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I'll Show You the KEY!

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I'll Show You the KEY!

Post by Mr. Dashing on Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:40 pm

It is during CMV's off season, a nice and very much deserved two week break for every superstar that competes and busts their asses nearly all year around to put on some amazing performances. The CMV performance center is still very much active however, with superstars and Vixens from all over CMV, UnMatched, Ferocity, Fusion and even the new and improved NGW has it's share of representatives here. Every single one of them seems to be utilizing their vacation to only grow stronger, faster and more agile, some working on the machines, a few running around the track and a handful lounging around in the cafeteria catching a quick five minute breather. That's where Shiloh Gray is, having just run his ass of for twenty minutes on the treadmill, putting his knee to the test, he now sits back in a comfortable looking plush chair, eating a ripe banana and cooling himself off underneath the AC unit. But his relaxation is abruptly brought to an end when he opens his eyes to see a new face hovering above him, the man dawning an almost disgusted look as he scoffs and then makes his way towards the gym portion of the center. Gray, obviously confused in this situation, calls after this unknown superstar, getting up out of his chair and taking a few steps forward while doing so.

Hey, buddy, is there a problem?

The man stops dead in his tracks, dropping the gym bag that was wrapped around his left shoulder and turning to face Shiloh, his snide grin seen through his brown, bushy goatee.

Actually, yeah, there is ... You ...

Shiloh raises both of his eyebrows, standing behind the kitchen island snacking on a pear is Ferocity's own Dawn Bryan, who let's out a quick and quiet, "Oh boy ..." Also filling the room is UnMatched's Leo Cruz and from Genesis, Imaginary Friends, all of them now with laser focus towards this brewing confrontation.

What the- WHO are you?

A chuckle escapes this ominous figure, he now is fully turned facing Shiloh, and with a lick of his lips he responds to the question with authority.

My name is Archer Vaugn, the newest addition to Monday night Fusion, and the man who is going to dismember you in his debut.

Gray nods his head and lets flow a, "Ahhh" realizing now just who he's dealing with Gray steps up and pats Archer on the shoulder.

Right, we're going one on one on the Fusion season premiere ... Welcome to CMV, pal-

Shiloh's hand is slapped away with haste, Vaugn, with the face of someone who you'd think was just told how sausage is made.

Don't you touch me you insignificant worm. When I heard that'd I'd be facing you in my first ever match here in CMV I was disheartened to say the very least. You're no where even near my skill level, and despite my numerous attempts to try and get a more suitable opponent, I'm somehow stuck with you.

"Damn, homie!" exclaims Cruz, Freddy Osbourne punching him on the shoulder to shut him up. Shiloh does all that he can do and breaths in, cocking his head to the side with a half smile.

Ah, you're one of those guys, huh?

Archer smirks.

If by, "one of those guys" you mean the future of this company, the hottest acquisition that Fusion has ever made and YOUR worst nightmare ... Absolutely.

Shiloh can't help but to laugh a little.

Right, I'm sorry to laugh it's just that, well, I've faced a million guys just like you before, and trust me, you're nothing special. But good luck, kid, you'll surely need it if this is how you plan on carrying yourself around here.

Archer releases a sigh and decides to get in close and personal with Gray, nose to nose he flashes a sinister grin.

Trust me when I tell you that there is nobody else quite like I, because I know the key to success, and I'll share it with you real soon ...

He smiles big, and with a closed-mouth laugh he exits the room, leaving Shiloh to tilt his head up as Dawn puts her hand to his back and the scene fades to black.

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