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How Far Would You Go For Lovve?

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How Far Would You Go For Lovve?

Post by Maurie on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:38 am

An establishing Pay Per View win from Rockell Lovve sees her as the victor over Audrey Hope tonight on Climb 2 Fame. Rockell celebrates after reigning over her rival with another scene of her standing over Audrey.

Rockell snatches a handful of Audrey’s hair from her bun. She yells at the timekeeper and gets handed a microphone. Breathing heavy, she speaks while holding Audrey up by her hair.


Rockell screams. Nobody understands whose attention she wants. But she continues her desperate attempt at getting it.

Rockell tosses Audrey out of the ring. She drags her halfway up the ramp before planting her with the Headscissors DDT. She looks around. Still nothing. She walks back to the ring. Out of frustration, she starts to slap the ring apron and kick at the ring skirt. She gets an idea. An ear to ear grin appears on her face. She goes under the ring to pull out a table. She twirls the ends of her hair and decides to bring another one out. Rockell drags the two tables along with her to the top of the stage. Rockell stacks them on top of each other and pulls out that microphone from earlier.

You want to play hard to get? You think you can play me? You think you can LEAVE me?! You either come out here now, or the blood and broken bones of this girl will be on your hands.

Rockell drops the microphone and turns around right into a superkick by Audrey Hope. Audrey falls to her knees from exhaustion. That resilient kick took a lot to deal. Rockell gets back up slowly. As soon as Audrey spots her getting back up she lifts her onto her shoulders for that running powerbomb. Rockell leaps over Audrey’s head and ducks a clothesline to run away. There’s nowhere to run though. The tables block the exit near the titantron and Audrey blocks the ramp. Audrey goes in for another superkick,but it misses when Rockell flinches out of the way and falls back onto one of the minitrons. Rockell starts to climb up and Audrey follows. Rockell tries kicking her down and they both continue to climb.

They reach the top of the titantron. Rockell starts to hammer away at Audrey while she tries to climb up, but Audrey meets her with a headbutt to daze her. Both of them are on top of the titantron battling. Rockell kicks Audrey in the knee, making her slip off the titantron, but she hangs on with the one arm. Rockell stomps on her fingers. The fear of falling from this high keeps Audrey from slipping off. She gets back to the top, powering through all of Rockell’s attacks. Rockell grabs her by the hair and looks down at th floor below.

STOP! You don’t need to do this. You have my attention.

The audience looks around for who the voice is coming from.

Let her go, PLEASE!

I want more than just attention!

Rockell screams. Everyone in the Climb 2 Fame arena waits for answers. Just as Rockell yanks back at Audrey’s hair-

Maurice Fisher III

Of all people, Maurice, The Angel of Intensity, is who Rockell wanted the attention from. Rockell releases her grip on Audrey’s hair and starts to form a shocked smile.

That shocked smile is enough to render Rockell frozen in place. She’s oblivious to Audrey beside her still conscious. Audrey goes to throw Rockell off, but Rockell holds onto her arms. They both come crashing down from the titantron. Onto Maurice and the stacked tables set up earlier. Splinters and chunks of wood go flying everywhere. Pure demolition and chaos surrounds the three bodies laid out on the stage. 

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