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CMV Fusion/Genesis/NGW Record Book

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CMV Fusion/Genesis/NGW Record Book

Post by Miztacular on Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:59 am

Welcome to the History of Fusion, Genesis and CMV's developmental Brand, NGW, which contains all of their records.


Undisputed World Title History

Total Undisputed World Title Wins
JustIN Sane-4
Dave Turner-3
Paul Anderson-3
Troy Voodoo-3
Kevin Owens-2
Randy Borton-2
Xander Slate-2
Bryan Novak-1
Duo Maxwell-1
Kendall Wolfe-1
Ryan Kent-1
Scott Norrie-1
Paul Divine-5
Rhys Matthews-1
Chris Andrews-1
Travis King-1
Voice Vindy-1

Undisputed World Title Exchanges
-Dave Turner won inaugural season two tournament
-Paul Anderson def. Xander Slate & Dave Turner at The Royal Rumble
-Dave Turner won Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber
(def. Paul Anderson on Raw)
-Kevin Owens def. Paul Anderson & Dave Turner at Wrestlemania
(def. Dave Turner @ Backlash)
(def. Scott Norrie @ Payback)
-Cyborg def. Kevin Owens at Bad Blood
(def. Kevin Owens @ SummerSlam)
-Sunshine def. Cyborg at Capitol Punishment
-Kevin Owens won Elimination Chamber match at Battleground
-Xander Slate cashed in MiTB on Kevin Owens on Raw
(Retained vs. Sunshine via DQ on Raw)
-Sunshine def. Xander Slate at Survivor Series
-Xander Slate def. Sunshine at Armageddon
-Hayden def. Xander Slate at CMV Live
(def. Xander Slate & Sunshine @ Vengeance)
(def. Jeremy Blake @ The Royal Rumble)
(def. The Miz @ Over the Limit)
(def. Duo Maxwell @ Wrestlemania)
-Dave Turner cashed in MiTB on Hayden on Raw
-Duo Maxwell won fatal-4-way at Backlash
-Hayden def. Duo Maxwell at Payback
-Scott Norrie won Clean Slate match at Money in The Bank
(def. Wolf @ SummerSlam)
(def. JustIN Sane @ Night of Champions)
-JustIN Sane won Elimination Chamber match at Bad Blood
-Ryan Kent cashed in MiTB on JustIN Sane at Bad Blood
-JustIN Sane def. Scott Norrie & Ryan Kent at Survivor Series
(def. Ryan Kent @ Armageddon)
(def. Sunshine @ CMV Live)
(def. Zak Painn @ Vengeance)
(def. Troy Voodoo @ The Royal Rumble)
-Hayden def. JustIN Sane at Wrestlemania
-JustIN Sane def. Hayden on Fusion
(def. Hayden @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. King Anderson @ Point Break)
-King Anderson def. JustIN Sane at Battle Scars
-Troy Voodoo def. King Anderson at CyberSlam
-King Anderson def. Troy Voodoo at Exodus
-Title vacated on Fusion
-Troy Voodoo def. JustIN Sane at Dark Carnival
-Randy Borton cashed in MiTB on Troy Voodoo at Dark Carnival
-Troy Voodoo def. Randy Borton at Regicide
(def. Randy Borton @ Cause & Effect)
-Randy Borton def. Troy Voodoo on Fusion
(def. Tim LaFave @ Home Coming)
-Bryan Novak def. Randy Borton at Absolution
(def. JustIN Sane @ Purgatory)
-Kendall Wolfe def. Randy Borton & Bryan Novak at Ascendance
-JustIN Sane def. Kendall Wolfe on Fusion
(def. Sam Valentine @ Battle Scars)
(def. Hayden @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Nick Blake @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Chris Andrews @ CyberSlam)
(def. Xander Slate @ Point Break)
(def. Paul Divine on Fusion)
-Paul Divine def. Xander Slate, Schmidty & JustIN Sane at Regicide
-Rhys Matthews def. Paul Divine on Fusion
(def. Mike Crimson @ Emergence)
-Chris Andrews def. Rhys Matthews at Home Coming
(def. Schmidty @ Absolution)
-Travis King def. Chris Andrews at Purgatory
-Title vacated
-Paul Divine def. Chris Andrews at Ascendance V
-Schmidty def. Paul Divine at Ascendance V
-Paul Divine def. Schmidty at Battl3Scars
(def. Schmidty at Retaliation)
-Voice Vindy won the Elimination Chamber at Requiem
-Hayden def. Voice Vindy on Fusion
(def. Bison @ Validation)
(def. Andrew Briggs @ Sacrifice)
(def. Andrew Briggs on Fusion)
-Paul Divine def. Hayden at Dark Carnival
-Hayden def. Paul Divine at Buffalo Wild Wings
-Paul Divine won a fatal 4-way at Regicide
(def. 29 others in a Royal Rumble match @ Absolution)

