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Post by RiftedEnergy on Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:33 am

Quantum makes his way to ring with a large wave. Almost a literal wave....
It almost seemed as tho the crowd was cheering him as he moved along linear to them, even though the other ones that where booing were doing so before they saw him up close.
As soon as he stepped in their line of direct site... their emotions changed.... he remembered, back in the day, recollecting how he would stare a fan on the eyes that was booing... and within, several seconds you might say, the fan would just begin cheering!

He used this technique he learned back in the day.... back when chants started as One Man in the crowd, and not whispers from your speakers. One Man... would look into his eyes, and begin The Chant.
Around him others would feel the conviction and emotion, and would join along.
That was back in the day, tho. Now? Now they have robots doing our bidding for them.

Quantum speaks to finish the internal monologue
"Yeah yeah yeah, I hear the fans beginning try to chant... and I also hear the other side. They either choose to comply and obey, and when they... don't your speakers whisper the chants that were once done among Men.
I hear your speakers, as I made my way down here, and feel the motion from each and every one of you, and you'll soon have to choose between the speakers and MY EYES...
(Make quotation marks)

But what I remember, is when I could walk down that ramp after Thq Music Hits... and see everyone deciding for themselves... and when a chant would begin, as I looked amongst the crowd, they would decide.... when they looked into my eyes or not...
And back then... once they looked at me... they saw Tag Champion,
Fake-Time (Quotation marks) "apparently"
In Mexico... going there, finding the false champions and BRINGING THE BELTS HOME...
Tag Champion again, only it was the First Time... being faced 2v1 against The Industry.... oop... name dropping there.... I still clutched... and
Tag Champ again... you wanna name drop this time? Try EVERY NAME that put their LEGACY in a hat and decided against us in a Tag Team Termoil, at Ascendence.... Check the stats, check the record book.
Name a 4th? Rare to do..... name a 5th... even harder....
there are only 2 names in CMV HISTORY that equal that....
So tell me, again, where I went wrong asking my brother to join this universe...
And each of US has a belt with someone else... so Tell me again about this talk about "building a team"

Where does that leave you?
Do you know what has happened to happen when all that tag team
"Quotation marks"
(End marks)

Became my number one title? They stopped seeing me for what I truly am.
my accomplishments, my beginning and what I have become.... you know what has happened... when those fans look into THESE EYES? They begin to cheer.
Once they look into my eyes...
and before you may even say
(In a Squeekish face and voice)
the man from the future, the omega, the god of time...

(End Game-Time)

but none of that is capitalized because none of that is true.

What is true, is that when I stand on my own, you'll see the truest form of a Man when I'm shining through

As he stares into a fans eyes for 3... whole... seconds... the fan that was booing... begins to chant another name...a chant for a different name...  and it builds... until
(Open to Miz or Kingwolf)

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