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CAW BIO: FEAR (Updated as of Cause & Effect)

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CAW BIO: FEAR (Updated as of Cause & Effect)

Post by Road Warrior Rage on Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:01 pm

Real name: Bill Maverick
Ring name: FEAR
D.O.B: Unknown but he appears to be in his mid 40's to 50's
Weight: 225
Height: 6'5
Hometown: Forth Worth, Texas
EARLY LIFE: His early life is unknown, but the man known as FEAR appears to be trapped in the past. Either he dresses the way he does out of tradition or perhaps something more. He's pursued a newly arrived vixen by the name of Cassie Maverick. The details of their relationship remains a mystery other than their siblings and she stole an amulet he greatly desires to have back. Since arriving in CMV, FEAR has shown that he's absolutely ruthless when it comes to harming those who done him wrong and attacking anyone who stands in his way without pity nor mercy. Since Cassie Maverick had formed an alliance with Fury and the Family, FEAR has taken it upon himself to tear down the protective wall Cassie had built around herself to shield her from FEAR. Now he intend to tear it down brick by brink by crippling her allies. Since then, there was a bloody and brutal war between FEAR's Unholy Alliance and the Family which the Family had over much hardship won. However, their victory was a shallow one after Fury agreed to temporary partnership with FEAR and has recently, given him the amulet...
ALLIES:  Darrell Richards, Aura, Emma Washington (Unholy Alliance)
ENEMIES: Cassie Maverick, The Family, Grid
FINISHERS: Six Feet Under (Diving Crossbody), Final Nail in the Coffin (Brainbuster)
INTENTION: Crush his enemies and shape the world as he sees fit.

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