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[CMV Exclusive] Interview with Davina Blair

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[CMV Exclusive] Interview with Davina Blair

Post by Jay Davis on Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:26 pm

*An Exclusive CMV Ferocity interview is in motion as Doug Talesmont, the somewhat hired CMV Exclusive Interviewer, is sitting with the newly signed Vixen, Davina Blair!!*

“Hello CMV Universe, I am with newly signed CMV Women’s superstar, Davina Blair. Ms. Blair, let me just say it is a privilege and an honour right now to be in your presence.”

“Aw, thank you, Mr. Talesmont. It is always a pleasure getting brought into such a place like this. Especially CMV.”

“Alright 1st question. Being the daughter of well known Boxing Champion Tyson Blair, how well known are you from the world of Boxing more than the world of Professional Wrestling?”

“Well I so happen to have had a boxing career myself. It wasn’t the best record ever, but I put my work in where I was needed. Always got the job done, even if I didn’t win. Then I was led to the world of Pro Wrestling.”

“Which would lead me to my 2nd question; How well did you adapt from being a Boxer to a Professional Wrestler?”

“Um….I think the hardest thing to do was not get mad and actually hit punches, or “Shoot”. Sure I was raised to do that type of stuff, but I was never gonna make it in Wrestling if I injured everyone on the spot just because of a punch. So I had to train myself from the inside to not actually hit people. To just think of it as a game.”

“So how did your enhancement throughout places like Japan and Germany, guide you to CMV and back to the States?”

“Well, CMV had given me a contract back in early 2018, but I refused just because at the time, I was champion in Japan and I wasn’t gonna let the people down. So I stayed for a few months, maybe a year, until I came here and signed with the company. Sure it was painful to leave all the fans behind, but I never did truly leave them. They are always in my heart and I will continue to fight the good fight until I’m bitter and old.”

“Alright, last question; who would you want to face on Ferocity and why?”

“I’d say Kristen Page. She’s a sadistic, cold-hearted woman, but she can get the job done. So I’d assume we’d have a classic match. A back and forth matchup. I’d love to share the ring with the Wicked Queen herself.”

“Well thank you so much, Ms. Blair. We hope to see your debut next week hopefully.”

“You betcha, Mr. Talesmont”


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