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MexiTan || Leyendas in the Making

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Re: MexiTan || Leyendas in the Making

Post by Red Chocolate on Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:51 pm

The incomparable duo of Akane and Cruz, the beloved, unequaled, bright light in a dark world, lovingly called MexiTan are regrouping after their match.

This tandem has seen some ups and downs, they've been through the ringer, but their bond has never been stronger as they continue facing this cold, cruel world, but doing so with the knowledge that they can stand tall because the other has their back.

It's a brotherhood, really. A bond far from tenuous that was born of a mutual respect and shared hunger to become forces in this company.

They check on each other, ensuring that any wound is survivable, that any cut or scrape is something they can use to become stronger. Together, with the rapturous applause and incredible support from the crowd, MexiTan make their way out of the ring.

But they stop and take a look around.

Who else gets a reception like this? Who else is so loved and adored by these people to the point that no win or loss can change the collective's opinion on the team?

As champions, their popularity soared, they became the faces of a division, they became top dogs, they became heroes. And as they stand here without their tag team championships, looking a little naked without them, their popularity has barely dipped, the CMV Universe is more behind them than ever before.

Whether MexiTan chooses to invoke their rematch clause for those tag titles or whether they try at bringing singles titles home, any endeavor will be 100% supported and encouraged. All these people want is for MexiTan to find success, no matter which path they choose to take.

Realizing this, soaking in how they're still on top of the world, Akane and Cruz and reciprocate this love. With the show on commercial break, they have a little time to sign some autographs and take some pictures. The children smile, parents are grateful, even the too-school-for-cool teens scramble to be noticed by this iconic pairing.

That's when they appear.

MexiTan realizes what's happened without needing to visually confirm it.

They mood, the vibe in the building immediately changes. The cheering, vibrant crowd become dead-silent, that silence broken up by the occasional murmur.

It's like the wind is sucked out of the room.

It's like when your mother comes home after getting a call from the teacher.

It's like when Marco Punish enters the room but you already attacked Brett Angel for no reason.

This marks the moment when nothing but bad things happen.

These two hulking figures, still silhouettes because Gumble hasn't made them, stand shoulder to shoulder on the stage.

Wordlessly they're able to attain a menacing aura, their threat clear by their mere presence:

They're out to finish what they started.

They begin marching down the ramp, and it's almost as if the building rattles and the earth shakes with every determined step that they take. Midway down the ramp, a voice halts them in their tracks.

I think that's about enough.

Cole Savage steps through the curtain, without his usual music and pageantry. He looks annoyed, but not confused, and even as the crowd give him an ovation, he doesn't acknowledge it and encourage it like he usually would.

When I hired you two, it was to use as a last resort. It was so that you could utterly destroy and decimate someone to the point where they were ERASED from the face of this earth!

You two are mercenaries, hired thugs who do what I tell you to, when I tell you to do it. You two work for me, and I don't EVER want you to forget that!

Look, I'm a reasonable man, and I can understand how you could be getting a little antsy. I can forgive that the itch on your trigger fingers is getting to be too irritating to ignore. You've been on the sidelines ever since the inception of the Friends of Cole Savage. This force in the shadows, the bringers of destruction that no one who ever crossed paths with me knew they were in danger of dealing with. The unknown, unknown.

Contrary to what everyone may think about me, there's a small part of me with a conscience. Trust me, it's there if you look hard enough. Even I forget about it sometimes. I knew that calling on you would be the point of no return, and I needed to make sure those people HAD to be eradicated before I made that decision.

I could have called on you to deal with DSD, but Cyborg wanted to deal with him on his own. I could have called on you to deal with Schmidty, but it would have meant nothing if he fell by anyone's hands but my own. I could have called on you to deal with Elijah Stewart, but he didn't need help digging his grave.

In hindsight, maybe I should have made the call, imagine how differently all of that would have played out. But the past is the past and all that matters is what you've been trying to pull lately.

You've gone rogue. You've turned your backs on me, and you think it'll be easy. That there won't be any repercussions.

You're wrong.

In the time since you first appeared, I haven't been sitting on my hands praying for some divine intervention. I've been researching, digging for information, doing what I do best to figure out how you could be so STUPID as to think you could mess with my investments.

