the hell is running this goddamn company, I’m SexBomb Simon Han…..

Simon : NOT AGAIN….. I don’t know who you are or what you are, but you best get your ass out of my ring right now before I do what I did last week and knock you out you hear me.

The Rude Rooster tries to calm Simon down and offers a handshake, Simon looks at the hand, rolls his eyes, but as he does, The Rooster drops to his knees and delivers a low blow to Simon Hancock, Simon goes down grabbing his testicles in pain…. The Rooster jumps through the ropes, leaps over the barricade and runs through the crowd as Simon is left writhing in pain

Lisa smiles and exits the ring…as the scene fades..

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Main Event Star!

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Re: A Rude Interruption

Post by Maurie on Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:01 pm

Tf did i just watch?

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
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Elijah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore, 2x Alpha World Champion, 2018 Match of the Year, 2018 Attire of the Year, 2018 Face of the Year
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion
Miles Kelly: 1x Longest Reigning Rising Star Champion

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Re: A Rude Interruption

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