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CAW BIO: Cassie Maverick (Updated as of Cause & Effect)

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CAW BIO: Cassie Maverick (Updated as of Cause & Effect)

Post by Road Warrior Rage on Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:23 pm

Real name: Cassie Maverick
Ring name: Cassie
D.O.B: Unknown but she appears to be in her early 20's
Weight: 155
Height: 5'5
Hometown: West Virginia
EARLY LIFE: Not much in known about this newcomer to the vixen's division. Nothing other than she has attracted the ire of her brother who calls himself FEAR. He had been following her to in order to claim something that she has. An Amulet of some dark unspeakable power. Cassie had made some allies such as the Family and Fury to help protect herself from FEAR's wrath. However, Fury had recently turned on Cassie and joined the Unholy Alliance. The deal was to take Cassie's Vixen's Championship in exchange for the Amulet. The plan had worked and now Cassie worries that be brother will now restore his youth and force her to travel back with him. For now, she stays close to Family hoping that somehow, FEAR won't be able to reach her.
ACCOLADES: 2 time CMV Vixens Champion
ALLIES: The Family
FINISHERS: Cassie's Clash and the Cunt Punt
INTENTION: To elude and drive off FEAR. She had gotten a taste of the glory of the Vixen's Championship and has made her intentions clear that she wants to win it again in the future.

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