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Alice Blake Ferocity Promo Backstage @ Implosion

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Alice Blake Ferocity Promo Backstage @ Implosion

Post by BlakeFactor3595 on Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:24 pm

]~Interviewer~  Hello Alice can I get a few words with you? *holds up microphone to her face*

~Alice Blake~ Yes sure just enjoying this amazing show right now isn't it great? *sighs*

~Interviewer~ Myself and some CMV Universe have noticed that you were notably missing from this years Implosion card, would you care to comment on your absence from this years event

~Alice Blake~ Yes I am missing from the card this year and i'll be honest with you i'm not too shocked, Upon my return I managed to rack up two consecutive wins which were both labelled as upsets, and then I went onto facing Raiden Brooks.. and sadly for me I was not good enough for her, I underestimated her abilities and I received instant karma for that reckless choice. I don't blame management for not booking me as it was conveyed to them that I am not a consecutive success. But trust me when I say this, TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, this is only extra motivation for me to get off my ass and work and train even harder to prove to the universe and myself that I am the BlakeFactor and I AM HERE TO STAY! thanks for your time *Alice walks away*

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