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"1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:17 am

An unsettling silence falls over the crowd as they watch as the two women in orange lie on top of each other, the erratic rising and falling of their chests being the only indication that they're even alive.

It's a stark contrast to the way things were a minute before.

A minute before, this passionate crowd was all on their feet cheering, completely overjoyed that the victory of the reunited 'Wardens of the Bay' meant almost two months, per the stipulation of the match, without 'HOLA' running roughshod on Sirona Bay in the name of World Champion Juliette Frost.

Leona and LUCIE stand side by side, looking down at their handiwork, no smiles on their faces, no indication that they're proud of what they've done--only the feeling that they did what had to be done.

LUCIE places a hand on Leona's shoulder, bringing her sister back to reality then together they make their way around the ring toward the ramp. By the time they make it to the stag area, Lady DeVeaux, the showrunner, is waiting while medical personnel stream by on either side of her. She's standing there, furious, arms crossed, lips pressed into a thin line, showing an incredible display of willpower to not deal with this publicly.

LUCIE walks by intentionally brushing shoulders with DeVeaux while Leona pauses to make eye-contact with her boss. Despite everything they've endured in that match, it seems the worst is yet to come.

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:59 am

DEVEAUX: So who wants to be brave and tell me what the fuck that was about?

Sirona Bay Wrestling's showrunner is consumed by such a raw, unadulterated fury, that she can't even manage to sit. Instead, Lady DeVeaux stands there with her arms crossed, a piercing, intimidating glare set on both Leona and LUCIE.

DEVEAUX: No takers, huh? Well that's fine. I'll gladly do the talking. What you two pulled was out of line, the stipulation of the match was more than enough to deal with HOLA.

LUCIE: A few weeks paid vacation in response to years of what this company has been through? That stipulation was a slap on the wrist.

DEVEAUX: It doesn't matter what you think. What matters is that I run things here. I makes the rules. And I always see to it that those rules are followed to the letter

LUCIE: And did they get chewed out like we are? No, right? Cause them and Frost were far too valuable to the company to risk upsetting.

DEVEAUX: You are out of line. Frost is on thin ice, and she knows it.

LUCIE: How many times have you patched up the cracks in that ice to keep her from falling through?

DEVEAUX: Enough!

LUCIE: The company's golden girl who can do no wrong despite the bodies she's left in her wake. How many more people will she have to take out before you wake up and see that she's no good for this place?

DEVEAUX: Despite everything she may or may not have done, it's nothing compared to what you both did to those two women. The doctor's are talking about emergency. The early prognosis is that it'll be weeks before they get feeling back in their extremities much less walk again.

LEONA: Maybe you're right and we took things a little too far, but I've been back less than a year and I could already see how oppressive things have been in the locker room. Their are women dying for a sliver of a chance to make something of themselves, but Frost has such a strangle hold over everything that their cries go unheard.

DEVEAUX: And you've been gone a lot longer than that, so maybe you forgot while you were playing big-time wrestler, but we do not condone vigilantism here. Just because you think one or two women haven't gotten their fair shake--

LEONA: It's a lot more than one or two, and you know it.

DEVEAUX: --does not mean you and your sidekick can go out and play hero as you see fit. All bad blood is handled inside of the ring between the bells, not before and certainly not after.

LUCIE: So that's it? We're the bad guys because we finally decided to do something about that reign of tyranny while you twiddle your thumbs?

DEVEAUX: Excuse me? I've given girl and girl here a shot at Juliette Frost, each one knew what she was about, they all knew exactly what she would try to pull, yet not one of them wizened up to do something about it. There's such a undercurrent of selfishness, of women only being concerned about their own cries not being answered that they watch as their collegues get knocked down one by one not even caring if they end up being the next domino to fall.

No matter how I may feel about Frost and her antics, I gave people more than enough opportunities to defeat her for that championship. I had high hopes that you two would join forces long enough to get HOLA out of the picture for the foreseeable future, but then you crossed a line, and I just can't ignore that.

It was going to be a Fatal 4 Way match with that championship on the line, featuring three women who had a legitimate claim for a title match. Tailcoat Val is finally invoking her rematch clause; Isabella, you never made it to the title match because of HOLA; and Leona, your championship match never came to a proper conclusion. But now it's going to be a triple threat, and you two are going to have a match to determine who will fill that final slot.

LUCIE: That's bullshit, and you know it.

DEVEAUX: And what exactly are you going to do about it? If you want to forfeit your spot, speak now.

LUCIE screams out in frustration before turning on her heels and exiting the room.

DEVEAUX: And you, Leona? Any issues with my decision?

For a long time, their gazes are locked onto the other's. And even though her response is written on her face, the equivalent of a billboard in its subtlely, Leona says nothing more. With one last look back at DeVeaux, she goes to look for LUCIE.