Too much time has passed. At this point, I don't care about the "whys"; your motivations are of no concern to me. I only care that you had the audacity to do it in the first place. It doesn't matter to me why this started, only that it's time to end this.


The silhouettes take a step toward Savage, and as stupid as it may be, Savage stands his ground.

The first silhouette, the taller, thinner man, shouts, "We didn't betray you."

The second, heavy-set fellow, follows up with, "You just got out bid."

That revelation catches Savage off-guard enough that he isn't able to react to their attack quickly enough. Skinny knocks Savage to the ground with a headbutt. As the two tower over his body, MexiTan springs into action. Cruz strikes Heavy in the back with a big swing of a steel chair, while Akane mirrors him, only he's armed with a pipe.

So these monsters feel pain.


But as they turn around, the unfortunate reality is that that ambush wasn't enough. MexiTan presses the offense even more, unleashing as much damage as they can with their weapons, but it's not enough. The monsters retaliate and synchronized punches that knock the weapons out of Cruz' and Akane's hands as they stagger backward.

Just like that the turntables...

Skinny nails Cruz with another punch, a vicious hook that knocks the pride of Mexico to the ground. Realizing that he's in even more danger down there, Cruz does the only thing he can do from down there: scrambles underneath the ring. Good for him, but that leaves Akane alone with both Skinny and Heavy, as Savage is still out of commission.

Fuck it, Akane's no coward. With a primal scream, he unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks to these two men who combined are about the size of five Akanes. His limbs are moving so quickly that they're almost invisible. He actually lands a huge roundhouse kick to the side of Heavy's head that knocks him off-balance and into his compatriot.

The crowd cheers, Akane might as week have drawn blood, showing that these men are in fact men. He goes back into the well, looking to knock Skinny loopy with a roundhouse kick too, but it's telegraphed and it's blocked. Skinny wraps his size twelve hands around Akane's neck and just squeezes, finding sick pleasure in just choking the life out of the smaller man.

A voice from inside of the ring catches Skinny's attention. When he turns around who else but Leo Cruz springboard off the top rope and throws caution to the wind with a crossbody! He's caught! Skinny snaps his head around and looks at the ringpost his intentions clear. Ice Cole Kick to the spine! Savage, bloody nose and all is able to make the save, and everyone in the building breaths a sigh of relief when Cruz is dropped, as gently as he could ever hope.

Heavy has recovered enough from that kick to the head to see that this situation is headed south. Savage smirks and flips him off, metaphorically waving the red cape in front of the raging bull. Heavy charges forward and Savage has nowhere to go! Just before contact is made, a portal opens right in front of him, and much a like a speeding train--which Heavy might as well be--there's no hope of stopping in time.

Kurasuke exits seconds after Heavy enters, the portal closing and locking the monstrous man in the unknown.

Now it's the four of them left to deal with Skinny. And even then, it's almost hard to bet against this beanstalk of a man. He stands and finds himself surrounded. Surrounded, but doesn't believe he's in danger. He goes on the attack first. He nails the already wounded Savage with a big boot, making that broken nose...well, brokener.

Cruz jumps onto Skinny's back as if trying to go for a sleeper, but his attempts at going on the offensive only puts him in harm's way. Skinny tosses Cruz over his shoulder, sending the masked man flying into the other masked man. Cruz and Kurasuke hit the ground with a thud that could have damn well cracked the ground.

Skinny turns around. It's just him and Akane now. The crowd is deafening as they chant Akane's name trying to channel their hopes of his survival into a weapon he'll be able to wield. Akane backs up until his back presses against the apron. He only has one place he can go.

And there he goes.

He slides underneath the bottom and gets into the ring. Skinny, looking to avenge his partner in destruction and also just wanting to quench his own thrust for blood, willingly takes the bait and follows Akane into the ring. The man with the tan knows that this isn't XWL, this is looking more and more like a fight to survive, so he doesn't allow clean ring entry. He pounces, going on the attack draining away the strength from Skinny, but there's too much in the bigger man's reserves.

