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"The Angel of Intensity" Maurice Fisher III

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"The Angel of Intensity" Maurice Fisher III

Post by Maurie on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:55 am

The Angel of Intensity has a slight delay in his entrance. After some time he makes his way down omto the stage. He’s supported by a crutch along with some visible stitches on his lip and a neck brace. The beatdown from Brody Helick weeks ago had done more damaged than Maurice could’ve talked himself out of. Maurice gives the stink eye to fans on the way down the ramp at Climb 2 Fame before struggling to get between the ropes and into the ring.

MAURICE: I am the Angel of Intensity, Maurice Fisher III. The man with so much potential that was never given a chance.

The crowd laughs at how destroyed and fragile Maurice looks.

MAURICE:You can all go ahead and laugh all you want, but this is the image of a warrior. Who else do you see back there diving headfirst into hell like me? My longevity is fucked, but hey, you were entertained right? Because that’s what matters huh? I can jump from a skyscraper and as long as you’re happy about that $80 ticket it’s okay right? That’s disgusting to me. You want me to slowly die so you feel better about paying for this shitty show? You know why the show is shit? Because I’m nowhere near the main event or even a title match. So it seems like you’re all paying for for mediocre flippy, ground and pound, or mega submission practitioners. You know who could do all of that? Me! I’m the greatest all-around wrestler on the roster. Once these brands become one, I’m launching straight towards that World Title.     

Maurice takes in the “boos” from the crowd he sees as undeserving of his presence.

MAURICE: I'm sorry, are you finding me, unsatisfying? I apologize for not pandering to the filth of this city or to either of the bastards wanting to be GM. This is my show right now.  So you can take your Markos, your DSDs, your Haydens, and so on. Take this Angel that’s standing before you and realize this is all you’ve got. You’re laughing now, but until you get another Brett Angel return, you’ll boo anything close to greatness. So I’ll give you ONE last chance to follow me in saying my line, or I’m not leaving this ring. I am the Angel of-   

A booming cheer threatens to blast the arena’s roof straight up into the atmosphere!

ANGEL:I am...

Just like old times, that’s all Angel has to say before the crowd takes the baton from him and finishes the lap. They cheer themselves when they’re done. They cheer for Angel as he stands there. They’re just so happy and enthused that they don’t know what to do with themselves at the moment.

ANGEL:The Angel of Intensity...it has a bit of a ring to it. I’ve had fans before, but there’s something about a man so obsessed with me that you’ve gone and tried to become the new me.

He begins walking down the ramp.

ANGEL:And really, I’m not out here because I’m mad. Truly. Keep doing what you’re doing. Whatever it takes to make a name for yourself, right? Even if it’s on the back of somebody else’s hard work. It’s all semantics, though. What I really wanted to do is announce to the entire world right here live on Climb to Fame that Brett Angel is...

He leaves the end of his sentence hanging in the air as he steps between the ropes and enters the ring.

ANGEL:...well, Brett Angel is rearing to go. And it’s merely a coincidence that you also happened to be out here the same exact moment that. For a moment, I genuinely believed that it was all over for me. Today, my arm, while it still tingles every now and again, is going to be as healthy as it ever is.

Angel takes a moment to size Fisher up before he continues.

ANGEL:And the first order of business is getting up close and personal with the man trying so hard to fit into my shoes. It ain’t as easy or glamorous as I may make it look. Being Brett Angel comes with a lot of baggage and most of it isn’t worth the stress of carrying. You’ve been around long enough, and what do you have for yourself so far? What can you say you’ve accomplished that’s made the pain and the bruises worth it? There’s a bit of a catch-22 going on because I can understand why to imitate Brett Angel, but I’ve become the man I am by forging my own way. The Angel of Intensity may have his wings clipped.  

Maurices’ eyes widen and his jaw drops while standing inches away from the original Angel. Maurice knew this would happen, but not this soon or while he was in this state. That surprised look turned to bitterness once Angel’s words has hit him

MAURICE:My wings are gonna get clipped? As far as I can see you’ve never earned yours. I’ve been up here holding it down. I’m coming out here even in this state, on a Pay Per View where I should be competing like the legend I am. So Mr. Angel let me kindly suggest you step aside because it seems like, vintage Angel, you want the spotlight of nostalgia. Notice this was never the reaction you got without the returns and the debuts. Once you become a weekly timeslot again, your whole schtick will become as stale, repetitive, and boring as you’ve been for the past years. Not to mention the rest of Halo as well. By the way, how are they doing without your little piggyback to the top?   

Angel chuckles as he takes a step toward Maurice.

ANGEL:Since you were so kind to ask, they’ve all found careers outside of wrestling, and if you want some tips on that, considering how things have been going for you, then I’ll be happy to speak to you in private to help guide you. Though, I’ll happily step aside and let you continue, whatever it is you’ve been doing. I just wanted to let you know that what you’ve been doing hasn’t gone unnoticed. And if it so comes to it...if it becomes a matter of defending my legacy...then I won’t hesitate to.

MAURICE: Maybe Rey Furioso did a bit more than just damage to your arm. I’m in no shape for throwing hands tonight. But you’re a tempting one. One of these days you’ll be walking out of here for good, and on that day I will be laughing my ass off while looking at your pathetic career be summed up as, “meh.” You’re nothing special. I’m not imitating you, I’m mocking you.

ANGEL:Time and a place, my boy…

Angel leaves Fisher in the ring, and walks up the ramp to the stage where “1 Shot” Leona meets him. She blows as kiss in Fisher’s direction as Angel places an arm around her and the two walk off. 

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Re: "The Angel of Intensity" Maurice Fisher III

Post by C9 Alveuss on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:37 am

So what, is the M in Maurice's third speech paragraph not good enough to be blue no? Where's your consistency Maurie I trusted you.


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