Alpha World Title History

Total Alpha World Title Wins
Tim LaFave-1
Furious Frank-1
Bob Luger-2
Ryan Kent-1
Cole Savage-1
Elijah Stewart-2
Guri Sukanov-1
Chris Andrews-1

Alpha World Title Exchanges
-Tim LaFave def. Randy Borton, Andrew Briggs, Bob Luger, Furious Frank & Ryan Kent at Exodus
-Furious Frank def. Tim LaFave at CyberSlam
-Bob Luger def. Furious Frank at Point Break
(def. Bison @ Regicide)
(def. Kayden Kynra @ Cause & Effect)
(def. Sean Silva @ Home Coming)
-Ryan Kent def. Bob Luger at Absolution
(def. Bob Luger @ Purgatory)
(def. Kayden Kynra @ Ascendance V)
-Cole Savage def. Ryan Kent at Battl3Scars
-Elijah Stewart def. Cole Savage on Genesis
-KLIQ def. Smiley Danielson, Tim LaFave & Elijah Stewart at Deathwish
-MLP def. Bob Luger at Deathwish
-Elijah Stewart def. Bob Luger & MLP at Exodus
-Guri Sukanov def. Elijah Stewart on Genesis
(def. Elijah Stewart @ CyberSlam)
(def. Chris Andrews on Genesis)
-Chris Andrews won the Elimination Chamber match at Point Break
(def. Jon Reed @ Wild Card)
(def. Guri Sukanov & Bob Luger @ Absolution)

Light Heavyweight Title History

Total Light Heavyweight Title Wins
Cousin Billy-2
Kyle James-1
Shanaz Andoni-2
John Briarwood-1
Omega Lee-1
Levi Marta-1
Andrew Briggs-3
Ryan Kent-2
Nikola Ivanovic-2
El Jefe-2
Bryce Hurt-1
Jay Davis-2
Kendall Wolfe-1
Matt Devious-1
Percy Simmons-1

Light Heavyweight Title Exchanges
-Kyle James won 10-man Battle Royal to become inaugural champion at Anarchy Rulz
-Cousin Billy def. Kyle James on Fusion
(def. Kyle James on Fusion)
-Shanaz Andoni def. Cousin Billy on Genesis
-Corporate Billy def. Shanaz Andoni on Genesis
-John Briarwood won 10-man Battle Royal at CyberSlam
(def. Corporate Billy on Fusion)
-Omega Lee def. John Briarwood at Exodus
-Levi Marta def. Omega Lee in Tokyo, Japan
(def. Omega Lee on Fusion)
(def. Parker @ Regicide)
-Andrew Briggs def. Levi Marta on Fusion
-Shanaz Andoni def. Andrew Briggs on Fusion
-Andrew Briggs def. Kristopher Ann & Shanaz Andoni at Purgatory
-Ryan Kent def. Andrew Briggs at Ascendance
(def. Eric Thunder @ Battle Scars)
(def. Eligah Stewart on Genesis)
(def. Jay Davis on Genesis)
(def. Troy Meyers on Genesis)
(def. Meyers, Thunder, Stewart & Storm @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Masta Fujin on Genesis)
(def. Zack Cage on Genesis)
(def. Shanaz Andoni on Genesis)
(def. Jeremy Blake on Genesis)
-Nikola Ivanovic def. Ryan Kent, Killjoy, Salvi, Elijah Stewart & Kevin Lee at CyberSlam
(def. Elijah Stewart in Tokyo, Japan)
(def. King Matt @ Point Break)
-El Jefe def. King Matt, Elijah Stewart & Nikola Ivanovic at Dark Carnival
-Nikola Ivanovic def. El Jefe at Regicide
-El Jefe def. Nikola Ivanovic on Genesis
(def. Bryce Hurt @ Wild Card)
-Bryce Hurt def. El Jefe on Genesis
(def. Curtis Heist @ Emergence)
(def. El Jefe via countout @ Home Coming)
(def. El Jefe on Genesis)
(def. El Jefe on Genesis)
(def. Joey Bacon on Genesis)
-Rubik def. Bryce Hurt at Purgatory
(def. FEAR @ Ascendance V)
-Jay Davis def. Rubik at Battl3Scars
(def. Shane Scott @ Retaliation)
-Kendall Wolfe won a fatal-4-way at Requiem
-Andrew Briggs def. Perry Heenan & Kendall Wolfe on Fusion
-Ryan Kent def. Andrew Briggs at Validation
-Matt Devious def. Chris Diamond & Ryan Kent at Sacrifice
-Jay Davis def. Matt Devious at Dark Carnival
-Percy Simmons def. Jay Davis at Regicide

