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A Fear Of PIES!

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A Fear Of PIES!

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:53 am

**As the dancing ends  Boso The Magnificent rolls out of the ring and lifts the apron as  The Jester restrains the beaten August Happytown in the middle of the ring. Boso pulls out the box that superstars have came to dread from under the ring and pulls the apron back down and places the box down on the apron before walking over to grab a microphone from the time keepers area and begins to speak as he walks back around the ring, up the steps and enters the ring.**

Boso:*Boso laughs* so it seems that after his brash actions last week,  Mr. Hancock has had a case of the jitters tonight. Leaving poor August here to fend for himself. But what can we expect from such a fun hating, literal walking COCK *Boso laughs as he enters the ring.* But fret not ladies, gentlemen, dear viewers at home *Boso opens the box and picks up a large cream pie from it* as the magnificently fun clown I am, I happen to have a few strings to pull around here, so you may have avoided your fate here tonight Mr. Hancock but we will meet... at the grandest stage in all of CMV in the very middle of this ring at Implosion and pieeeees.... shall be given *Boso turns and slams the pie into  Happytown's face.  The Jester lets Happytown go as Boso immediately lifts him to his feet and hits him with a SPLAT! Boso laughs manically as he spins back to his feet and continues to speak*. Oh yes, pieeeees, shall, be, given. *Boso laughs again before continuing to speak*. And don't worry about your pal August Happytown here COCK my dear boy. He'll have a chance to rectify your cowardice here tonight, as our match won't be a simple one-on-one bout oh no it will be a Triple Threat match and hoooooo boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it will be magnificent!

**Boso drop the mic as his music begins to play and he and The Jester continues to dance as Unmatched cuts to commercial.**

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Main Event Star!

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Re: A Fear Of PIES!

Post by 316topher on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:30 pm

And we are back from commercial break, Boso and Jester are still in the ring celebrating when all of a sudden Simon Hancock appears on the titontron…

Simon : Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..Simon says…..

As always the fans begin to boo and chant Rude Rooster as loud as they can….

Simon :  Oh Boso, you see there’s a reason why I’m not in this stinkhole of a town, you and all those fat pieces of trash disrespecting me, don’t deserve to see a what a real man looks like, instead they can look at some pie obsessed clown and his fat side kick… But I guess you Reno, Nevada idiots can relate….Just look at you all, Reno …. known for fat out of shape losers, why would I waste my time going there?, why would I waste my time on this tag match?  why would I team with Happytown?  hell I beat him with his own finisher on my debut just last week…..That’s how good I am…. One more question, why would I waste my time on the likes of you two clowns.
Boso you made a big mistake last week, you want to low blow me and try to pie me….Jokes on you and I will have the last laugh, mark my words. I’m simply just too good and at the same time can be sooooo naughty...At Implosion you Boso and Happytown are no match for the SexBomb….

…………But you came this close to pieing me last week, well I don’t pie people….But I do want to give you something…..

As Boso and Jester watch the titontron…Simon jumps the barricade and  slides into the ring ……..

Mr Gnasthy  : OHHHHHH, He’s here, Simon Hancock is here..

…… and low blows Jester who goes down and rolls out of the ring, leaving Jester all alone with Mr SexBomb… Simon grabs Jester and kicks him in the gut and hits the gyrating neckbreaker… then quickly jumps out of the ring and looks under the ring and pulls out a table and pushes it under the bottom rope, where he proceeds to climb back into the ring and sets up the table…..Simon grabs Jesters head and pulls him up and hits The Sex-Bomb through the table
Simon stands over the limp carcass of Jester and starts gyrating for the fans as Boso watches on from the outside…. The 2 stare down and the segment ends.


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