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"1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:52 pm

A camera is in the room capturing as "1 Shot" Leona and Brett Angel have a drink in Dulé Zaire's bar. The place has seen better days, for sure, but it's s also in better shape than it was when the tornado know as 10|EL and Xander Slate swept through here and left it in disarray. Whatever "side-ventures" Zaire was involved in made it...let's call it inconvenient, to go to the authorities and head down the traditional path of getting insurance to pay for the damages. Instead he had, and still has, to pay for things out of pocket.

However, the bar, "The Last Laugh" wasn't necessarily hurting for business, but now in its infamy post battle and now seemingly Angel's new hangout, it's gained a bit of a reputation and is nearly full despite its less-than-ideal appearance. Zaire, tending to bartending duties himself looks at ease and in his element as he smoothly dishes out drinks and checks to patrons having pleasant bits of small talk along the way. He works his way over to the end of the bar where Leona and Angel are conversing with a fan and slides two shot glasses their way.

ZAIRE: On the house.

He says it smiling while Angel takes one of the shotglasses and downs the contents in the blink of an eye. Leona reaches for the other glass, but Angel beats her to the punch, snatching it up and dumping the buring liquid down his throat too. Zaire shakes his head and prepares another glass, this time putting it out of Angel's reach.

ZAIRE: I'm telling you, somewhere along the way repairs became renovations and this shit ain't cheap. Luckily I...

His voice trails off as something over Angel's shoulder and across the room grabs his attention. He squints his eyes to get another look.

ZAIRE: Brandon?


Zaire holds up his hand to prevent Angel from continuing. The camera pans across the room until it shows what Zaire sees: the Black Gael in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth as he sits on the floor with empty bottles around him with the bottle in his hand looking close to joining the others. Zaire sighs as he walks out from behind the bar and tosses his apron in Angel's direction.

ZAIRE: I thought I fixed this...

He can be heard saying that before he's out of earshot.

ANGEL: I really wanted to know who that was, though.

Leona shakes her head, takes the apron from off Angel's lap then begins tying it around her waist while she goes to take Zaire's spot behind the bar.

ANGEL: You think he'd hire a bartender or two.

LEONA: He's waiting until all the repairs are done.

Angel looks around the room.

ANGEL: That'll be awhile.

Leona shrugs, but doesn't respond immediately. She walks away to tend to some customers leaving Angel to help himself to another drink. When she returns, Angel smiles.

LEONA: What?

ANGEL: You've calmed down a little since...

LEONA: Since I punched her in the face after the match.

ANGEL: Some say she still hasn't woken up yet.

LEONA:She tried to rip my arm out of its socket so she could win. She got what she deserved.

Angel reaches down by his feet and picks up a brown envelope. He puts it on the counter then gently nudges it closer to Leona. She eyes it, but goes to tend to some more customers before things here can progress any further.

ANGEL: It's an apology letter.

Angel answers her unasked question, and she responds by crossing her arms.

ANGEL: You don't have to worry about writing it yourself, I already took care of the heavy lifting. It says that you're sorry about the sucker punch, that in that heated, emotional moment, you thought you were world-renowned boxer Brett Angel and couldn't help yourself.

LEONA: You can't be seri--

ANGEL: It goes on to say that you understand that you have a history of these kinds of actions beginning from when you forced Dirty Diana to have facial reconstruction surgery. You realize now that such behavior isn't conductive to a healthy business relationship and that it's having a detrimental effect on your perception and reputation in the wrestling profession. You'll agree to seek help in the hopes that this incident will be the last.

Angel taps the envelope.

ANGEL: All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and the rest will be taken care of.

Leona humors him by picking up the envelope and retreiving the contents from inside of it. The parchment inside isn't even halfway out before she drops it in surprise. It lands on the counter where it's now clear that it's not actually an apology letter.

LEONA: A contract...

Angel remains silent letting her process this all on her own. He reaches out and grabs her trembling hand trying to calm her.

LEONA: Sirona Bay...it's been so long.

ANGEL: It's still home.

LEONA: I wasn't sure they'd take me back. How did you pull this off?

ANGEL: Simple: I'm Brett Angel.

She laughs, still overwhelemd by the emotions of the sudden revelation. It's the shouting from across the room that forces their attention away from the topic at hand.

ZAIRE: Goddamnit, Brandon! You told me...you promised me that you'd stop.

Gael's response is spoken so low that it barely qualifies as a whisper. Instead of repeating himself, Gael rises to his feet and staggers his way over to the door. Zaire grabs him by the arm to stop him.

ZAIRE: I can't let you leave in this condition.

Gael jerks his arm away and the sudden motion causes Zaire to lose both his grip and his balance. In the time it takes him to recollect himself, Gael has already disappeared from view. Zaire shakes his head and begins gathering the empty bottles from off the ground.

