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Vintage Topher Caws....Oh Noo

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Vintage Topher Caws....Oh Noo

Post by 316topher on Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:47 pm

Lisa Evans : We are live and we are still in Las Vegas, Nevada for Ferocity and this past weekend was The Biggest….Baddest… Card ......it was  IMPLOSION III, and what a success it was... It had everything but that was then and this is now…. So without further ado my guest at this time The Vixen who defeated her so called stable mate leader, give it up for Misssssssssssss Vicious.

Starz N Stripez music theme plays as Lisa looks on wondering what the hell is going on….. Melissa Bourne and Sally West with pom poms in hands make there way down to ringside….

Lisa : Ummmm Ok, I was expecting Miss Vicious to be honest… Why are you out here ladies?

Bourne :  Well we gotta get something off our chests, you see we American girls believe in what’s right…. Yet no one has cared about what happened to Aerora a few weeks ago, We all saw Miss Vicious brutally assault Aerora in the parking lot.

West :  That's right, we can't be the only ones that saw this…. You know what, guys in  production truck…. Roll the footage…. Lets remind the whole CMV Universe..

Bourne : Like a thief in the night, she struck…. She even disguised herself as a crook, and well we all just saw the footage, not 1…but 2 Vicious Piledrivers onto a steel chair.

West : No Morality….. Miss Vicious…. Get out here and explain yourselves.

No Morality’s theme plays and the fans react by booing but no one comes out…. Starz n Stripez  are clearly annoyed and so are the fans..

Bourne : I know you’re back there… Bring you’re asses out here.

No Morality theme plays once again and out comes Miss Vicious, Emily and Jasmine to a chorus of boos as Vicious leads the way as they enter the ring.

MV : Who the hell are you two to demand things, what business is it of yours what I do…. Unlike you two, I didn’t lose at Implosion, nice going by the way in your match hahahaha… But what I do is No Morality’s business, NOT yours…. But I’m just Vicious ask Ashleigh Infinitee,  oh you can’t, I ended her pathetic little career ….Ask Sophia Caldwell, oh I sent her back to where ever the hell she came from when I humiliated her last night at Implosion and yes ask Aerora if you can find her….. better yet ...tonight 1 more name will be added, that being Compromise, So I suggest you two cheerleading sluts best keep your noses out of my business, or you'll both join them on the injured reserve list, got it.

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY HEEEEEEEEEEEYYY HEYYYYYY  hits the P.A system and here comes  Dawn Bryan and  the fans go wild by  singing a long with the theme music….

Lisa : … And the hits keep on coming.

MV : What the hell, now what….. what is this a damn circus, what do you want Dawn…

DB : Oh Tia, Tia, Tia you need to calm down, but 1st Starz n Stripez some of us do actually care and believe me, I’ve had my run ins with No Morality before and it’s about time the Vixens of CMV band together and put an end to their Vicious ways…



MV : SHUT UP …SHUT UP…. SHUT THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW,  You’re all starting to piss me off.

Dawn : Seems like you need a glass of water Tia, you’re getting a bit heated….But  speaking of Aerora, I have done some detective work and have acquired  some security footage from that day, and to be honest I haven’t seen it yet, but I can’t wait to see th……

Miss Vicious slaps Dawn across the face and an all out brawl ensues with Emily going after Melissa  and Jasmine taking on Sally…. Lisa yells screw this and scurries out of the ring.

Mr Gnashtastic : OOOOOOOOOOOOH My, All hell has broken loose.

All of a sudden The CMV Women’s Champion Kitty Quinn-Belle comes sprinting down the isle with a steel chair in hand and The arena erupts with BOTCH chants…. She slides under the bottom rope and delivers a devastating blow to Miss Vicious’s back, She drops to 1 knee and Quinn strikes again with another chairshot to the back causing Miss Vicious to go down as she rolls out of the ring. No Morality regroups on the outside of the ring.

DB : Not so brave when you’re the ones outnumbered are you eh…. Roll the damage footage, I’m sick of waiting….

The Titantron plays the aftermath of the vicious assault …. All the Vixens In and outside of the ring look on at the footage….  The masked women is seen leaving the destruction she caused and is walking away, she removes the mask and throws it into a nearby dumpster…. We only see the back of her head as she lets her hair down…. The fans in attendance gasp in shock as the women turns and we see just who it is…..

SMASH…. Chair-Shot to Melissa…….. CRACK….. Chair-Shot to Sally…
Dawn turns around in a state of confusion and see’s Quinn has put down both members of Starz n Stripez…. Quinn swings the chair at Dawn, but Dawn quickly side steps out of the way and kicks Quinn in the gut, the chair goes flying and hits Don Bishop who is on the front row. … But Quinn eye pokes Dawn and clamps in the Alarm Belle’s…. Dawn is screaming and trying to fight out of it, but Quinn has it locked in tight, Quinn is screaming at Dawn who is screaming in pain.

As Quinn tightens the hold, Dawn begins to fade until out from the back comes the Ferocity General Manager Laura Sampson  flanked by a legion of security guards who quickly make their way into the ring to break up this mess, pulling Quinn off of Dawn and separating the two of them. Sampson makes her way into the ring with a stern look on her face and microphone in hand.

Laura Sampson:
You let go of her right now Quinn! I always suspected something fishy about you. Just didn't think you'd stoop so low as to injuring people and FRAMING someone else.  Despicable. Now Dawn, you did me a favor at iMPLOSION, and so I'm going to do one for you now. I'm going to assume you want to get your hands on this piece of work.

Dawn nods her head refusing to break eye contact with Quinn.

Laura Sampson:
Well then, in tonights Main Event, you will go one on one with the current CMV Womens Undisputed Champion, Kitty Quinn-Belle

Laura turns to face Kitty, getting right in her face, she nods at the security guards, who tighten their grip around Quinns arms so that Sampson is completely safe..

Laura Sampson:

The Queen of Bitchslaps huh?

Laura smacks Quinn across the face and smiles, knowing Quinn can't do anything to get back at her, at least not right now.

Laura Sampson:
How does it taste? But oh, Quinn, this is not the last piece of news you'll hear tonight. I have something to announce later on, be sure to be watching, I'm sure you'll just love it...

Sampson lets off a sarcastic cackle as she leaves the ring and heads up the ramp while the camera slowly fades to commercial

Thanks to Miz for sampsons part.

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1x CMV Tag Team Champion - Kid Campbell (Gladiators w/ Rashad Rockwell)
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1x CMV World Tag Team Champions - Police Squad
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Re: Vintage Topher Caws....Oh Noo

Post by Maurie on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:42 pm


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