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Chill Bros

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Chill Bros

Post by Matthew on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:36 pm

As Syndicate continue the assault on Aaron Waite, the PA System suddenly lights up with...

With that sound, the crowd are brought to life and begin cheering the goofy duo as the two come running down the ramp. Lance with a banjo in hand and Chase with a big monkey wrench. Syndicate not wanting to be at the other end of an assault by those weapons or World Peace themselves, leave the ring immedietly, hopping the barricade and backing up through the crowd. The fans are letting their appreciation for tonight's heroes be known as they cheer them on. Lance helps Aaron to his feet while Chase is on the turnbuckle closes to Syndicate, yelling at them.

"We're even stevens now bro where you at??"

Syndicate aren't happy that they've had to flee the ring and are even angrier at the fact that all three of their victims in the past few weeks are standing tall in the ring. Lance pulls a microphone out his pocket and begins to speak.

Lance Barker
Eyy everybody calm down for a second....

He raises a finger as the crowd begins to settle down.

Lance Barker
Syndicate, you punched your one way ticket to splashin safari when you decided to beat us down while we were tryna have a wrestlin match. I'm pretty sure it was a title match I can't remember but that wasn't cool so my boy and I got a couple frog splashes just waitin around if ya'll wanna get in this ring and go right now...

He holds the microphone up in the air as the fans chant "Frog Splash".

Lance Barker
We're no pushovers fellas, we're just a couple of doods tryna have a good time and ride the waves. But you guys just had to take that away. Besides, I think Chet been stealin from our special stash I had a pound of we....

Aaron snatches the microphone away from Lance before he says something to get him suspended.

Aaron Waite
You see this... this is exactly what is wrong with this show. You people can't even grow a set to even meet me face to face but instead fists to the back.

He holds his stomach as it aches in pain from the assault moments ago.

Aaron Waite
Since you cowards won't do it, I'll just do it for you. I'm sure these stoned friends of mine won't mind getting a pay check... Syndicate... I'm throwing out the challenge. Chet it's time for you to get a taste at what a big show feels like. At implosion there will be a downfall. But not for us. Because WE ARE GREATNESS....

The fans chime in and chant with him...

Aaron Waite

And with that, his theme fills the arena and he and World Peace all stand firmly in the center of the ring, staring down the villainous trio as the show fades away.


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