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(CMV Exclusive:) Buck Hollywood Delivers A Little Reality Check

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(CMV Exclusive:) Buck Hollywood Delivers A Little Reality Check

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Fri 28 Jul 2017 - 10:39

We Cut Backstage To Our Interviewer Where She Is Seen Trying To Get Hold Of intensity Star Buck Hollywood, Walking Backstage*-

Interviewer:- Buck ...Buck Can I just Get A word Please ? After A poor Run As Of late, many are labelling you as a faliure and somewhat of a 'flop' do you have a response to that ?

You Know What Just Stop...Stop Yourself There Madam... Dont You Dare Have The Cheek To Approach Me Because

  Iam Many Things But One Thing Iam Most certainly not is Naive. Dont You Come To Me All Sweet Looking An

Innocent And Fire A Question because I know who you are. Your Most Likley One Of Them Online Haters Who Tweet

Me All Day being the fat, lazy slobs they are because they have nothing else to do, labelling me a 'flop'. Now Lets Get Real For  Second ... Lets Turn This Into A REAL Talkshow.

                                                         *-Buck Grabs The Microphone*-

Ladies And Gentleman, Im In Dismay...Excuse Me Iam Jubilant To Welcome You To The Inaugural Edition Of Reality

Check Iam Your Host Buck Hollywood...But You Already Know That. Now For A Second, Lets put All The Pompous,

arrogant, egotistical mentality aside. Lets First Address The so called elephant in the room. IAM NOT A FLOP Ok.

You See Iam sick to my back teeth of thris rumour being spread because thats all it is nothing more, nothing less than

a RUMOUR. And You Know the intelligent ones among you would realise that butttttttttttttttt.... your all mentality

challenged atleast from what i can see but you know dont judge the book by its cover or whatever right....ANYHOW

Since My Arrival In CMV I have been on a quest to make my name as big here as it is in hollywood and one can only

do that by taking down and BEATING The People Regarded As The Blockbuster talent. Now Of Course Wins Have

Been Few And Far Between but lets get down to earth for a second ok. Every Match...Win Lose...Hell Even if its a

double DQ and we draw...its a Learning Curve. And Week By Week I Get Better And Better. And People need to start

respecting me for that mentality cos hell I could of done what i dont know a joey fatu did and try compete down in

kindergarten with the little boys....the 'B' Plus Players If You WIll. I Beat Kevin payne which many have struggled to do

so and you know a couple of weeks back alright i didnt come away with the W But I Pushed Lorin Seoul To The LIMIT.

Im Ready...Missing Out On Implosion only motivated me more...and Now Me And My Directors are poised and set in

motion for a Box Office Smash, We Are engaged for our crowning cinematic so Mr Thomas Sullivan Dear Sir Give Me

A match To Prove these words not hollow but simply evident and let your revenue skyrocketttttt mannnn Because Its

Time To Buck That Trend Of Losses And Live Up To My Hollywood Name. Its Time For The Release Of A Paparazzi Pleasing, Headline Making..Box...Office...Smash
Thank You For Joining Me *-The Camera fades To Black As We Return To Unmatched*_



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