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CAW BIO: Hayden

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CAW BIO: Hayden

Post by Miztacular on Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:00 am

Personal Profile
Name: Hayden Kiteley
Age: 21
Billed From: London, England
Currently Resides in: Hollywood, Califonia
Affiliation: Heel
Gimmick: Hot Tempered A-Lister
Current Allies: N/A
Current Enemies: The American Justice, JustIN Sane, Kane, Xander Slate, Scott Norrie
Signature Manoeuvres: Catchphrase, Justice is Served, Consequence, Written in Blood, Hollywood Hold

Tag Teams/Stables: The A-Listers (With The Miz), X-Gen (With; Omega-Z, Sushi-X, Duo Maxwell and Triple H)
Records: First Ever CMV Undisputed Champion, Longest standing man in the Royal Rumble Match, Most overall eliminations in the Royal Rumble Match
Accolades: 3x Undisputed Champion, 1x Intercontinental Champion, 1x Royal Rumble Winner, 1x King of the Ring Winner.
Awards: 1x Superstar of the Year, 1x Champion of the Year, 1x OMG Moment of the Year, 1x Stable of the Year (With X-Gen)

Hayden Kiteley grew up in the United Kingdom, within the Midlands, at the age of 15 he began to learn the craft of wrestling and sports entertainment, while certainly shining in the wrestling aspect of the field, he leant more towards the entertainment side of things, learning to do whatever it takes to make an entertaining, unpredictable show, which is evident in his current stint for CMV in which he has been known to willingly allow other Superstars such as American Justice to cut him up to make the storyline that much more realistic, while this may lead to permanent damage, it brings back a sense of realism to the crowd. At the age of 17 he moved to the United States to train in the WWE Performance Centre after performing above expectations in a tryout during a European Tour. However after 8 months, the WWE's creative team, dubbed Hayden as a liability due to his way of doing things. The WWE were not prepared to take the risk of lawsuits and legal action that the upstart could have caused with his style of entertainment. As such, World Wrestling Entertainment terminated the contract of Hayden Kiteley and his dream was seemingly crushed. However his dreams were not over yet, as the now world renowned company known as CMV opened it's doors to talent only a mere week after Haydens departure with the WWE, Hayden was among the first to sign a contract, in fact appearing in the first ever match under the nickname "The Tornado". However problems occured, and the show was cut after only two Pay Per Views. A couple of months later, CMV resurfaced, along with the new Hayden 'Blade' Kiteley. Over the past two months while CMV was off the air, WWE had contacted Hayden to star in a thriller/horror movie alongside Glenn Jacobs in which Hayden was then given the name Blade.

CMV started once again with the Royal Rumble Pay Per View in which Hayden became the longest standing man in the Rumble, a record which still holds today. Despite many impressive performances on Pay Per Views, Hayden was stuck in the midcard, thanks to his ongoing disputes with the General Managers of the show, Regal and JBL, until finally at the WWE Live Event in the fall of the year, after being forced into X-Gen, Hayden got his first one on one Championship match against Xander Slate, Mr. Money in the Bank, and he took it, becoming the CMV World Heavyweight Champion, he would go on to hold the Title until Duo Maxwell pinned him in a Fatal Four Way matchup one month after Wrestlemania, during this time Hayden had become the first ever Undisputed Champion, when he beat Jeremy Blake in the Main Event of the Royal Rumble.

After this tragic loss for Hayden, it would seem that the high times would have ended, until he made his way into the King of the Ring Tournament, he would face the same man he faced in the opening round the year before, Xander Slate. Hayden would go on to make it into the final of the competition before going one on one with his longest standing rival, the returning Scott Norrie, the favourite for the competition, and Hayden would pull of the win, earning a shot at Duo Maxwell the same night. The odds against Hayden, he was certainly not the favourite, after fighting three matches already the same night, Hayden walked in the the Title match, and the fight of his life, and came out a two time Undisputed Champion.

It would not get any easier for Hayden, as Norrie and his Golden Oldies, Paul Anderson and Dave Turner were on his back, not only this, but a newcomer from NXT, American Justice, was constantly on the hunt for him, swearing that he would cause Hayden to drop the Title, which was the result of the three on three elimination Tag Match between X-Gen and the Golden Oldies. X-Gen lost all their Titles, and Hayden started to become insane, but American Justice was not done with him, they'd continue to feud until they faced off at SummerSlam, with Justice forcing Hayden to tap out and sending him out of action for the better part of 6 months. During this time Hayden at tented intense therapeutic sessions trying to fix the insanity, and at The Royal Rumble the following year, he made his return, coming out at number 27 and winning the Rumble, going on to Main Event Wrestlemania, for the second year in a row, however it was not this easy, as American Justice was not done with Hayden. Justice continued to decimate Hayden, who would lose it and put his position in the Main Event of Wrestlemania on the line at Over the Limit, which ended by count out, securing Haydens place in the Main Event of Wrestlemania, however he did not have closure. As Wrestlemania approached, Hayden was being forced to fight on both NXT and RAW, putting him in an awful position physically and mentally, and come Wrestlemania season, not only did he have a match with Justin Sane, but the very next week, he had his rematch with Marko Punish at Redemption Road, surely he had no chance, but once again, Hayden pulled through and prevailed, becoming a three time Undisputed Champion, even then, in the last match of Season two, it was not over for Hayden, as American Justice would make his way down to the ring and climb on the apron, staring at Hayden, as Kanes theme went off, and the NXT General Manager came out, stalked by Willis, DSD and the man he beat several minutes ago, JustIN Sane. The four of them cleared out American Justice and then made their way into the ring and took out Hayden ending what was supposed to be his night. Kane would then close season two, by swearing that his former stable-mate, JustIN Sane, would indeed win back the Undisputed Championship. This then lead to constant booking of Hayden leading up to Redemption Road, where Hayden would again prevail this time over Marko Punish. Will Hayden continue to find a way in season three? Or will his luck run out..

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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