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Joys darkness

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Joys darkness

Post by Bloody_justice on Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:54 pm

It was after ferocity and everyone was getting ready to leave but then everyone heard something they never imagined they would hear.
ladies and gentlemen allow me to welcome you to the darkness
With that the lights went out and the audience was wondering who can be coming out this late into the show and then when the lights barely came back on the audience so who it was and they were shocked because walking his way down the aisle was bloody justice.
Now ladies and gentlemen you maybe wondering what I a fusion superstar am doing here on the vixen only show well I got permission to do a episode of darkness. So here is my guest for tonight JOY JUSTICE!
After he says that we see the all to familiar sight of joy slowly making her way to the ring. After she got into the ring BJ started the questions.
ok here are your questions for tonight first what was it like growing up with me as a brother second what is your bra size third what is your pubic hair color fourth are you free to date fifth favorite meal and movie sixth what are your  hobbies seventh what are the 7 spider deities names eighth would you marry Schmidty And finally can you shoot webs out of your hands?  
When he got finished reading the questions joy was a little red in the face from anger or embarrassment no one would know
[center]Ok to the first question it was ok for a little while until our parents got divorced second question bra size is B maybe C idk because I barely wear them and to the third question whoever asked that your a pervert and don't ask that again fourth yes I am and I'm not looking for anyone fifth my favorite meal and movie I would say I tacos with some burritos and nachos my favorite movie however is the saw for the 6th question hobbies are feeding my pet spiders practicing with my brother and praying to the 7 spider deities. 7th the 7 spider deities names I do not know them neither does my brother. 8th I would not marry Schmidty and finally no I can not shoot webs out of my hands though I wish I can/center]
After saying that both joy and bloody just exits the ring and makes their way up the ramp  exiting the building.
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