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Dissatisfied Victory

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Dissatisfied Victory

Post by Tim on Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:19 am

After the "tag team" match, Benjamin Black stands over he body of the downed jobber. As the hard camera zooms towards his face he seems very perturbed. His eyes locked on the body of Isiah Stone, jobber #2 (whose actual name escapes me) enters the ring and attempts to help Stone out of the ring but is quickly blindsided by Breakthrough, who, from seemingly out of nowhere, hits him with a stiff clothes arm. Knocking him down next to his tag team partner. Benjamin says something to Breakthrough but it's not picked up by the cameras. Breakthrough nods and then rolls out of the ring towards the time keeper area. He walks over to the balding man holding the microphone for promo segments and stands to him. The man shakily hands over the microphone and breakthrough thanks him by nodding. As he turns back to the ring to enter it, he suddenly turns back around and gives the time keeper a right hook sending him sprawling next to Lillith who lets out a scream.

Mr. Gnashtastic
Unbelievable! He just... Breakthrough just knocked out the time keeper!

Breakthrough slides back into the ring and hands Ben the microphone. He slowly brings it to his mouth.

Ben Black
We came back to send a message... After weeks of being forgotten. Ha! And you feed us jobbers? Did you think that would sate our revenge?

Breakthrough folds his arms in front of him and shakes his head.

Ben Black
No, no, no. Victories over nobodies doesn't matter in the grand scheme and it means nothing. No, Black Wallstreet have bigger fish to fry. We're going to run over everyone, ladies and gentlemen. Big, little and small. And they'll be erased from anols of CMV history, just as we were...

At Implosion, Breakthrough, Diz and I. Will have a surprise for someone. All the main event stars better be ready. One eye on your match, one eye on the stage and all four corners of the barricade, if you can.

We'll see you, Sunday.

Benjamin looks to Breakthrough.

Ben Black
Let's run it back.

Breakthrough nods as he unfolds his arms. Benjamin lifts Stone's partner up to his feet by his hair as Breakthrough stands against the ropes on the far side of the ring. Black sends Tarwik(?) running to Breakthrough with a hard irish whip and is caught with Breakthrough's signature Wheelbarrow Facebuster; Breakdown. Knocking him out cold. Black then points to the downed Stone to which Breakthrough quickly rises to his feet and lifts Isiah to his feet. He lightly pushes him to Benjamin Black who he catches in a front face lock, lifts for a suplex and then lands Stone, hard, one his back, with a Shoten. The King's Tower executed once again to devastating effect.

Benjamin gets to his feet and stands next to Breakthrough, as the two men marvel at their own work.

Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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