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Post by D.Young77 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:51 pm

United by the losses suffered in their lives, these four wrestlers are driven to fill the holes left behind. No matter what happens from here on out, they have made a vow, a pact to Never Kneel. The word HALO is more than just an acronym, but a beacon and a reminder of why they fight.

“1 Shot” Leona, CJ Havret and Osiris came together behind the scenes on the independent circuit. Their similar stories drew them together, their desire to join forces with Brett Angel keeping them on the same path that lead to NXT. They made their first appearance at NXT: Redemption Road, offering Titus O’Neil to Angel and telling him that it’s not right that he’s looked down on for still grieving.

Hesitant of the enigma’s intentions at first and wary of making new friends, Angel eventually agreed to join the stable. They haven’t known each other for long, and they certainly have a lot to learn about each other, but if they stick to their guns, there’s absolutely nothing that they can’t accomplish in CMV.

Already the stable has amassed an appreciation from dedicated NXT viewers such as Trouble, Mizzy and based Randy Borton. This kind of support will be crucial in the stable's infancy, as they seek to gain traction and establish themselves as one of the great groups to rival the likes of X-Gen. Can they live up to their potential and become something legendary? Or will they fall apart and be deleted from the annals of CMV history?


H: CJ Havret
Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica | 5’6”

Havret had a doggy, oh it was the most adorable little thing ever, you should have seen it. All white like a fresh batch of fallen snow with a heart of gold, it was. Havret grew up with that gift from above, clutching it with all her might as she sat in front of the television on Saturdays watching wrestlers beat the hell out of each other on the television screen. It was just background noise at first as she confided in her pet then because part of a weekly routine. She named the dog Ginger after her best friend that moved away, and somehow it fit the dog perfectly. Ginger helped Havret combat her depression more than any amount of medicine and doctors could. In some ways it saved her life, because one day she stopped waiting to die and started learning to live.

Of course, you know what happens next. As special as Ginger was to her, it was impossible for her to stay forever. Havret was devastated and almost sunk back into that deep, dark pit that always threatened to swallow her whole. One day a wrestling company came into her town, and then she remembered all of those weekends and everything in between. She’s not fighting for the dog, per se, but fighting to preserve the memory of the one other thing that put a smile on her face in those miserable times.

Beautiful Nightmare | Spinning Reverse STO
The Siege | Spinning Back Kick

Chicago Kiss | Curb Stomb
Leg Hook DDT
Sunset Split


A: Brett Angel
Lagos, Nigeria | 6’7” | 245 lbs.

If you’ve watched even a second of NXT then you know Angel’s story–or at least part of it. The aspiring boxer was making waves in the business, engaged to a woman who had wrestling in his blood. her name was Rosemary, and according to Angel, her smile could end wars, her gaze bring the toughest man to his knees. She had dedicated years of her life to the sport, hoping to one day make an impact on the biggest stage possible. she wasn’t just looking to be the greatest female wrestler of all time, but the greatest wrestler, period. Meanwhile, Angel was doing well for himself on the boxing scene, cementing his name as one of the businesses hottest prospects, a shoo-in to rank among the greats if he stayed the course.

But then one night a drunk driver came racing down the wrong side of the highway and decimated the car Rosemary was driving after one of her shows. Upon hearing the news, Angel’s life fell apart. He all but gave up boxing, lost an alarming amount of weight and became a shell of the lively man he used to be. Then he got an idea: he’d honor his wife by having the wrestling career that she’d never be able to. Perhaps over the top, he’d never deny it, but it’s given him purpose and he hasn’t done a shabby job of making a name for himself as a wrestler.

The Blackest Night | Small Package Driver
Rosemary’s Smile | Avalanche Pedigree
Three-Day Reverie | Bridging Package Powerbomb

Call of the Void | Cannonball
Echoes of the Past | Cobra Clutch into Russian leg sweep
Corkscrew Elbow Drop
Rope hung knee strikes followed by running boot

1x Television Champion
4x NXT Champion

Notable Matches
vs. Chris Adams (iMPLOSION I)
vs. DSD III (Episode 69)
vs. DSD II (Episode 68)
vs. DSD I (Episode 63)
vs. Titus O'Neil II (Episode 50)
vs. Titus O'Neil I (Showdown)
Ladder Match vs. Dave Skylark (Episode 39)
vs. Dallas Space (Episode 33)
vs. Lorin Seoul (Episode 32)
vs. Kryminal (Episode 31)(Debut)


L: “1 Shot” Leona
New Orleans, Louisiana | 5’3”

Her relationship to Cyborg still unclear, all we know is that he made a promise that together the two would be a force to be reckoned with in CMV–a one, two punch the likes of which the company would have been unable to handle. It unravels another layer to why Cyborg spent so much of his time in CMV trying to usurp the men in charge and reveals that he wasn’t the only one effected by his firing. Leona made her first appearance on CMV television as Cyborg’s “assistant” announcing the match that would eventually see JustIN Sane capture the Undisputed World Championship for the second time. She was seen briefly with Cole Savage, the first signs of a power stable brewing behind the scenes, but nothing came to fruition once Cyborg was gone.

Now we know where Leona has been since: trying to build everything again from scratch, a dream years in the making gone in the blink of an eye–the betrayal, anger and pain that she felt along with her passion, pushing her away from Cyborg and into the arms a group of her own. She hasn’t let go of what could have been making HALO her shot at redemption for her failure as well as her chance to make a name for herself. It’s easy to see how she and Cyborg were able to get along: she’s just as confident, perhaps even as arrogant, but definitely as persistent as he was. She’s proclaimed that it’ll only take "1 Shot" to take out her foes, and even if they survive, 1 is more than enough to change their lives.

1 Shot, 1 Kill | Running Knee Strike (Sometimes transitioned into neckbreaker)
shETHER | Backslide Driver

Warning Shot | Knee/Discus Clothesline Combo
Jumping Neckbreaker
Leona’s Lobotomy | Rope-Hung DDT
The King’s Claw | Mandible Claw (Adopted from Cyborg)

Notable Matches
vs. Lexin Damjen (NXT S3 Hype-Up Tour - House Show)(Debut)


O: Osiris
Bronx, New York | 5’10” | 260 lbs.

The wrestling ring was the last place Osiris expected to be. A few years back he and his crew were on the mission to drop the hottest hip hop album of the year, but they went about playing the wrong way. But all Osiris cared about was stacking that cheese to distance himself from the projects as much as possible. Hip hop was meant to save his life—but it was nearly ruined. On his quest to make as much money as possible, Osiris got caught up with some shady people doing some shady things. He wasn't the one who pulled the trigger, but he did the time for it nonetheless.

Years later he found out that this world isn't so kind to ex-cons. Understandably, he wanted nothing to do with music: he's poured out one too many and left more than enough orchids at memorials. When he grew tired of making chump change doing humbling janitorial work, he stumbled across wrestling after a failed NFL tryout. He hates the theatrics at first, but there was something cathartic about beating the hell out of people and something surreal about getting paid to do it.

Drown the Orchids (The DTO) | Powerbomb onto the Turnbuckles or Knees
44’s Blessing | Lionsault

Seven-Day Weekend | Spinning Sit Out Facebuster
Military Press transitioned into either a spinebuster or oklahoma slam

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Main Event Star!

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