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The PUNISHment Due

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The PUNISHment Due

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:38 pm

*Reeling from his loss, Bryan Novak stumbles up the ramp. He looks down at the ring but as he turns to go back up the ramp he is hit at full sprint with a vicious Spear by Marko Punish! Damn near breaking Novak in half! Marko appears crazed as he wastes zero time grabbing Novaks arm effortlessly dragging him back down to the ring, grabbing him by the tights Marko lifts Novak and throws him into the steel steps, causing them to fly out of position from the force. At this point officials have came from the back and are trying to restrain Marko and help Novak. Novak has crawled to the other side of the ring by this point nursing his midsection from the brutal attack, as Marko fakes calming down quickly breaks through the officials to once again Spear Novak but this time into the steel steps! Causing them to again fly out of position. The officials attempt to approach but Marko grabs the bottom part of the steps and throws it towards them and roars in anger. Novak is writhing in agony as Marko then tears apart the announce table and lifts Novak onto it with ease before jumping on it with him. Marko turns to the crowd and lifts his arms to his sides in the thumps up position before turning them down and snapping Novak to his feet and lifts, then drives him through the announce table with a Jackhammer! Marko dust his hands off before leaving as officials scramble to Novaks aid and Unmatched cuts to commercial*
= Later In The Evening =

*We see General Manager Eric Matthews storming backstage shouting for Marko, he eventually finds him in the locker room sitting with a towel over his shoulders.*

Matthews: What the hell was that out there huh!? You can't just go around attacking anyone you want like some sort of wild animal! There had better damn well be a good excuse for what you just pulled.... well!? Don't just sit there say something!

*Marko raises to his feet looking Matthews up and down, grabbing either side of his towel before smugly shrugging his shoulders*

Marko: chiaro e semplice Novak cost me a match on the biggest show in all of CMV, a crime like that does not go unpunished Mr. General Manager.

Matthews: Thats all this was about? Novak lost one match on your behalf and your reaction to that is to damn near break the man in half?

*Marko again just smugly shrugs his shoulders, clearly showing no respect to the man in management.*

Matthews: I tell ya you're lucky you are too valuable to just suspend indefinately, but trust me actions have consequences big man an-

Marko: *sniggers* oh really?

Matthews: Yeah really, for starters you'll be getting a hefty fine and trust me when I say for starters. I don't know what yet but there will be more where that came from big man, just keep that in mind when you come into work next week.

*Matthews begins to walk off before Marko gets the last word in*

Marko: Hai delle palle, Eric. I'll give you that, but don't let that power go to your head little, man.

*Matthews grudgingly stares at Marko before leaving the locker room and Unmatched again goes to commercial.*

Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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Re: The PUNISHment Due

Post by Miztacular on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:40 pm

Longest sons promo I've seen in a while

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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