ANGEL:...two weeks.

Leona's attention snaps back over to Angel whose soft gaze rests on her.


ANGEL: Your homecoming match is in less than two weeks. All you have to do is sign.

LEONA: How long is this contract for?

ANGEL: For as long as you need.

The words leave Leona breathless, and she distracts herself by once again seeing to it that the customers at the bar are taken care of. When she returns, her eyes are glistening.

ANGEL: You're not gonna get a lot of tips looking like that.

ZAIRE: Here's a tip...

He says while relieving Leona from her temporary job.

ZAIRE:...be careful when sticking your neck out for people.

ANGEL: What was that all about?

LEONA: Long story.

Zaire begins wiping down the counter angrily muttering under his breath. Leona returns to her seat next to Angel and rests her head on his shoulders, eyes scanning the contract as if still trying to convince herself that it's all real.

LEONA: Thank you.

She says it so softly that it doesn't even seem Angel heard her as he converses with Zaire. She smiles and signs her name on the dotted line.

The screen fades.


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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:05 am

The crowd is on their feet applauding, their cheers drowning out the music playing through the speakers. The size of the crowd is humbling, but their warmth is comforting, the venue intimate.

This is the first time Leona has smiled in a while.

The Sirona Bay locals, transplants and tourists are on their feet as this main event battle gave them their money's worth, and then some. They cheer as the referee takes a the arm of the bruised, wounded, yet victorious Leona allowing her to triumphantly raise that arm into the air.

She lowers herself onto a knee near the ropes, taking a few moments to collect herself while also waiting for somebody to hand her a microphone. Once she gets it, she's finding it a little hard to get the words to come out.

She's breathless, both from the way she exerted herself in that thrilling match, and also an uncontrollable response to the reaction she's getting.

"Welcome back!"

"Welcome back!"

"Welcome back!"

It's not the collective voices of a sold-out arena, but it's still an unquantifiable love that's just as moving.

LEONA: Wow, I...I don't know what to say other than thank you. Thank you for welcoming me back. Thank you for the cheers. Thank you for not holding my past actions against me.

She inhales a deep breath to soothe her nervers. She still has to fight to keep from shaking when she tries to stand on her two feet.

LEONA: I walked through the doors with my tail tucked between my legs, afraid to take the next step, but I knew that I had nowhere else to go-'and for some reason coming back home is one of the hardest things I've had to do.

Because coming back so soon means that I've failed.

I swore when I left that I was gonna put Sirona Bay on the map. I was gonna follow in Cyborg's footsteps and take CMV by storm.

It didn't play out like that. Every time I had clawed my way to a bit of success, it was ripped right back out of my hands before I could truly appreciate what I had and what I went through to get her.

The losses and the disappointments started piling up, the wear and tear adding up, the scratches turning into gashes...it was all just too much.

I had to go.

I had to leave.

I have to find a way to become stronger before I can face those women again. Tonight was step in the right direction. For so long it felt like I was running around with a hole inside of me, it it wasn't until I came back here that I found that missing piece and the puzzle fell together.

Her breath gets hitched in her throat as she looks around at the people packed into the building--all eyes on her, ears perked up to catch her every word.

LEONA: But this is a peace that I know won't last.

And if I don't admit that right from the start, then the guilt will weigh me down, and I've got enough on my conscious. Here in Sirona Bay, I've done all that any one woman can. I was there when this show had more empty chairs than people, and I was there when it finally became a staple on the coast.

It's Ferocity where I have unfinished business to tend to. Women that have yet to get a taste of this knee, championships that I haven't yet had the pleasure of winning. The problem is that I can't go back there the woman I was. I need something... something that will give me the edge I've always been lacking.

I can only hope that I find that something here. One thing that I can promise each and every one of you is that for as long as I'm here I will step into this ring and I will fight with everything I've got, just like I did tonight. I will--

The boos come swift and they come with a vengeance as this sultry music flows through the building. The boos are delivered with such a ferocity that it can't just be because this woman is interrupting Leona's moment. Though the fact that she had the gall to do so is telling in its own right.

A voluptuous woman walks into the arena like she owns the place. She smiles wickedly at Leona, completely nonplussed by the reaction that she's getting. The woman opens up her robe to reveal a championship wrapped around her waist. She runs her fingers along the metal, eyes locked on Leona's as a tense staredown ensues. She has to wait a while before the noise dies down enough for her to deem it worth speaking. Her tone is playful, her accent giving everything she says a mischievous undertone.

FROST: Well, well, well... if it isn't the prodigal daughter. Look, everyone! It's Leona! She's back! And she's already talking about leaving us all high and dry...again! Ain't that something? We can't be mad at her, though, because she brought her sob story with her. I guess she had the extra room in her luggage since her accolades didn't take up that much room. I might she'd a tear if I wasn't so worried about smudging my makeup. And trust me darling, unlike you, I care about the way that I look.

