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No Morality's iMPLOSION

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No Morality's iMPLOSION

Post by Miztacular on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:11 am

Coming back from commercial following Ally Cage's big win over Miss Vicious to become the Number One Contender for the CMV Womens Hardcore Championship her music can be heard echoing around the arena for a moment as it starts to fade away. With Ally Cage now in the back leaving Miss Vicious down in the ring, trying to gather herself, the leader of No Morality, Sophia Caldwell who spent the match ringside looking to prevent her stablemate from winning walks over to the timekeepers area in her typical fashion before approaching her downed foe in the center of the ring, circling Miss Vicious as the rises to one knee, Caldwell lets off a smile and begins to talk.

Sophia Caldwell:
Well, well, well, how did I not see this coming Tia, because, that is your real name after all. You were always a bit of a loose cannon, and I guess all of this drama, all of these setbacks are my fault for being naive, thinking I could change you for the better, but Tia, there's seemingly no saving you. I gave you a home Tia, I gave you a way out, but you continue to disobey my vision, time and time again, and for that... You must be punished.

Caldwell walks over to Miss Vicious, who is still finding her footing and slaps her across the face with the back of her hand..

Sophia Caldwell:
Maybe after you've felt the bottom of my boot across your face you'll learn some respect. Everyone deserves a second chance Tia, but that does not come without first being punished for your crimes so perhaps you do not make the same mistakes in the future, this is MY Vision, and MY Coalition and you need to learn that.

Sophia Caldwell drops the microphone onto the mat and she turns around, heading to the far corner of the ring, looking to set up her patented superkick, but once again Caldwell continues to be naive, trusting Miss Vicious, who quickly swipes the microphone and "wobbles" up to her feet, playing possum for Caldwell. Caldwell begins to stomp her feet on the canvas, raring to give Vicious a whopping kick on the chin but as she hops out of the corner looking to connect, Miss Vicious simply smiles, charging Caldwell down and smacking her across the head with the microphone. Caldwell clutches her head as she scrambles back to her feet, looking over at Miss Vicious who struts back and forth with the microphone in her hand looking to drop some words of her own..

Miss Vicious:
Maybe it was your vision, but maybe some of us just got sick and tired of how you run things, you see No Morality was supposed to be a unit, but all I hear is ME…ME…ME or MY …MY …MY…. Last person who tried that with me, found out that I don’t work like that, you want to come out here and cost me a match, maybe it’s you who needs to change, cuz I got news for you, being a loose cannon has gotten the job done… whether it’s ending Infinitee’s career, putting Aerora on the shelf or winning the second annual Queen of the Ring, What the hell have you done, you call yourself a leader, Yet I’M the one who is calling the shots and getting the job done.

Vicious drops the microphone to the canvas, kicking it to the floor below and the two stare eachother down, Vicious looks to catch Caldwell off guard with a right but Caldwell ducks it, tackling Miss Vicious to the mat where she begins pounding away at the face of Miss Vicious who is able to hip escape and switch the position coming out on top after the scramble and begins her turn to unload, while this all goes on the other three members of No Morality run out from the back, Jasmine Crossings picks up the microphone from the outside as Compromise pulls Vicious off of Caldwell and glares right into her soul but Emily stands in between the two and separates them to which Compromise turns around and helps Sophia Caldwell to her feet. Now separated, Vicious and Caldwell lock eyes, bloodied and beaten they refuse to break the gaze, Crossings comes between the four of them and tries to keep the peace.

Jasmine Crossings:
Look her people. It doesn't have to be this way, we are the most dominant faction in CMV history, we've ended careers, we've been unstoppable, both of you just need to calm down and talk it out, get back on the same page, please.

A tense silence follows, both sides considering their options, Vicious nods her head slightly, stepping forward, raising her hands and extending for a handshake, Caldwell smiles, as if it were all a big joke and accepts the handshake, however neither Vixen will let go and instead they pull eachother in nose to nose and once again lock into a staredown, and surprisingly after a few moments, Miss Vicious backs out of it causing Caldwell to lower her guard, smiling under the impression that she has come out on top, however Vicious simply winks into the camera and turns around in a flash taking a page out of Cassie Mavericks book with a kick down low. Vicious shakes her head, pitying Sophia Caldwell as she leaves the ring. Caldwell lets out an order.

Sophia Caldwell:
Emily! Stop her!

But she's left with a surprised look on her face when Emily simply shakes her head and leaves the ring with Miss Vicious, Compromise helps Caldwell to her feet and the duo watch Jasmine Crossings drop down from the apron to follow Miss Vicious. Sophia Caldwell picks up the microphone one last time and calls out to them.

Sophia Caldwell:
Tia! This isn't over!

All three of them on the stage turn and look at Caldwell and Compromise in the ring as Caldwell continues on.

Sophia Caldwell:
At iMPLOSION... Me, against you, the loser leaves No Morality forever...

Vicious, with her arms over the shoulders of Emily and Crossings lets off a maniacal smile and nods her head as the camera fades to black while the No Morality theme begins to play around the arena.

-Thank you Topher you poetic genius for your lines as Tia

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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