International Title History

Total IT Title Wins
Troy Voodoo-1
Jaxon Jordan-1
Jimmaurie Williams-2
Ryan Kent-1
Morgan Jackson-1
Chris Andrews-2
Tim LaFave-2
Randy Borton-2
Pierre Thompson-1
Guri Sukanov-1
Zack Cage-1
Lance Martini-1
Dallas Steele-1

IT Title Exchanges
The United States title became the International championship
-Troy Voodoo won 6-man Ladder match at Wrestlemania
(def. Bill Cipher @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Xander Slate @ Point Break)
(def. Aleksander Bannon @ Battle Scars)
(def. King Anderson @ CyberSlam)
-Jaxon Jordan won Elimination Chamber match at Exodus
(def. Ringo Maxx & Duo Maxwell @ Dark Carnival)
(def. Ringo Maxx @ Regicide)
-Jimmaurie Williams def. Jaxon Jordan on Fusion
-Ryan Kent def. Jimmaurie Williams at Home Coming
-Jimmaurie Williams def. Ryan Kent on Fusion
-Morgan Jackson def. Jimmaurie Williams at Absolution
-Chris Andrews def. Morgan Jackson at Purgatory
-Tim LaFave won the fatal-4-way match at Ascendance
-Azreal def. Tim LaFave on Fusion
-Tim LaFave def. Azreal at King of the Ring
-Azreal def. Tim LaFave at Anarchy Rulz
(def. Bryan Novak @ Exodus)
-Title vacated
-Randy Borton def. Andrew Briggs & Kenji Murakami on Genesis
(def. Kenji Murakami @ CyberSlam)
(def. Andrew Briggs in Tokyo, Japan)
(def. Azreal @ Validation)
(def. Jon Reed @ Point Break)
-Kaiva def. Jeremy Blake, Jon Reed, Jay Davis, Randy Borton & Andrew Briggs at Dark Carnival
(def. Duke Briggs @ Regicide)
-Randy Borton def. Kaiva on Genesis
-Kaiva def. Randy Borton at Emergence
-Pierre Thompson def. Kaiva at Home Coming
(def. Elijah Stewart @ Absolution)
(def. Sam Valentine @ Purgatory)
-Guri Sukanov def. Pierre Thompson at Ascendance V
(def. Bison & Duo Maxwell at Battl3Scars)
(def. Marcantel on Genesis)
-Zack Cage def. Guri Sukanov on Genesis
-Title vacated
-Chris Andrews won an eight-man ladder match at Deathwish
(def. Marcantel @ Exodus)
(def. Aleister Knox @ Validation)
-Lance Martini def. Aleister Knox & Chris Andrews at CyberSlam
-Dallas Steele won the Elimination Chamber match at Point Break
(def. No Fun Martini on Genesis)
(def. Lucifer Synn @ Wild Card)

Anarchy Title History

Total Anarchy Title Wins
Randy Borton-2
Jacob Ziegler-2
Tim LaFave-1
Chet Taylor-1
Chris Andrews-3
Zack Cage-1
Shanaz Andoni-2
Troy Meyers-1
Perry Heenan-1
Jaquan Shay-1
Aleister Knox-1
Jon Reed-1
D'angelo Prince-1
Samuel Boone-1

