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WIC Sit Down Interview

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WIC Sit Down Interview

Post by HellishxHades on Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:23 pm

Mr. Gnastic is seen backstage with the no. 1 Contender for the Women's Intercontinental Championship, Angel Hawkins, and the Women's Intercontinental Champion, Fury.

Mr. Gnastic:
Welcome to this Special Sit Down Interview with the two women who will compete for the Women's Intercontinental Championship at iMPLOSION. Angelina Hawkins the #1 Contender and the Champion Fury. Thank you for joining me.

Anytime mate

My pleasure.

Mr. Gnastic:
Ladies. My first question is do you respect the other?

I'll give Hawkgirl this so far she's shown that she's tough enough to earn a shot at my belt, I respect that. But at iMPLOSION once that bell rings all respect is out the window till the match is over.

I respect action. I respect your streak. I have no respect in the ring. That is a WarZone. That is not a place of respect. Fury is right at iMPLOSION it is gonna be a fight and there is gonna be no respect in that ring. But at the end of the day, Fury. I hope you can respect the fact that your streak will be ended by me.

Mr. Gnastic:
That is interesting. How do you plan on overcoming the undefeated streak of Fury, Hawkins?.

I plan on doing what I do best and dominate. I am the Empress of Russia. I am the Best Female Wrestler Russia has ever and will ever produce. So Fury. Be prepared to bow at the feet of the Empress.

Mr. Gnastic:
Fury your response to that. And how are you gonna plan on defeating the Empress.

Hate to slay your dreams Empress, but I bow to no-one besides that shit will be hell on my knees. You migt have dominated vixens your size or smaller, but I'm not like the other vixens. If your not careful I'll take you to senton city before I slay your dreams and leave with my title,

Hawkins pops up and gets in Fury Face.

О, ты думаешь, что ты будешь меня бить при имплозии. вы. ты действительно. Хорошо я разорву тебя

sercurity runs in to the room and pulls Hawkins out of the room.

Yeah yeah, we'll see if your the premium triple filttered vodka or some cheap bootleg knock off come iMPLOSION bitch.

The Scene fades to black.


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Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship
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