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Not cool man

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Not cool man

Post by Matthew on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:52 pm

As UnMatched continues, we are taken to the backstage area where new Temporary Interviewer, David Cashmick is standing in front of a utility closet. However, the Utility Closet sign is covered by a piece of notebook paper that has the words "Room #420" written on it. David, knocks on it a few times before finally, the door flies open and smoke fills the hallway, causing David to choke up a bit.

David Cashmick
Oh my god is that weed? Are you supposed to be smoking weed here??

Among the smoke stands both Chase Roberts and Lance Barker of World Peace, both with blazed looks in their eyes and calm smiles on their faces.

Chase Roberts
Nah man that's smoke. Weed is green.

Lance Barker
Heh wuzzup Mr. Interviewer.

Chase Roberts
Bro what's up with his head? Heh.

Lance squints to try an see what Chase is talking about as David just stands there awkwardly. Until finally Lance's face lights up with laughter and the two men laugh at David.

Lance Barker
Bro you gotta cone head.

Chase Roberts
Haha he so does.

David Cashmick
Ahem, well gentlemen, enough about my cone head. I'm David Cashmick. I as well as the CMV universe was wondering what your thoughts were after Syndicate cost you your match last week.

Lance Barker
Well, it wasn't cool man.

They're silent for a long minute until David finally figures that's all he has to say.

David Cashmick
Um ok, Chase? Your thoughts?

Lance Barker
Who the fuck's Chase?

Chase Roberts
Yeah who are you talking to bro?

Chase and Lance both turn around looking down the hallway to try and see who David is talking to.

David Cashmick
Um, you. Haha, you're name is Chase Roberts.

Chase follows the direction of David's finger to find he's pointing at him.

Chase Roberts
Nah bro my name's Dylan.

David Cashmick
Huh? Chase is the name you wrestle under though.

Chase Roberts
Ooooooooh shit. You know what, I think I was hig....sick when I filled out the app bro. I must of put Chase on accident. Heh.

Lance Barker
Haha you're name's Chase, what a dumb name.

Chase Roberts
Whatever bro. Anyways Chris, to answer your question, my thoughts are on Syndicate man. That wasn't cool what they did so we're going to punch them in the face or something I don't know.

Lance Barker
Are we booked tonight David?

David Cashmick
Uhh no.

Chase Roberts
Sweet let's go to White Castle.

Lance Barker
Ok and Wendy's after.

And with that, World Peace hold hands and skip down the hallway as David Cashmick looks blazed and confused.


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