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A Cream Pie Conundrum

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A Cream Pie Conundrum

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:28 pm

**As Simon Hancock climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate his victory to a roar of boo's, unbeknownst to him Boso The Magnificent sprints down to and slides into the ring as The Jester hobbles behind him with a familiar box in his hands. As Hancock jumps down from the turnbuckle Boso runs up to him and kicks him in privates before he realized Boso was even in the ring. Hancock slumps down in the corner as Boso sets his sights on August Happytown, who is resting in the corner after his defeat.  Boso wastes little time as he runs to August and hits him with a Bronco Buster! Happytown rolls out of the corner and falls to the floor outsde of the ring as Boso then runs to the other corner and hits Hancock with a Bronco Buster also! Before Hancock can roll out of the ring Boso grabs his foot and drags him to the center of the ring.  As this is happening The Jester has placed the box he was carrying down on the ring apron, and has picked Happytown off the ground and rolled him back into the ring. Boso walks over and begins to stomp away on Happytown before being hit from behind from Hancock. Hancock hammers away on Boso backing him into the corner before being low blowed by The Jester, as Hancock leans forward Boso snaps out of the corner and hits him with a SPLAT! The Jester grabs Happytown and lifts him to his knees as Boso opens the box on the apron and takes out a cream pie, he walks over to The Jester and Happytown and spits in Happytowns face before slamming the pie in his face rubbing it in hard before quickly lifting Happytown to his feet and hitting him with a SPLAT! also. The clowns then look to Hancock, The Jester points at him as Boso laughs and walks back towards the box to pick up another pie. The Jester walks over to Hancock but Hancock grabs him and slams him down into the middle turnbuckle and quickly rolls out the ring running up the ramp as Boso begins to laugh manically as he signals to Hancock how close he was to getting pied and his music plays as Unmatched cuts to commercial**


Scott Lawson: Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time,  Boso The Magnificent. Boso early tonight you and The Jester attacked both August Happytown AND Simon Hancock, the question on everyone's mind that I have for you at this time is why?

Boso : I'll start with the quick one, the newest one, The Ravishing Rooster Simon Hancock. He comes here to this cheerful little show of ours and says he doesn't like jokes, his first day here and just like that he insults me and my friends, as seen by my response to Mr. Showtime Hayden Kitely I have a zero tolerence on people insulting my people, tonight he was this close to recieveing a cream pie, but now he has to keep one eye over his shoulder because sometime, someway he will be getting a nice big cream pie whether he wants one or not. *Boso laughs manically as Scott interupts him*

Scott: And August Happytown?

Boso: **Boso frowns and is not his usual cheerful self* not only did that worthless prick disrespect my entire culture the son of a bitch did it with a smiiiiile, and spewed the biggest amount of horse manure I've ever heard. Saying he's all about fun and making children laugh, then goes on to eat and destroy perfectly good cream pies! Everyone knows the ultimate way to have fun is a nice old cream pie shoved right in your face, if he's so into having fun he would have took those perfectly good cream pies and shoved them in peoples faces! Its the perfect way to make others laugh, and bring joy to not just children, but everyone everywhere. So Mr. "Happy"town is now on my bad side he destroyed perfectly good pies and now, I'll destroy hi-

**Before *Boso can finish his sentence August Happytown charges in knocking over The Jester before unloading on Boso, August grabs Boso and slams his head into the screen behind them. August thinks he has the upper hand but as he turns The Jester sprays him in the face with a fire extinguisher disorientating him before smashing the fire extinguisher into his face. Boso  and The Jester begin to stomp away at Happytown before Simon Hancock storms in smacking Boso in the back with a steel chair! The Jester grabs
Boso and they retreat before Hancock can do anymore damage. Hancock throws the chair down looks at Happytown in disgust, shaking his head before walking off. The camera look back at Happytown on the ground as Unmatched cuts to commercial.**

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