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Dear Kinzil

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Dear Kinzil

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:41 am

You are a super underrated promoer on the site and when I read that one promo man I came my pants it was so dark and mysterious. It drew me in and I wanted more and you gave me more. That's what I like about you man. You are consistently a great member of this site and you genuinely had me cracking up in that party tonight you are such a comedian bro. Don't beat yourself up all the time bro. You're a great guy, people just need to put in the effort to find that out. Keep your head up and I hope you succeed in life.


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2019 Heel of the Year as KLIQ (Bob Luger)
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2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
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Main Event Star!

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Re: Dear Kinzil

Post by KinZil on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:51 am

You are now Triple H <3

Kendall Wolfe - CMV Hall Of Famer, 1x CMV Undisputed Champion, 2x United States Champion
Levi Marta - 1x United States Champion, 1x CMV Tag Team Champion w/ Troy Voodoo, 1x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion, 1x CMV Hardcore Champion

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