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Brody's Pissed Off

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Brody's Pissed Off

Post by PREDICTION KING on Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:03 pm

Lisa Evans
I'm here with NGW Alumni Luke Jetty who's got high hopes for the new season.

Luke scoffs with a cocky grin and spits his tooth pick out at Lisa's feet.

Luke Jetty

Let's get one thing straight. Last season wasn't ready for Luke Jetty. This season, Luke Jetty don't give a shit. I'm taking this entire show by storm and there-

Out of nowhere Brody punches him in the fucking face so hard a tooth flies into Lisa's hair.

Lisa Evans
Oh my god!

Brody shoves her out of the view of the camera, she can be heard toppling over a stool. Luke stirs on the ground until Brody lifts him up and wraps both his hands around his throat, allowing him to see the eyes of his assailant before throwing him through the drywall! Two referees come charging the scene hoping they can push Brody back but he simply shoves them out of the way and yanks Luke out of the hole by only his head with brute force. He then once again wraps his hands around his neck and creates yet another hole in the wall next to the first one, this time throwing Luke all the way through to the other side! He however doesn't look satisfied but does look to be finished with Luke who's completely out of it when the officials come to his aide. Brody marches on down the hallway, leaving the carnage behind him.


Wade Flanagan

Wade is seen searching the hallways for his client.

Wade Flanagan
Has anybody seen my monster?

Matt Ross

Your what? Your monster?

Wade turns to see a man eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

Wade Flanagan

The Tower of Dominance.

Matt Ross
I'm new here, still trying to figure everything out bro. How tall is he?

Wade shakes his head.

Wade Flanagan
I don't have time to waste on a grunt like you.

With that he walks off to find his giant as Matt shrugs his shoulders and finishes his sandwich. He then adjusts his suspenders along the way to the locker room. However, he glances at the floor to discover a shadow covering the ground. He looks up to see Brody Halleck towering over him with an angry scowl cemented onto his face.

Matt Ross

Hey Howard Stern is looking for you.

Matt's smile turns to a flinch as Brody drills his knee into his gut before throwing him into the lockers. His back denting one of the doors. Brody then proceeds to rip off the already damaged door and begins to beat the shit out of the Jew with it. The ruckus draws a crowd of wrestlers and officials all trying to stop Brody from ending Matt's career before it even gets started. Instead of attacking the entire room, he pushes through the crowd still with the locker door in hand and proceeds on down the hall.


A purple 91 Cadillac pulls up backstage and simultaneously the two front doors open up and smoke comes pouring out like water.

Lance Barker
Dude we totally just robbed that guy haha.

Chase Forgothislastname
Straight up bruh. Incoming.

Lance turns to Chase.

Lance Barker


Out of nowhere Brody shoulder blocks Lance into the car. Chase swings on him but Brody catches the fist and pulls him up on his shoulder in an Oklahoma Stampede position. He then throws him like a snake eyes on the roof of the car. At this point, Lance is back on his feet reaching into the car for something.

Lance Barker
He's tryin to take the stash!

Brody grabs him by the head, pulls him back and throws his head into the car window, shattering the glass.

Wade Flanagan

Wade, out of breath from running all the way to the parking garage walks up to the big man, looking at what's left of World Peace on the ground.

Wade Flanagan

Brody, I get it, you are angry about losing in the King of the Ring, but going on a rampage won't solve anything. It doesn't get you closer to the prize. You gotta capture opportunities not destroy them because you're mad.

Brody scoffs and walks off.


Byron Elliot

Yeah babe just draining the snake. I'll call you back later I think I might be able to score a big match next week. Gonna talk to Eric in a bit.

He hangs up the phone and begins to shake the snake before zipping up his pants and walking away from the urinals to the sink. Before washing his hands he picks at his teeth a bit. He then turns on the water and splashes some water in his face before looking back up in the mirror to see Brody Halleck standing behind him.

Bryon Elliot

Oh shit.

He tries to evade but Brody pulls him back by his shirt collar, slamming him against the bathroom wall and begins to unload some strong left and rights. Body shots and head shots, beating him senseless. He then lifts him up, hanging over his shoulder and spinebusters him on the fucking sink. The whole thing falls off the wall upon impact and breaks on the floor under Byrons back. His gaze darts to the door as a whistling can be heard behind it. And in walks Hayden Kiteley. He stops to see Brody standing over a literal broken Byron.

Hayden Kiteley


He then turns around and walks right back out.


It's later on and it's well known around the arena of Brody's rampage. Employees in the hall step aside as he walks through, not wanting to become the next victim. The rage is still overflowing from his eyes. His fist are clenched so tight the Hulk couldn't release the grip. Nobody would dare challenge him. Nobody sane that is.

Troy Voodoo

Hey Brody!

Everybody in the hall gasp as Troy shows up at the end of the hall. Brody turns around, remembering his war with Voodoo. Anybody watching the event would guess that Brody was gassed after that match which is why he lost to Quantum. Brody has the same idea. He charges down the hall at Voodoo who reveals a black pipe from behind his back. He swings the pipe at Brody's gut but Brody absorbs the shot and headbutts him in the noggin causing him to stumble back into the catering area. Voodoo grabs a metal tray and slaps it across Brody's face. He doesn't stop after one shot. He begins to unload on Brody's head similar to how Brody did to Matt Ross earlier with the locker door. Brody is brought down to a knee as Voodoo swings once more with the tray but he catches it and jumps up in an instant, lifting Voodoo off his feet slams him through the catering table with a Uranage Slam. And he goes right back on the attack, not giving Voodoo anytime to rest. He brings him to his feet and Irish Whips him so hard into the soda machine, it begins to spark and seep black smoke. Voodoo hunches over in pain but of course, Brody still isn't finished with him. All his frustration has built up for so long, and it was all thanks to the war he had in the ring with Voodoo. Now's his chance to let it all out. He lifts Voodoo up like a backpack and BAM hits him with a backpack stunner! AND GUESS WHAT???? HE AIN'T DONE YET! He then grabs the soda machine with both hands and pulls on it, dropping it on top of Voodoo. The medical staff and a dozen officials come swarming in with the security guards behind them trying to escort Brody out. However, he isn't interested in leaving. He climbs up on the back of the soda machine with his hand on the wall to hold his balance and begins to jump up and down, forcing all that weight down on the now broken body of Troy Voodoo.

Eric Matthews
Brody! Get down! Escort him outta here!

The guards shake their heads and look to do as their told but as they turn to Brody, he's already stepped down from the machine and walks over to Eric, staring into his eyes, breathing heavy, a true scary sight for an ordinary man but Eric doesn't stand down. Brody shows a slight smirk to signify that he's satisfied and walks off leaving the medical staff to help Voodoo.


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Re: Brody's Pissed Off

Post by C9 Suntan on Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:44 pm

Lmaooooo Hayden "Nope"

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Re: Brody's Pissed Off

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:35 pm

i'd be pissed to if i lost to a tackle

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Re: Brody's Pissed Off

Post by Miztacular on Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:04 am

I like this aggressive side of brody and I look forward to seeing where he goes from here. Good job batman.

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Re: Brody's Pissed Off

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