LEONA: Jules.

FROST: It's Juliette to you, sweetie. Juliette Frost, in fact, you reigning Sirona Bay World Champion! That's right, "1 Shot", it's a world title, now. A lot has changed since you left all those years ago with visions of grandeur and making it in the big leagues. When you left, I was but a rookie, a wide-eyed star struck girl who didn't know any better but to think that you were a big deal.

Well, I do know better now.

And I know that this company has seen better days with you in the rearview mirror. Why? Because it has me, of course. I'm ten times the woman and the wrestler than you ever were. I'm a better champion than you could have ever hoped to be. As a matter of fact, your timing is impeccable, I must say; if my calendar was correct, we are less than a month away from me beating your record as the longest reigning champion in this company's history.

So I'm gonna be the optimist and see the brightside of you crawling back here. I want my record-breaking title defense to be against you. And then I'll kick your sorry ass to the curb where you belong.

The people here burst into cheers--not only were they just treated to Leona's homecoming match, but now the can say they were in the building when this blockbuster match was announced: Leona taking on this woman who seemingly took over when she left for CMV.

Leona, to her credit, has done what she can to keep her emotion under wraps while the barbs were spoken and mud was flung in her direction, and now she can't help but smile as Frost lays down the challenge.

LEONA: You know, Jules, you had manners when I left. I guess that just goes to show what happens when the spoiled brat who has gotten everything she's ever wanted is left unchecked.

Maybe you are as good as you think are, as you say you are, the fact that you've held that title as long as you have is a testament to that. I know first hand that holding onto that belt is a hell of a lot harder than winning it with the competition around these parts. That said, I didn't come here to chase past glories. I'm not here to coast on my name to skip to the front of the line. When I earn that title shot, and if you still have it, then I'll gladly be the one to beat you for it.

Until then--

FROST: Leona, I'm sorry. I think something must have gotten lost in translation. I'm not asking you; I'm telling you that we will fight. This title will be on the line, and I will destroy you.

I hope you enjoyed tonight, because this is as good as it'll ever get for you.

Frost turns around and begins walking away, not even giving Leona a chance to retort.

FROST: Oh, where are my manners?

Welcome back!

Frost undoes the belt from around her waist so that she can proudly raise it high into the air. The episode ends like this as the screen fades to black.


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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:58 pm

OSIRIS: Ladies and Gentlemen, you know what time it is! It's the man with the plan and the magic hands, the one and only, the real not phony, the artist formerly known as Osiris coming at you LIVE with another fresh episode of New York's hottest sports talk morning show.

Now as some of you may know, I used to wrestle back in the day. And by back in the day, I mean a couple of months ago. Of course you all know the story: I was injured, tralala, yabba dabba doo, I got an offer to host my own show, and it's been going swell so far. That's the ratings talking, not me, by the way.

Anywho, I like to keep up with my old buddies, see what they're up to and catch up from time to time; and if you all remember I told you last week about my girl Leona going back home to Sirona Bay and doing big things. If you didn't catch her match, I won't spoil anything for you...but after she won is when the real party started.

The people laughed, they cheered, some cried, but everyone there seemed happy to have Leona back, even if it's just for a little while. Everyone except Juliette Frost, that is. A beautiful woman, with a bad attitude, who didn't appear to care for Leona...

Some commotion is heard as the radio program continues, what sounds like a door banging against the wall. There's some shouting, a woman's voice.

OSIRIS: And here she is, folks. A little earlier than expected, but...

There's some shuffling going on as someone grabs a set of headphones and puts them on.

FROST: You call that an introduction?

OSIRIS: Well, I didn't quite get to that part.

FROST: I agree with the beautiful part, but bad attitude? According to who?

OSIRIS: Well this outburst isn't really helping your case. I just call it like I see it.

FROST: Well if you ask me, you're a little too close to the story to be choosing sides, if you catch my drift. But that's cool, side with you girl, I expected as much. I knew when I agreed to do this interview that I'd be coming into a hostile environment.

OSIRIS: It wasn't hostile at all until you...

FROST: But it's cool. I'll put up with it if it means getting my story and my side of the events out there.

OSIRIS: What other side is there? You went out there after Leona won her match, belittled her, then forced her into a title match.

FROST: Forced her? She's a grown woman. I didn't make her do anything she wasn't itching to do deep down inside already.

OSIRIS: It didn't seem like "no" was an option from where I was sitting.

FROST: You know why? Because with all the failures Leona has suffered since she left Sirona Bay, coming back and winning this title is all that she has left, and I want to rip that chance of redemption away from her right off the bat so that she understands that she hasn't hit rock bottom yet.