Anarchy Title Exchanges
The Hardcore title became the Anarchy championship
-Randy Borton def. Tim LaFave at Wrestlemania
-Tim LaFave def. Randy Borton at Anarchy Rulz
-Randy Borton def. Tim LaFave at Point Break
-Chet Taylor def. Randy Borton on Fusion
-Sunshine def. Chet Taylor & Shanaz Andoni at CyberSlam
-Hayden def. Sunshine at Dark Carnival
(def. Matt Jefferson on Fusion)
-Ziegler def. Hayden on Fusion
-Marcantel def. Ziegler at Regicide
-Ziegler def. Marcantel on Genesis
(def. Marcantel & Shanaz Andoni @ Cause & Effect)
(def. Zack Cage @ Home Coming)
(def. Parker @ Absolution)
-Sushi-X def. Jacob Ziegler on Fusion
(def. Jeff Wallace @ Ascendance)
(def. WEB @ Battle Scars)
-Chris Andrews def. Sushi-X at King of the Ring
(def. Parker @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Nick Blake on Fusion)
(def. Billy Weaver on Fusion)
(def. Parker @ CyberSlam)
-Zack Cage def. Chris Andrews at Validation
-Chris Andrews def. Zack Cage at Milestone
(def. Zack Cage @ Point Break)
(def. Rex Carter on Fusion)
-Bannon def. Sam Valentine & Chris Andrews at Regicide
-Bludgeon def. Bannon at Wild Card
(def. Bannon on Fusion)
-Crowe def. Bludgeon at Emergence
-Shanaz Andoni def. Crowe on Fusion
-Troy Meyers def. Shanaz Andoni at Home Coming
-Shanaz Andoni def. Crowe & Troy Meyers at Absolution
-Perry Heenan def. Shanaz Andoni on Fusion
(def. Rhys Matthews @ Purgatory)
-Jaquan Shay def. Perry Heenan & Jimmaurie Williams at Ascendance V
(def. Adam Valentine on Fusion)
(def. Bludgeon, American Justice & Adam Valentine @ Battl3Scars)
-Aleister Knox def. Jon Reed & Jaquan Shay on Genesis
(def. Jon Reed on Genesis)
(def. five others @ Deathwish)
(def. Seth Baker on Genesis)
(def. Dave Turner on Genesis)
(def. five others @ Exodus)
-Chris Andrews def. Aleister Knox at Validation
-Jon Reed def. Aleister Knox & Chris Andrews at CyberSlam
-D'angelo Prince def. Jon Reed on Genesis
-Samuel Boone def. D'angelo Prince at Wild Card
(def. D'angelo Prince & Jon Reed on Genesis)

United States Title History

Total US Title Wins
Kendall Wolfe-2
Zakk Painn-1
Levi Marta-1
JustIN Sane-1
Dave Turner-1
Jaxon Jordan-1
Troy Voodoo-1
Samuel Boone-1
Sebastian Frost-1
Xander Slate-1
Harvey Hastings-2
Troy Meyers-1
Paul Divine-1
Pierre Thompson-1
Aleister Knox-1

United States Title Exchanges
-Zak Painn def. Paul Anderson at Over the Limit
(def. JustIN Sane @ Ascendance 2)
-Levi Marta def. Zak Painn on Raw
(def. Painn, Wolfe & Falcon @ Backlash)
-Kendall Wolfe def. Levi Marta at Payback
-JustIN Sane def. Kendall Wolfe at Money in the Bank
-Kendall Wolfe def. JusIN Sane & Bison on Raw
-Sunshine def. Kendall Wolfe & Levi Marta at SummerSlam
(def. Marcantel @ Night of Champions)
-Dave Turner def. Sunshine, Xander Slate & Paul Anderson at Bad Blood
-Title vacated
-Sunshine def. Ringo Maxx on Raw
(def. Troy Voodoo @ Survivor Series)
-Jaxon Jordan def. Sunshine on Main Event
(def. Jake Watson @ CMV Live!)
(def. Shanaz Andoni @ Vengeance)
(def. American Justice @ The Royal Rumble)
(def. Troy Voodoo @ Over the Limit)
-Troy Voodoo def. Jaxon Jordan, Xander Slate, Rex Carter, Paul Anderson & Zak Painn at Ascendance 3
-Title retired
-Schmidty steals the belt
-Samuel Boone def. Lex Night, Bannon, Sam Valentine, Adam Adams & Rex Carter at Point Break
-Schmidty def. Samuel Boone at Dark Carnival
(def. Jimmaurie Williams @ Regicide)
-Sebastian Frost def. Schmidty at Wild Card
-Schmidty def. Sebastian Frost on Fusion
(def. Samuel Boone on Fusion)
(def. Xander Slate @ Emergence)
-Xander Slate def. Schmidty at Home Coming
(def. Salvi @ Purgatory)
(no contest vs. Sean Kent on Fusion)
(def. Azreal & Sean Kent @ Ascendance V)
-10IEL def. Xander Slate at Battl3Scars
-Harvey Hastings def. 10IEL at Retaliation
-Troy Meyers def. Harvey Hastings on Fusion
-Harvey Hastings def. Troy Meyers at Requiem
-Paul Divine def. Azreal, Miles Kelly & Harvey Hastings at Sacrifice
(def. Masato Yume on Fusion)
(def. Harvey Hastings on Fusion)
-Pierre Thompson def. Paul Divine at The Tag Team Cup
-Aleister Knox def. Bloody Justice & Pierre Thompson at Regicide
(def. Pierre Thompson on Fusion)