Skinny shoves Akane off of him giving him enough room to stand up. They're eye to eye now, well Akane's eyes are at the man's chest, but you get the picture. He charges forward, but the momentum is halted by Kurasuke who grabs his leg from outside of the ring. Cruz follows suit with the other leg, and together the masked men pull until Skinny has no choice but to fall forward. The moment Skinny drops,
Savage leaps off the top rope and drives the point of his elbow right on the back of Skinny's head!

Cruz and Kurasuke work to pull Skinny out of the ring. The traverser of portals lives up to his namesake and opens one up behind Skinny. It's a battle to get him close to it as the silhouette battles every inch of the way. He's back on his fight now and is able to shove away Cruz and then Kurasuke.

Just when it looks like the plan is about to fall apart, Akane goes flying through the air, a tan streak in the sky that millions make a wish on before he goes crashing into Skinny with a suicide dive that comes dangerously close to living up to its name. It's just enough to knock Skinny into the portal and Kurasuke closes it behind him.

There's an applause from the crowd as if they just finished watching the greatest movie ever made. But this isn't Black Panther, these four are walking up the ramp, battered and bruised, each step heavy with the knowledge that they didn't win.

They survived.

Red Chocolate
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Re: MexiTan || Leyendas in the Making

Post by Red Chocolate on Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:08 pm

When UnMatched goes live, Cole Savage is all smiles as he relaxes in the skybox.

And just like that, all the pieces are starting to come together.

Just like THAT the future is becoming a little more set in stone.

Last night you all watched and bore witness and LEO CRUZ beat out five other men and EARNED the right to main event Implosion. That's right, we're already looking past the rumble, because there shouldn't be a doubt in ANYONE'S mind that being the thirtieth entrant doesn't guarantee that Leo Curz will win the whole shebang!

Those other twenty nine men will be so tired and worn out that they'll be easy pickings for a man who's STARVING for the chance to be at the top of the dog pile. Hell, even those precious few seconds that will separate him and the twenty-ninth entrant will provide enough of an advantage for Leo Cruz to take advantage of.

And so of you don't believe that he'll be able to do it. Go ahead and question it. By all means try to ignore fate and fight the inevitable. Every time Leo Cruz has been told no or that he's too small, or that he's not good enough, or that he doesn't have the 'look' he's found a way to succeed despite lacking all the tools you claim he does.

Now isn't that something?

Funny thing is that I had half a mind to tell you that Leo Cruz was going to win that battle royal. A week ago I had this beautiful, award-winning speech planned to lay out how Leo Cruz winning that back was a certainty, because we've waited too damn long for an opportunity like that to allow it to slip through our fingers. But I kept silent. I knew you wouldn't believe me; I knew I would be wasting my breath. The difference between then and now is that I don't want their to be any surprises.

I don't want people to say that Leo Cruz winning the Royal Rumble was a fluke.

What I want is for you to get used to the idea.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Leo Cruz WILL win the Royal Rumble.

Leo Cruz WILL main event Implosion.

And in a moment YEARS in the making, Leo Cruz WILL be a world champion.

Savage chuckles, a smile on his face as he tips his wine glass and takes a much-needed sip.

And how fitting was it that Leo Cruz laid the foundation of his World Title victory, by pinning that fart Troy Voodoo right there in the middle of the ring. The very same washed up Troy Voodoo who cost Marcus Akane HIS chance for a guaranteed Royal Rumble victory. The very same washed up Troy Voodoo who looks like his tattoo artist was blind, but people want to take shots at Akane for doing what they're afraid to: get some sun.

But unlike the Troy Voodoos and the DSDs of the world, Marcus Akane's rise to the top won't be marred with has-been-isms or pity parties as this company desperately tries to cling onto careers long gone stale. There's more than one world title. There's a European Championship, a Television Championship, I'll bring back my Hardcore Championship if I have to. The point is that Marcus Akane has options, and he has friends who can make those options tangible.

He will be at Implosion, because I made a promise that MexiTan will be as dangerous in their singles run as they were at a tag team. I made a promise that Marcus Akane will live up to that potential he showed when he first burst onto the scene and it was HIM people were calling the future of this company. He still is. He didn't go anywhere. The future is still out there on the horizon, and when this company is finally rid of these 'legends' long past their prime, it will be Marcus Akane helping leading the charge as a new Era is ushered in.

God help anyone who tries to stand in his way.

Red Chocolate
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