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"Omega Lee was a poor investment"

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"Omega Lee was a poor investment"

Post by Miztacular on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:54 am

Midway through the Intensity taping for episode 46 Mac Thompson can be seen backstage alongside the current Intensity General Manager, Thomas Sullivan on stand by for an interview before the Co-Main Event.

Mac Thompson:
Ladies and Gentlemen I am here with the one and only Money Major, the Intensity General Manager, Thomas Sullivan! Thank you Mr. Sullivan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview here tonight.

Now I have to get to the elephant in the room, the question everybody has been asking, what exactly is the problem between yourself and the former Global, Television and Light Heavyweight Champion, Omega Lee?

Thomas Sullivan:
My only issue with Omega Lee is his constant need for excuses, he fails to deliver time and time again and he never owns up to it, that's not what anyone with any sort of respectability does. For example, Omega Lee was a poor investment on my part, I understand that, I accept that and I'm moving on with that.

The guy has held three belts in his CMV career, which, on paper is pretty impressive, but then when you look inbetween the lines, he's held none of them more than a month. He lost his Light Heavyweight belt to Levi Marta which is fair enough, but then he was too scared to defend against Anthony Brown, forcing his partner in crime Marley Kassell to do it, and then blaming him when he lost the belt, and then the only reason he ever got himself into the Title picture was because of a Money in the Bank cash in and he went on to lose it the very next month.
But for some reason people think he's some sort of star. I just think he's a nuisance.

Mac Thompson:
But wouldn't you say it's fair of him to say that he never had a fair one on one rematch for the Title? Losing his rematch in a triple threat when he didn't even get pinned.

Thomas Sullivan:
Mac, what I say now is final. Omega Lee is nothing more than a one hit wonder, and until he can prove me and the CMV Universe otherwise I'm not wasting my time on him, that is why he is not booked tonight, and that is why he will not get another shot at the Title until he shows me he has something to offer this brand because quite frankly, I don't buy into the hype, I'm not impressed. He used people to get to the top, and without them he fell right back to the bottom. He doesn't deserve my time, good day Mac.

Thomas Sullivan walks off screen leaving Mac to close the show himself, and shortly after the camera cuts to ringside for our Co-Main Event of the evening.

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