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Million Dollar Matchup

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Million Dollar Matchup

Post by Miztacular on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:11 pm

Just before the Main Event of the go home show for Intensity, Episode 48, we are taken to the Intensity General Manager,
Thomas Sullivans office to which we see Omega Lee pounding on Sullivans desk, shouting at him as Sullivan rubs his chin acting as if he gives a damn.

Omega Lee:
Hey listen listen, who else would you rather have headlining iMPLOSION? No, let me rephrase that actually. Who else deserves it than yours truly? I mean come on I've earned this; I've beaten both of them relatively clean right in the middle of that ring. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned cash on two freaks fighting it out in three matches I certainly wouldn't.

Sullivan raises a hand to Lee's surprise, stopping him in his tracks, he leans forward on his seat and begins to speak.

Thomas Sullivan:
It's funny you should mention that. Because I know a thing or two about wasting hard earned money... From my perspective Lee, your contract is one of the biggest money burners in this company, and what do you do to prove you're worth such a value? You moan, you piss, you moan,
you whine. Over and over again. What I've said is final Lee. Until you prove to me otherwise, you're never getting in or around the Global Championship picture again. I have put faith in you in the past, only for you to waste it. So to be quite honest with you I don't know what grounds you make this absurd claim on that Tops and Rage don't deserve it, when you have had your chance to earn your belt back, and you failed. This game isn't one of wins and losses, it's about winning when it counts, and you're inconsistent, that's all it is too it, and so I can no longer invest my time and eff--

Lee slams his hands down on the table once again, cutting off Sullivan.

Omega Lee
You don't get it, have you forgotten about all I've done throughout this year?! Wh-what am I talking about you clearly have because if you weren't a clueless senile millionaire you'd see I made it to the top through hard work, perseverance, and never backing down from a fight worth fighting after being handed nothing forcing me to bust my ass and having to sacrifice for this business. I've said I am the Greatest Wrestler of my Generation and I've proved it time and time again that's why people come to see me fight, working like a slave making you rich with every match outclassing everyone one in that ring hold for hold, move for move, doing this in spite of people like you, you greedy pig. So what's it going to be Sully am I getting my match or should I start searching for better work else where?

Evidently annoyed by that last statement, Sullivan rises to his feet, towering over Omega Lee, looking down on him like a child.

Thomas Sullivan:
Do you know who you're talking to boy. I am THE Thomas Sullivan, ENTREPRENEUR, The greatest business mind this industry has EVER seen. Don't you dare talk to me about hard work, it was through hard work and determination that I am where I am today... From my perspective Lee, everything you've just said is completely false. You needed help to get where you are today, you needed Cole Savage, and you needed his friends. Never backing down? You ducked Anthony Brown for months, to this day he's never gotten his clean one on one match. Because you know deep down that you are nothing but a coward. It is you that has become the fight not worth fighting for those at the top Lee..

You now what I'm hearing a lot of "I" because you're a selfish little brat. YOU claim you're the best, but not once have I heard anyone else say it. YOU claim to outclass everyone, but yet here you are with nothing but your salty tears, blaming the promoter for your failures. You have no respect for this business, for this industry, and at iMPLOSION.... Somebody is going to teach you a lesson, and perhaps if you "outclass" them, I'll consider giving you another shot.

Thomas Sullivan whistles for security, but before they can grab Lee he throws a wild left hook, catching Sullivan on the chin and knocking him to the floor. He uses the table for leverage to rise to his feet only to see Lee dragged out of the open door, to which he calls out to him.

Thomas Sullivan:

Lee frantically turns his head to see Sullivan reaching under the desk, pulling out a pair of green wrestling boots, propping them on the desk.

Thomas Sullivan:
Be prepared.

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