Intercontinental Title History

Total IC Title Wins
Chad Vegas-1
Mike Miles-1
"Ace" Stephens-1
Jeremy Blake-1

Hardcore Title History

Total Hardcore Championship Wins
Kayden Kynra-2
Randy Borton-2
Cole Savage-2
Jeremy Blake-1
"Ace" Stephens-1
Dave Turner-1
Zak Painn-1
Ryan Kent-1
Levi Marta-1
Tim LaFave-1

World Tag Team Title History

Total Tag Title Wins
The Industry-2
The Mexican Militia-2
T & Lee-2
The Nice Guys-1
Heaven or Hell-1
The Patriots-1
Zakk Painn & Big Show-1
Troy Voodoo & Levi Marta-1
The Family-1
Two Man Power Trip-1
Fast & Furious-1
Empire of Pain-1
Extreme Conditions-1
Zack Cage & Nick Blake-1
Imaginary Friends-2
Luke Swanson & Kevin Silva-1

Tag Title Exchanges
-The Nice Guys won season two Tag Team title tournament to become inaugural champions
-Heaven or Hell def. The Nice Guys at Elimination Chamber
(def. The Nice Guys @ Wrestlemania)
-The Industry def. Heaven or Hell at Backlash
(def. Zakk Attackk @ Payback)
-The Mexican Militia def. The Industry on Raw
-The Industry def. The Mexican Militia at Bad Blood
-The Mexican Militia def. The Industry & Zakk Attackk at SummerSlam
-Titles vacated
-X-Gen def. The Industry at Capitol Punishment
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show on Raw)
-The Patriots def. Zak Painn & Big Show & X-Gen at Battleground
-X-Gen def. The Patriots on Raw
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show on Raw)
-Zak Painn & Big Show def. X-Gen on Raw
(def. The Patriots @ Armageddon)
(def. The Industry @ CMV Live!)
(def. The Hit Squad @ Vengeance)
-X-Gen def. Zak Painn & Big Show at The Royal Rumble
(def. Khaos @ Over the Limit)
(def. Six other teams @ Wrestlemania)
(def. The Naughty Guys @ Backlash)
-The Mega Stars def. X-Gen on Raw
-X-Gen def. The Mega Stars at Payback
-The Mega Stars def. X-Gen at Money in The Bank
(def. The Naughty Guys @ SummerSlam)
-Troy Voodoo & Levi Marta def. The Mega Stars at Night of Champions
-#TrendingWorldwide def. Voodoo & Marta & Wolfpac at Bad Blood
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show @ Survivor Series)
(def. Cole Savage & Levi Marta @ Armageddon)
(def. The Ascension @ CMV Live!)
(def. Hillbilly Blue Blood @ Over the Limit)
(def. X-Gen @ Wrestlemania)
-The Family def. #TrendingWorldwide at Anarchy Rulz
(def. #TWW @ Point Break)
(def. The Misfits on Fusion)
-#TrendingWorldwide def. The Misfits & The Family at Battle Scars
(def. The Bromancers @ CyberSlam)
-T & Lee def. #TrendingWorldwide at Exodus
-Two Man Power Trip def. T & Lee in Tokyo, Japan
-T & Lee def. Two Man Power Trip at Dark Carnival
(def. Zak Painn & Nelson Jr. @ Regicide)
(def. Foreign Affairs @ Cause & Effect)
(def. The Family on Fusion)
(def. Fast & Furious on Fusion)
-Fast & Furious def. T & Lee at Absolution
(def. T & Lee on Fusion)
(def. Hayden & Quantum on Fusion)
-WEB def. Fast & Furious on Fusion
-EoP def. WEB @ Anarchy Rulz
-Extreme Conditions def. Duo Maxwell in Tokyo, Japan
(def. Heaven or Hell on Reality Wrasslin')
(def. The Misfits @ Point Break)
(def. The United Kingdom @ Regicide)
(def. Kaiva & Josh Wolf @ Wild Card)
-Zack Cage & Nick Blake def. Extreme Conditions at Cause & Effect
(def. Extreme Conditions @ Home Coming)
(def. The United Kingdom @ Purgatory)
(def. Chaos & Order @ Ascendance V)
-RISE def. Zack Cage & Nick Blake at Battl3Scars
-Imaginary Friends def. RISE on Genesis
-KLIQ def. Smiley Danielson, Tim LaFave & Elijah Stewart at Deathwish
(def. Vintage on Genesis)
(def. Vintage @ Exodus)
(def. PrimeVibe on Genesis)
(def. Marcantel & Pierre Thompson @ CyberSlam)
(def. Dule Zaire & Reece Ortiz on Genesis)
-Imaginary Friends def. Kliq on Genesis
-Swanson & Silva def. Imaginary Friends at Wild Card
-Kliq def. Silva & Swanson at Absolution