OSIRIS: Why, though? She was only there for a night, you make it seem like you're mortal enemies.

FROST: And that's the problem, Osiris. Everyone feels sorry for her, everyone thinks I'm the bad guy, when that's the furthest thing from the truth. If nothing else, I'm the hero in this story!


FROST: Yes, or heroine if you'd prefer. I'm the one saving my home from an intruder, a traitor. After last week, my social media blew up--from Twitter, to Instagram, hell, if I check my MySpace, I bet I'd find some interesting messages there too. People asking me who I am. Brainwashed Leona fans telling me I have some nerve for daring to force their idol to face the truth. And how sad their lives must be for Leona to be someone they look up to.

How many titles has she won in CMV?

OSIRIS: If I recall correctly, she was a two-time Intercontinental Champion.

FROST: Ah, yes, the prestigious Intercontinental Championship...prestigious now that she no longer holds it. I've taken sh--

Her voice is distorted, and there is some dead air for a few seconds.

OSIRIS: Sorry, Juliette, but I had to hit the dump button. Sadly, we're not on satellite radio, so this is technically a family-friendly program as far as advertisers are concerned.

FROST: But of course, darling. The last thing I'd want to do to cost you your job. What I'm trying to say is that I've taken trips to the bathroom that's lasted longer than little Leona's title runs, so I don't quite understand how she got these people wrapped around her finger. Hasn't she disappointed them enough? Hasn't she made false promises and bored them with her sob stories enough?

OSIRIS: Sometimes life doesn't go as you plan, but whenever she gets knocked down, she gets right back up and keeps fighting. I think it's just something people down on their luck can relate to.

FROST: Oh boo hoo. Maybe she hasn't made it because she can't cut it. Because she's not good enough. That's why I got so annoyed when people had the nerve to go online and ask me who I was. I am the reason she has a Sirona Bay to come back to in the first place!

OSIRIS: What exactly did you do for the company?

FROST: What didn't I do is the better question, because I did damn near everything. I can say damn, right?

OSIRIS: You sure can.

FROST: I was the face of the company when Leona left. I put on matches that got the company buzz, recruited some of the biggest free agents, helped with advertising and social media, got the company to do business overseas making the Sirona Bay Championship a World Title, and a bunch of other little things that I could go on for days talking about.

OSIRIS: And what you've done for the company is amazing, I wouldn't dare take that away from you, but you can't just erase the efforts of Leona and the other women who came before you.

FROST: I've already erased it, don't you see? Everything they've done, everything they were is all but a distant memory. That's just the way history works. All that's left is to secure the record for longest reigning World Champion, and Leona's legacy will be totally gone allowing Sirona Bay to complete its transition to a new Era.

OSIRIS: And you really think beating her will be as easy as you say?

FROST: I don't say things I don't mean, and I'm not a liar. I'll admit that she's lot so shabby in the ring for an old-timer, but I'm a cut above the rest. That's why I've been so dominant. That's why I have no equals. You may not want to hear this about an old friend: but she is nothing compared to me, and I am going to decimate her when we get into that ring.

OSIRIS: I just can't wrap my head around why you're out for blood? Shouldn't you be happy one of your own tried to make it on a bigger stage? Isn't that something you'd want for yourself?

FROST: Of course the end game is to go to Ferocity and dominate and salvage the reputation of wrestlers from Sirona Bay, but unlike Leona, I'm going to make sure I've done all that there is to do here, first. And, unlike her, I'm not going to leave the company on rocky grounds. I'm doing things the right way, on my own time.

OSIRIS: Forgive me for speaking out of turn, but it almost seems like you're a little hesitant to take that next step.

FROST: You're damn right you're speaking out of turn. How dare you? I'm not scared of anyone or anything. I could be in Ferocity right now if I wanted.

OSIRIS: I just can't help but notice that you're not.

FROST: You think I'm gonna just up and leave while I'm champion? I've got responsibilities and obligations to Sirona Bay.

OSIRIS: So if Leona were to beat for the title, you'd consider moving on?

FROST: She's not going to beat me.

OSIRIS: But I'm just saying if she did...


OSIRIS: Anything can happen on any day.

FROST: This interview is over.

OSIRIS: Come on, now...

FROST: Have a lovely day, darling.

There's a loud bang when she slams the headphones on the desk and storms off. Osiris takes a deep breath.

OSIRIS: That's...well, that went better than I thought it would, folks. We're gonna head to a quick commercial break to make the advertisers happy, and when we come back we'll have a little chat about how they don't think it be how it is, but it due. This is Osiris, y'all. Stay tuned.


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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Miztacular on Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:01 pm

I'd watch this show on a weekly basis

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

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