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Post by Childish Meltzer on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:37 pm

We open just minutes before Unmatched is on the air, and find our hero August Happytown lamenting backstage near the catering table emotionally eating, stuffing his face with boston creme pie.  He paces back and forth, shaking his head in confusion, he begins to speak with a mouthful of pie.

Very Happy August Happytown Very Happy  
Inspiration. Motivation. Happiness.

These are the three things that gives me purpose . My positivity. I returned to this wrestling company knowing I wanted to reach into the hearts of fans around the world and change their view on life. I wanted to create a better life for those who were downtrodden and depressed. I wanted to inspire.
If an outsider were to examine the roster of Unmatched, they’d see a myriad of personalities. Some quirky, some futuristic, some outlandish, and now some overly sexual can be added. But if they peeled it back the cover a little further, they’d see a man proudly wearing a facial expression of joy or pleasure.

Happytown chuckles, nodding his head in approval as he continues thinking carefully about his next words. He looks at the catering table behind him, checking for more pies before turning his attention back to us  and lets out a heavy sigh, shaking his head as he continues.

Very Happy August Happytown Very Happy  
While I wear this grin as a welcoming sign to all who feel downtrodden and unmotivated, Samuel Hancock’s smile gives off a similar precedent but only for his own gain. Samuel’s prerogative is to woo you with his looks and then he rapes you mentally. He tinkers with the mind and transforms you into a shell of your former self. Whereas I instill hope and inspiration, he muddles their mind with depressing thoughts. Touching the lives of others and inspiring them is what my life’s mission is. While I reach out to touch their hearts and souls, This rooster is just spending his time in his hotel room laying his Hancock on innocent women.
Fear not Unmatched fans. For your Inspiration shall never be swayed or corrupted by the grin of a rooster. His persuasive grin and endearing words shall not penetrate this head. For I shall use the best weapon in my arsenal against his corruption… my smile.

Happytown gives a wide gapped smile, winks, and leaves tossing the empy pie tray to the ground with the rest of the pile


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