CMV Fusion Tag Team Title History (Retired)

Total Tag Title Wins
Briggs Family-1
Hayden & Quantum-1
The Blood Brothers-1
REAL #1 Bubbas-1
Fatal Decision-1
Divine Affairs-1
The Bickering Duo-1
Police Squad-1
Blood & Stone-1
Dance Party-1
The Anarchists-1
Hayden & Jacob Ziegler-1
The ATL-1
-Ballers' Club-1

Fusion Tag Title Exchanges
-Briggs Family def. X-Gen at Purgatory
-WEB won the turmoil match at Ascendance
-Hayden & The Brothers Grim def. WEB at Battle Scars
-The Blood Brothers def. Hayden & Quantum on Fusion
(def. Atonement @ Exodus)
(def. The New Gods @ CyberSlam)
(def. REAL #1 Bubbas via countout on Fusion)
-REAL #1 Bubbas def. The Blood Brothers at Validation
(def. Party Hard @ Milestone)
(def. Hotline Miami @ Dark Carnival)
-Fatal Decision def. Hooligans, Hotline Miami, REAL #1 Bubbas, Desolation & New Gods at Regicide
(def. Crowe & Adam Adams @ Wild Card)
-Divine Affairs def. Fatal Decision on Fusion
(def. Fatal Decision @ Emergence)
-Desolation def. Chris Andrews on Fusion
(def. The Bickering Duo on Fusion)
(def. Bad Men Inc. @ Purgatory)
-The Bickering Duo def. Desolation at Ascendance V
-Police Squad def. The Bickering Duo at Battl3Scars
-Blood & Stone def. Police Squad on Fusion
(def. BMI @ Retaliation)
(def. Pride & Filth via countout on Fusion)
-Dance Party def. Blood & Stone at Requiem
(def. Pride & Filth on Fusion)
(def. Blood & Stone on Fusion)
-The Anarchists def. Dance Party on Fusion
-Hayden & Ziegler def. The Anarchists on Fusion
-The ATL def. Jacob Ziegler & Hayden at Sacrifice
-Ballers' Club def. The ATL at The Tag Team Cup
(def. The ATL @ Dark Carnival)
-Titles retired

CMV Rising Star Title History

Rising Star Title Wins
Josh Wolf-2
Sebastian Vachon-1
Tyler Endicot-1
Aleister Knox-1
Victor Romero-1
Miles Kelly-1
Chris Diamond-1
Jack Dyalop-1
Masato Yume-1
Brandon Rayne-2