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:50 am

Leona and LUCIE are taking a breather in the locker room after taking part in a Sirona Bay Wrestling mini event. Leona is sitting on a bench sipping on a coffee while LUCIE paces back and forth.

LUCIE: So what's the lovely lady getting at? She trying to drive a wedge between us or something?

Leona takes another drink from her cup.

LEONA: Maybe.

LUCIE: You don't get it, Lee. You've only had to deal with this for a month of two. Imagine years of this. Years of playing second fiddle, of being made to feel like you aren't good enough because the darling has everyone wrapped around her little finger.

LEONA: I've dealt with it plenty. Different names and places; that's all it is.

LUCIE: You were just a guest in CMV; this is your home, and I know it's eating away at you to see what Sirona Bay is becoming...and what it already is.

You know something, though? I don't regret what I did one bit. I just hate that we're the bad guys for finally showing Miss Frost that there's gonna be hell to pay for everything she's done.

Leona closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath.

LEONA: Lady DeVeaux just wanted to do things by the book. We made the mess and now she has to clean it up.

LUCIE: Good. No, great. Fuck her if she doesn't want to see that we did her a favor. Doing things by the book is what brought us to this point in the first place. Frost got to where she was by manipulating the system until she was practically invincible.

LEONA: And now we've shown that she can bleed.

A wicked smile plays on LUCIE's lips.

LUCIE: Yeah...I bet she's scared now. In just a little over a month, her title reign is gonna come to a satisfying end.

LEONA: She won't go down easily.

LUCIE: The more she kicks and screams on the way down, the more it'll be.

LEONA: Plus Val will be in the match too--another body to keep track of.

LUCIE: Oh, I've fought her enough times to know her like the back of my hand. She won't be a problem, trust me.

LEONA: Assuming you make it to the match, of course.

LUCIE: Of course.

LUCIE turns around to face Leona, still smiling.

LUCIE: Though, if my math is correct, I'm leading in the all-time series between us, aren't I?

LEONA: Things were different back then, Izzie.

LUCIE: True...I've learned a lot more since then.

LEONA: Probably from watching me.

LUCIE: You'll just have to wait and see, won't you?

LEONA: I think we should make it a little more interesting. Lady DeVeaux thinks she's punishing us by having us wrestle each other, so let's go out there and steal the show while we're at it. How does two outta three falls sound?

LUCIE: Sounds like I'll be going for the clean two-oh sweep.

LEONA: The usual bet?

LUCIE: Loser does the other's laundry for a week? I have a new favorite detergent, by the way.

LEONA: That's nice; make sure you have enough.

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:03 am

Old Rivalry Breathes New Life into Sirona Bay
By: Julio Guerrero

This match isn't big enough for the both of them.

Next week, "1 Shot" Leona and "La Última Cazadora" [The Last Huntress] Isabella Endulza, or LUCIE, will battle in a first to two falls clash to determine who will take the final spot in next month's triple threat Sirona Bay Championship match.

Show this picture to a Sirona Bay Wrestling fan five years ago, and it would  make their heads explode.
(Photo courtesy Sirona Bay Wrestling)

The bout, already featuring returning antihero Tailcoat Val and, of course, the Sirona Bay Champion Juliette Frost in the midst of her record-setting reign, was originally scheduled to be a fatal four way. However, just as all the marketing materials say, things are subject to change.

Leona and LUCIE viciously attacked twin sisters Lily and Greta who comprised HOLA--simultaneously mocking HALO, Leona's old stable, and LUCIE's Hispanic heritage-- sidelining them for the foreseeable future. While long-time Sirona Bay fans felt justice was served, as HOLA tormented the company for years working as the right and left hands of Frost, Sirona Bay showrunner Lady DeVeaux likened Leona and LUCIE's "reprehensible methods" to vigilantism fearing that their beatdown would set an unwanted precedent.

Spoiler alert: This hurt.
(Photo courtesy Sirona Bay Wrestling)

As punishment, the Wardens of Sirona Bay find the revival of their tag team short-lived now that they've been pitted to fight for that remaining spot. This effectively reignites the rivalry that set them on the path to becoming best friends.

A tandem born of a mutual respect, at least once the dust settled, this duo set the bar for what women's wrestling should and could be. Then they raised it in subsequent encounters until the Sirona Bay Wrestling crowd were guaranteed classic matches every time Leona and LUCIE wrestled.

In the beginning, there were three.

Casey J. Havret; Leona Aldridge; Keiko Yokana; These were the women, who upon Sirona Bay Wrestling's inception, distanced themselves from their peers as exceptionally talented wrestlers. They shone at a time when the company desperately needed that light for guidance during its growing pains. Through the efforts of these women, endearingly dubbed the "Three Pillars" by fans, Sirona Bay Wrestling was able to gain traction and soon establish itself as a powerhouse and a mainstay in the community once it eventually outlived its competition. The buzz the company generated exponentially increased after every show and inevitably made it one of the more attractive destinations for some of the most promising prospects in women's wrestling.