Rising Star Title Exchanges
-Josh Wolf def. Seth Baker on Reality Wrasslin'
-Sebastian Vachon def. Josh Wolf on Genesis
-Josh Wolf def. Sebastian Vachon at Home Coming
-Tyler Endicot def. Josh Wolf on Reality Wrasslin'
-Aleister Knox def. Tyler Endicot & Victor Romero on Reality Wrasslin'
(def. Guri Sukanov on Reality Wrasslin')
(def. Tyler Endicot on Reality Wrasslin')
-Victor Romero def. Aleister Knox on Reality Wrasslin'
(def. Aleister Knox on Reality Wrasslin')
-EGF def. Victor Romero & Brett Angel at Ascendance V
-Miles Kelly def. EGF on WGW
(def. EGF on Reality Wrasslin')
(def. EGF on Reality Wrasslin')
(def. Adam Finito on Reality Wrasslin')
-Chris Diamond def. Miles Kelly at Deathwish
(def. Rob Cross on Reality Wrasslin')
-Jack Dyalop def. Rob Cross & Chris Diamond at Exodus
-Masato Yume def. Jack Dyalop at King of the Ring
(Retained via countout @ Validation)
(def. J.T Fury on Reality Wrasslin')
-Yume cashed-in the belt
-Brandon Rayne def. RGP at Sacrifice
-Title vacated
-RGP def. Eric Skarsgård at CyberSlam
(def. Ryan Riley & Brandon Rayne @ Dark Carnival)
-Brandon Rayne def. RGP at Point Break
(def. RGP @ Regicide)
(def. JT Fury @ Wild Card)
(def. Ryan Riley on Reality Wrasslin')

Trios Title History

Trios Title Wins

Trios Title Exchanges
-BRC def. The Ballers' Club at Regicide

CMV Super Mega champions!
Dave Turner
Ryan Kent

Glammy awards history!
Most improved: Jeremy Blake
Best attire: Scott Norrie
Fuck up: Cyborg
Omg: Jerome turning on The Industry
Face of the year: Scott Norrie
Heel: Xander Slate
Tag team: X-Gen
Match: Manic vs. "Ace"
Promo: Heyman hyping Bison
Champ: Kevin Owens
PPV: Survivor Series
Superstar of the year: Kevin Owens
Feud: Anderson vs. Regal

Superstar OTY: Hayden
Match: Sunshine/Taker
Attire: Sunshine
Tag Team: X-Gen
Face: Borton
Heel: Norrie
Debut: Sane
PPV: Armageddon
Rivalry: Cyborg/Authority
Promos: Krzy
Champion: Hayden
Most improved: Painn
OMG: Hayden winning KoTR & title
Fuckup: Universe

Superstar OTY: Randy Borton
Match: Quantum vs. Sane & Lee vs. Kent
Attire: Sushi-X
Vixen: Maverick
Tag Team: T & Lee
Face: LaFave
Heel: Triple H & Quantum
Newcomer: Ziegler
Rivalry: CMV Civil War
Promos: Tim
Champion: Sane
OMG: Borton cashing in MiTB
Fuckup: Kurasuke's sig
PPV OTY: Cause & Effect

SoTY: Chris Andrews
FoTY: Bob Luger
HoTY: Schmidty
CoTY: JustIN Sane
MoTY: Tug of War
FeudoTY: Slate v. Thompson
NoTY: Schmidty
AoTY: Maurie/Echo
TToTY: Extreme Conditions
PPVoTY: Ascendance
PoTY: Batman


Total Number of Money in the Bank Wins
Xander Slate-1
Dave Turner-1
Ryan Kent-1
Randy Borton-1
Nick Blake-1
Matt Devious-1
Jacob Ziegler-1
Chris Diamond-1

Cash In Success Rate
Xander Slate-100%
Dave Turner-100%
Ryan Kent-100%
Randy Borton-100%
Nick Blake-0%

Royal Rumble Records

Royal Rumble Wins
Kevin Owens-1
Duo Maxwell-1
Kendall Wolfe-1
Paul Divine-2
El Jefe-1

Quickest Elimination
MLP-20 Seconds

Most Time Spent in the ring
Killian Redd-15 Minutes, 32 Seconds

Most Eliminations

Total Eliminations
Kendall Wolfe-5
Paul Divine-5
Josh Wolf-4
Kevin Nash-4
Paul Anderson-4
Sam Valentine-4
Booker Phillips-3
Duo Maxwell-3
Gary Hawke-3
Jackie Reyes-3
Kayden Kynra-3
Killian Red-3
Mark Henry-3
Randy Borton-3
Razor Windu-3
Richard Franko-3
Rex Carter-3
Ryan Kent-3
Shanaz Andoni-3
Zack Cage-3
Aaron Waite-2
Big Show-2
Colin Styles-2
Conor McGregor-2
Griffin Drake-2
JustIN Sane-2
Nelson Jr.-2
Tim LaFave-2
The Rock-2
American Justice-1
Arthur Rose-1
Chet Taylor-1
Chris Andrews-1
Dave Turner-1
Elijah Stuart-1
Jack Swagger-1
Jacob Ziegler-1
Jay Davis-1
Jon Reed-1
Kevin Owens-1
Marko Punish-1
Masta Fujin-1
Nick Blake-1
Rhys Matthews-1
Scott Norrie-1
Tyson Kidd-1
Xander Slate-1
Zak Painn-1

King of the Ring Records

Total Wins
Paul Anderson-1
Randy Borton-1
Andrew Briggs-1

Queen of the Ring Records

Total Wins
Casey Wilson

CMV Tag Team Cup Records

Total Wins
Two Man Power Trip-1
Extreme Conditions-1
Ballers' Club-1

The Cyborg Invitational

Final Standings
Troy Voodoo: 8-1
American Justice: 6-3
Duo Maxwell: 6-3
Xander Slate: 5-4
Blizzard:  5-4
Randy Borton: 4-5
Ringo Maxx: 3-6
Kendall Wolfe: 3-6
Kayden Kynra: 3-6
Marcantel: 2-7

Match Results
Episode 114

Kendall Wolfe: 1-0 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-1

Episode 115
Randy Borton: 1-0 def. Xander Slate: 0-1
Blizzard: 1-0 def. Ringo Maxx: 0-1
American Justice: 1-0 def. Marcantel: 0-1

Episode 116
Duo Maxwell: 1-0 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-2
Blizzard: 2-0 def. Marcantel: 0-2
Troy Voodoo:  1-0 def.  Kendall Wolfe: 1-1

Episode 117
Ringo Maxx: 1-1 def. Xander Slate: 0-2
Randy Borton: 2-0 def. American Justice: 1-1

Episode 118
American Justice: 2-1 def. Kendall Wolfe: 1-2

Episode 119
Xander Slate: 1-2 def. Kendall Wolfe: 1-3
Troy Voodoo: 2-0 def. Duo Maxwell: 1-1

Episode 120
Marcantel: 1-2 def. Randy Borton: 2-1
American Justice: 3-1 def. Ringo Maxx: 1-2
Troy Voodoo: 3-0 def. Xander Slate: 1-3

Episode 121
Duo Maxwell: 2-1 def. Blizzard:  2-1
Kendall Wolfe: 2-3 def. Marcantel: 1-3

Episode 122
Troy Voodoo: 4-0 def. Randy Borton: 2-2
Xander Slate: 2-3 def. American Justice: 3-2

Episode 123
Troy Voodoo: 5-0 def. Marcantel: 1-4

Episode 124
Xander Slate: 3-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-3

Episode 125
Troy Voodoo: 6-0 def. Ringo Maxx: 1-3
Kendall Wolfe: 3-3 def. Randy Borton: 2-3
American Justice: 4-2 def. Blizzard: 2-2

Episode 126
Ringo Maxx: 2-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-4

Episode 127
American Justice: 5-2 def. Troy Voodoo: 6-1
Xander Slate: 4-3 def. Marcantel: 1-5
Duo Maxwell: 3-1 def. Kendall Wolfe: 3-4
Blizzard: 3-2 def. Randy Borton: 2-4

Episode 128
Blizzard: 4-2 def. Kendall Wolfe: 3-5

Episode 129
Troy Voodoo: 7-1 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-5

Episode 130
Ringo Maxx: 3-3 def. Kendall Wolfe: 6-3
American Justice: 6-2 def. Duo Maxwell: 3-2
Troy Voodoo: 8-1 def. Blizzard: 4-3

Episode 131
Duo Maxwell: 4-2 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-4
Blizzard: 5-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-6
Xander Slate: 5-3 def. Blizzard: 5-4
Randy Borton: 3-4 def. Duo Maxwell: 4-3

Episode 132
Kayden Kynra: 1-6 def. American Justice: 6-3
Duo Maxwell: 5-3 def. Xander Slate: 5-4
Randy Borton: 4-4 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-5

Episode 133
Kayden Kynra: 2-6 def. Marcantel: 1-6
Duo Maxwell: 6-3 def. Marcantel: 1-7
Kayden Kynra: 3-6 def. Randy Borton: 4-5
Marcantel: 2-7 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-6

Second Annual Final Standings

Third Annual Final Standings

NGW Championship History!
George King-1

NGW Title Exchanges

-Raiden def. George King & Gerhard Fischer at NGW Checkpoint: Miami
-George King def. Raiden on NGW tv

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Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.


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Re: CMV Fusion/Genesis/NGW Record Book

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Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.


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