Even with a name change, Havret brought her unique energy to CMV, charming the hearts of its fanbase.
(Photo courtesy CMV Wrestling)

One of those free agents was Sweet Izzie, a firecracker who seemed to invent new, gravity-defying, jaw-dropping moves on the fly. She was at the time, and arguably still today, an unrivaled athlete even by her male counterparts. She flipped and twisted with ease, at times gracefully soaring through the sky as though she had wings. Her immediate impact led to her being called the unofficial Fourth Pillar, though the subject can often be a point of contention for the company's passionate fanbase. If Sirona Bay Wrestling was on the cusp of breaking through before she was hired, it was the spectacle of watching a young LUCIE wrestle that provided the gunpowder for Sirona Bay Wrestling's eventual explosion in prominence.

The strife between LUCIE and Leona is what lit the match.

It began as a simple miscommunication--Leona genuinely wanting to welcome LUCIE into the company and having her intentions misconstrued as a wily vet’s mindgames. Heated words, fueled by pride and incorrigible competitive spirits, led to ferocious blows that birthed one of the hottest rivalries in Sirona Bay Wrestling's history. The company had seen grudge matches before, sure, but never anything on a level like that. Each match was bloody and brutal, and almost every single one came with the guarantee that either one or both of them would wind up in the hospital. They fought until simply inhaling a breath became a game of Russian roulette where they could either get that sweet air or be incapacitated by stabbing coughing fits.

It all came to a head in their final, and arguably most memorable encounter to date: a steel cage match. For thirty minutes they pushed themselves to their very limits, exhausting every energy reserve, their pain threshold fading in their rearview mirrors. It was a 450 splash off the top of the cage by LUCIE that put Leona away once and for fall emphatically snapping the book of their rivalry shut.

Yokana left a mark on the company that has endured since her passing. Night after night she put fear in the hearts of her foes with her devastating strikes; the most infamous of which, a rolling savate, was later adopted by Havret when she left the company.
(Photo courtesy Sirona Bay Wrestling)

From the ashes of their war, their friendship was born. Who else could they trust to watch their back than someone who never shied away from bringing trouble right to their doorstep? The Wardens of Sirona Bay formed ushering a turn in their careers when Leona and Izzie became "1 Shot" and "La Última Cazadora" respectively. It was a successful partnership that lasted until Leona left with Havret to form HALO in CMV. It still remains unclear why LUCIE chose to stay behind.

Whatever her reasoning, she held down the fort on her own, the last of the Four Pillars. Unfortunately, she received criticism for losing a step in Leona's absence, and many of Sirona Bay Wrestling's faithful blame LUCIE's apathy for the tyrannical rise of the viciously ambitious Juliette Frost.

The rest is history.

Though there’s a caveat. In all her years in the company, LUCIE still hasn't captured Sirona Bay Wrestling's grandest prize, while Leona has done so on three separate occasions. If she could dig down deep and tap into the Sweet Izzie of old, this could be one of the best chances she’s had in these years to win the title now that Frost is vulnerable with HOLA out of the picture. However, Leona is also looking to turn back the hands of time after her failed stint in CMV; a title win would prove to everyone, especially herself, that she still has it.

They both have so much to prove; but only one can win. If nothing else, hopefully their friendship means that this time around they can skip the hospital stay.

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon May 07, 2018 3:46 pm

The crowd hasn't sat down for what felt like the majority of the match, and now that it's over they're already got half of the standing ovation down, so they get right to clapping and cheering as loudly as they can. From bell to bell, these two warriors tore into each other in a way that only friends can, showing the newer Sirona Bay Wrestling fans, and reminding the older ones, why their rivalry was a watershed moment, if not era, in the company's history--with a little help from Juliette Frost and Tailcoat Val via their interference.

Leona and LUCIE lay there on the mat, exhausted and spent, hurting and bruised. Leona is finally able to peel herself off the mat so that the referee can raise her arm into the air, while she uses her other over to hug her stomach. She looks down at LUCIE, once a bitter rival, now her closest friend then helps her up to their feet.

For a second it looks like the bad blood and tension has returned as they simply stare each other down. The roaring crowd makes it difficult to pick up exactly what they're saying to each other, even in such a small venue. LUCIE can just barely be heard saying, "You better make sure that bitch doesn't leave with that title," before pulling Leona in for the hug.

They stand like that for a while, both out of compassion and respect for each other but also as a way to literally hold each other up in their fatigued state. They help each other out of the ring, then make the walk to the back together.

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Re: "1 Shot" Leona || The Journey

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